archived 11-06-99
Archive file# ch110699e
donated by Jonathon Hurst

Channelled by Jan Jackman
3rd July 1999
Transcribed by Jon Hurst

Novancia (a pseudonym he created, meaning "As Mighty as a Star") is a young warrior from Draco, aged 153 (our time). Seven feet tall, large build, and dark brown in colour. With a loud, booming voice, he answered some questions prior to the tape recording (not a planned session). Basically, he said the majority of shapeshifters are female. Warriors are primarily male. Overlords do exist in their social structure, descended from ancient, pure bloodlines. Those in charge of the Earth are mainly albino.

Jon: Are you ever going to let humans free of your influence?

Novancia: If we give freedom to something that is not ready to be freed, it will destroy itself.

Jon: What do you make of the prophecies of a Golden Age and peace on Earth?

Novancia: Well! Yeah maybe, could be. If everybody did as they were told.

Jon: But if there was no influence, maybe the true nature of humankind might show itself.

Novancia: That's the problem. The humankinds are trying to develop more quickly than we anticipated. Also, there are several different reptilian masters within this Earth, and they too are wanting to be the King of the Castle. We have problems amongst our own members, but they can be overcome. It's like a conflict amongst ranks.

Jon: Are your people familiar with the emotion of fear?

Novancia: With the difference between fear and trepidation.

Jon: Is your control of humans anything to do with fear of...

Novancia: (Interrupts) Nothing to do with fear! We have no fear of humankind. As we have created humankind, we can destroy it.

Jon: So what was the basic reason for your creation of humankind? (Said without belief or disbelief in this assertion)

Novancia: Evolution of our own species.

Jon: Where do you fit in with regard to the dinosaurs on this planet?

Novancia: Every species, if allowed, evolves.

Jon: So was the catastrophe that wiped out the dinosaurs, 65 million years ago, premeditated?

Novancia: Only the dinosaurs who were left.

Jon: Where were the others, then?

Novancia: Off this planet.

Jon: Taken away?

Novancia: Already away!

Jon: Did they evolve into intelligent beings?

Novancia: No, thick bastards! (Said with sarcasm)

Jon: Are there any other races that disagree with your involvement on this planet?

Novancia: Of course not.

Jon: What is your relationship with the Reticulan beings? (Greys)

Novancia: They are weak, non-existent.

Jon: Is it true that they have a greater mentality and intellect than yourselves?

Novancia: No.

Jon: If the Reticulans evolved from extraterrestrial humans, are you saying that you created them as well?

Novancia: They are what you would term as, the ones who got away.

Jon: What does the Queen think of her country and her world?

Novancia: Which Queen, which world?

Jon: Queen Elizabeth II.

Novancia: This world? What does she need to think?

Jon: What does she think of the people that she governs?

Novancia: They are a basic biological, small, evolving species. But she loves them all, as a Queen! (Said with sarcasm)

Jon: Why does she like to sacrifice them, then?


Novancia: How would you know of this?

Jon: Certain insiders have broken free of the control; people that were mind-controlled to perform the sacrifices, and who witnessed the Queen in her true form, plus other members of the Royal Family and royal bloodlines throughout this planet.

Novancia: It's not true.

Jon: Is it not?

Novancia: It's not true.

Jon: Why is it a lie, then?

Novancia: It's a lie to discredit. It's every human's fear to be eaten. (Did I mention being eaten?)

Jon: So you are saying that the Satanic network on this planet, doesn't perform sacrifices?

Novancia: No!

Jon: I don't believe that. I've heard too many stories where this has been mentioned; and also that some of those involved in the sacrifices have morphed into reptilians. And that reptilians have materialised during these events.


Novancia: That it?

Jon: Do you kill beings that often?


Novancia: I'm not commenting on that.

Jon: Why did Zantese acknowledge that you do sacrifice humans because of their rich energy?

Novancia: Probably to manipulate you.

Jon: Maybe your knowledge is manipulated.

Novancia: Maybe everybody's. How do you know we are not manipulating your mind to ask the questions?

Jon: I am familiar with my own thoughts.

Novancia: Ah-ha-ha, but you are blood of.

Jon: So. Err... what was I going to ask now?

(Pause - mind went blank!)

Jon: Oh, that was it....

Novancia: Magical. (Said to himself)

Jon: Do you plan to reveal yourselves to humanity?

Novancia: There are plans that we agreed with everybody. There will be some who agree and some who disagree; some who always disagree. Even if we do reveal ourselves, there will be those who deny. There are plans.

Jon: There is no timescale to it, then? You don't plan any big events at the turn of the Millennium?

Novancia: That is of no significance.

Jon: Yes, but to humans it is different.

Novancia: When the time is right.

Jon: Would your race consider itself either benign, malevolent or neutral?

Novancia: All.

Jon: Which is the predominant faction?

Novancia: Benevolence.

(A few statements here were omitted. Basically, he said that no action on our part will remove them from 'our' planet)

Jon: Part of the problem on this planet, is that your hybrid bloodlines think they own everything.

Novancia: When you buy something, you own it.

Jon: So you are saying that you bought the planet?

Novancia: Yes.

Jon: From whom?

Novancia: With the resources. It's like getting a barren field, giving it fertiliser, planting your seeds, tending the ground, watering the plants, taking the produce.

Jon: Do you look after many worlds, then?

Novancia: We have a few.

Jon: Did you play a part in the Great War of Orion, at all?

Novancia: Sometimes people, beings, don't know what's good for them and have to learn the hard way. But the end to it all is for the benefit of all.

Jon: Did the war start when you thought you'd own certain planets, and the inhabitants disagreed?

Novancia: We did own them. There was no argument.

Jon: So what was the Great War about, then?

Novancia: Technology.

Jon: Is your race controlled by superior beings?

(No answer)

Jon: Well, thankyou very much for being so helpful this evening.


We believe this reptilian race inhabits six planets in the Draco constellation. Talking to Zantese and Novancia, I get the impression that each being's viewpoint is slightly different. As in our world, knowledge seems to be compartmentalised.

I have heard from other witnesses, even hinted at by Novancia, that the faction of Draco on Earth are a renegade group. Novancia said above, "...there are several different reptilian masters within this Earth, and they too are wanting to be the King of the Castle. We have problems amongst our own members, but they can be overcome. It's like a conflict amongst ranks." Maybe he did not know about the human sacrifices and blood-drinking, because he is not fully aware of the activities of this renegade group.

I wonder if this group has anything to do with the 'fallen angels' that were sent into exile on Earth. Regarding their claim to have created humankind (have also heard this elsewhere), that is something we will look into.

It seems to me that their concept of good and evil is different to ours. We despise a faction of them for consuming human flesh, yet the majority of humans like to eat animals and some of us do practise cannibalism. Maybe this is just nature: the hierarchical food chain.

At present, Jan is not interested in this subject, nor anything to do with conspiracies, UFOs and aliens. She has not read anything that covers this information, so again the correlation is remarkable. I make sure she has not been contaminated.

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