archived 11-06-99
Archive file# ch110699c
donated by Jonathon Hurst

Trance-channelled by Jan Jackman
19th June 1999
Transcribed by Jon Hurst

We first became aware of Zantese (pronounced "Zantayzay", meaning "Strength of a Thousand Blooms") while on holiday in Gran Canaria, a couple of weeks before. We chose her from a variety of beings from Draco, who felt my desire for communication.

Upon entering Jan's body, Zantese found it hard to move, due to the sensitivity of human skin; which she had never experienced before. It took her awhile to adjust and accept that her own body was safe with scales intact. She had never "occupied" someone else's body before, in her current life anyway.

Apparently, she is a Draco-human (ET kind) hybrid. Their years are twice the length of ours, so in our world she would be twenty-four. Their average lifespan is 500-600 years (our time). She is about five feet tall with golden-brown scales.

The following is an abridged transcript of Zantese's second visit to our world. Her speech was quiet and gentle.

Jon: Greetings. Welcome to planet Earth. So how does it feel to be in a human body?

Zantese: Weak....thin....vulnerable....naked....blind.

JON: There are some positive aspects to the human existence.

ZANTESE: Tell me.

JON: Our appreciation of art, music, sexuality, and emotions.


ZANTESE: Art, music, literature... are all average evolutionary achievements.

JON: What is it that your race are proud of?

ZANTESE: We are proud of ourselves. We have no external assets.

JON: Are you spread far across the galaxy?

ZANTESE: Why do you require to know?

JON: I want to learn all about you.

(Zantese becomes fascinated with my glasses, as aliens often do)

JON: So what do your friends think of you doing this?

ZANTESE: They have no opinion. It is my choice.

JON: What motivates you?

ZANTESE: Interest and enjoying the smooth skin.

JON: Have you been to this planet before?

ZANTESE: Physically? (I nod) No, not on it.

JON: Do you know what time period I'm in?

ZANTESE: This time.

JON: 1999 as we measure it. Do you know what time period you are from, in relation to this time? Is it the same present, or, based on our linear perspective, in the past or future?


ZANTESE: From my future, but not long.

JON: Is Earth of any relevance to your people on your own planet?

ZANTESE: Earth is highly desirable.

JON: For colonisation? (In the previous session, she indicated this)

ZANTESE: If that is part of the desired plan.

JON: Is it true that your people have been in power on this planet, through hybrid bloodlines, for thousands of years?

ZANTESE: Part of my people.

JON: What do you mean? A section that isn't as evolved as the others?


JON: More evolved?

ZANTESE: In another dimension, molecularly.

JON: Why is it that they crave the energy of sex, negative emotions... and human sacrifice?

ZANTESE: The energy is stronger than what can be derived from everyday life.

(Pause - she looks offended)

ZANTESE: We are not as evil as you wish us to be.

JON: I don't wish you to be evil. I just want to know the truth.

ZANTESE: We do not drink the blood of babies. (Lie)

JON: That's something people are saying. Do you drink blood at all?

ZANTESE: Humans drink blood.

JON: So why do you maintain control of this planet?

ZANTESE: (Inaudible)

JON: Aren't you inhibiting human evolution at all?

ZANTESE: No. Have you ever been without influence?

JON: Does the New World Order mean anything to you?

ZANTESE: The next stage.

JON: Won't you allow other races to make open contact with humans?

ZANTESE: If it was going to help our cause.


ZANTESE: If you were ready to evolve earlier, you would have done.

JON: How does the Queen feel now that the secret's out? (That she is a Draco reptilian in disguise)

ZANTESE: Which Queen?

JON: The Queen of Great Britain, this country.

ZANTESE: She feels nothing. She has a vehicle of age, and has her dignity. And she will be protected.

JON: So is the Queen a hybrid, or is she a full-blood of your kind disguised as the Queen?

ZANTESE: She's full-blood.

JON: Does the disguise take a lot of energy?

ZANTESE: Yes, but how many times have you seen her in this form she must wear? There are others too.

JON: Is Prince Charles one by any chance?

ZANTESE: He is one and there are many. Some identical.

JON: What do you mean?

ZANTESE: To maintain shape.

JON: Oh right.

ZANTESE: The one you see today can be new tomorrow.

JON: Are there some of your kind disguised as humans, without knowing who they really are?

ZANTESE: Yes, sometimes it's easier to not know who you are.

JON: Do you, yourself, have the ability to shapeshift?

ZANTESE: Not in this shape.

JON: Is it a mental ability or technological?

ZANTESE: It can be both. It is those with the greatest evolution who can change shape.

JON: Do you have any genetic connection with the dinosaurs that roamed this planet millions of years ago?

ZANTESE: Millions of years... yesterday. We have a portion of their genetic makeup, as have many creatures.

(Pause - puzzled by Jan's feet)

JON: So do you socialise much with humans at all, on your own world?


JON: Do any races from other planets come and see you?

ZANTESE: None so beautiful as you.

(Zantese strokes my face)

JON: Do you know what being in love means?


JON: Do you have romance in your world?


JON: Is monogamy something you practise at all?

ZANTESE: Some do.

(End of transcript)

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