Aliens Speak to Us - Through Us!
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Extraterrestrial Messages
Aliens Speak to Us - Through Us!

Trance-channelled by Jan Jackman

submitted by Jon Hurst

Jan Jackman is a 39-year-old, divorced parent of three children. She lives in her native town of Ilkley, West Yorkshire, UK. Jan claims to have been quite psychic since an early age and remembers countless experiences with self-proclaimed extraterrestrial and superterrestrial entities, including benign ET humans, Greys, hybrids, reptilians, and spiritual guides.

This aspect of her life remains a secret to all but those who read these articles and a small number of her close friends. At present, she is preoccupied with the upbringing of her three sons, but is aiming to establish a career in Holistic Healing and Feng Shui; having achieved an acceptable level of certificated training in both subjects.

Her boyfriend, Jon Hurst, has been documenting her amazing story for three years, while conducting experiments involving her highly-developed psychic abilities. These have involved remote viewing, trance channelling, astral projection, telepathy, and invoking UFOs. Compared to similar cases investigated by Jon, this lady has proven quite remarkable. What makes this even more so, is the fact that she is very isolated in her contact with similar experiencers and published material. Jon monitors this concensual isolation, in order to avoid so-called contamination. Jan would rather get on with her normal life, than focus on these elements.

Their intention in publishing this material is not to argue over right and wrong, but simply to place it in the public domain and allow readers to make up their own minds.

Below are links to three trance-channelled transcripts of contact with extraterrestrial beings, which Jan and Jon have meticulously transcribed.



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