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Interview with Luanda, a Benign Grey from 2500AD
Trance-channelled by Jan Jackman
August 1997
Transcribed by Atasha McMillan

Jan begins with remote viewing and telepathic communication to initiate the contact and prepare for Luanda to come in...

Jan: He's just finishing what he's doing. Finishing his jigsaw. (Laughter) He has some sort of cubes that he's looking at.

Atasha: What does he look like?

Jan: A typical Grey. But I find him quite attractive. He's small - three and a half feet tall. He has expression - he tries very hard to give expression. A lot of people think they're expressionless and deadpan. But he does make an effort. His eyes are dark but there's life in them. They're not lifeless. Got a twinkle.

(Her voice begins to fade as if she is drifting into a comfortable sleep. Long pause as she moves deeper into trance state. Luanda then comes through. It is a full-body trance channelling. He speaks through Jan in a delicate, and at times faint, tone. His speech is quite slow with frequent pauses. There is very little overt emotion, and what there is, is very subtly expressed - but the feeling is one of lightness rather than coldness. The accent is not at all like Jan's usual North country speech, and his manners of speech remain consistent throughout)

Luanda: Jonathan! Hello. Are you well?

Jonathan: This is Atasha.

Luanda: Hello, hello. Good, good.

Jonathan: How are you?

Luanda: I'm fine.

(Luanda looks at the position Jan's body is in - she is leaning well back in a semi-reclining position)

Luanda: I'm lying.

Jonathan: Hm?

Luanda: (Indicates the body position) I'm lying.

Jonathan: Have you seen Glastonbury?

Luanda: Not on the ground, no. Have you anything to ask me?

Jonathan: Perhaps Atasha has.

Atasha: Umm....

Luanda: How are you?

Atasha: I'm all right, thanks. Where are you at the moment? Where is your ship?

Luanda: It is in your dimension. I would say directly overhead. Miles.

Jonathan: Is it a small ship?

Luanda: I have been on mother.

Jonathan: The mothership. In our dimension?

Luanda: Yes.

Jonathan: So we can see it?

Luanda: Yes.

Atasha: I've been seeing little lights moving around the sky lately and been wondering what they are. Satellites or ships - what do you think?

Luanda: Could be all. All kinds. I suppose there is probably more happening at the moment.

Atasha: What is happening?

Luanda: There are more of us being allowed to observe and interact. With permission. We are very excited.

Atasha: Why are you being allowed to interact more now?

Luanda: Because the time is getting closer for more knowledge.

(A jet flies by - Luanda looks up and stops talking)

Luanda: Just have to be aware of what is going on.

(Long pause)

Luanda: More people are asking more questions, which gives us the opportunity to give some more answers. And we have to be invited. So even a passing thought is an invitation. And there are more passing thoughts.

Jonathan: I hear that generally people are talking more about spacecraft seen in the skies. It seems to be becoming more normal.

Atasha: You say you're in this dimension now. Are you always in this dimension?

Luanda: No. We are generally not in this dimension. We only come here briefly. We are more relaxed in 3.5, out of sight. Although we do encounter some of your crafts in that dimension too - but we can just go a little higher and thus avoid detection. The crafts are - well, they are inferior.

Atasha: Are you moving towards more contact with people? Is that the idea?

Luanda: Yes.

Atasha: How will this contact happen? In our present dimension? Or will our dimension get higher, or what? How will the contact be sustained?

Luanda: We are trying to contact as many people in this dimension. These will be the forerunners. There will be more people contacted as the dimension begins to shift - which will be very gradual. So as the dimension shifts we will be able to contact more people. And then when it shifts we will be all as one.

Atasha: How long will it take for the dimensions to shift? For us to move toward a higher dimension?

Luanda: It is beginning now. It has been beginning.

Jonathan: What about the date 2012 as the beginning of the New Age, according to the ancient Mayan and Egyptian calendars?

Luanda: It will be approximate to those calculations, as time has shifted slightly already from those.

Jonathan: On a numerical scale of dimensions, what do you see us as shifting to? Some say fifth dimension, others four. What do you see?

Luanda: If you class it in the numerical system, you are evolving from 3. And then you will remain in 3.5 and then evolve again quite quickly from 4 to 5. And possibly some of you will evolve further. I am hoping to evolve shortly.

Atasha: To what?

Jonathan: To incorporeal. What do you mean, shortly?

Luanda: In your years of, let's say, one hundred.

Atasha: Doesn't sound like shortly to me.

Jonathan: It's a long time. At least you'll be around for a while.

Luanda: I will be able to observe your joyous movement.

Atasha: What will be the first signs of moving into another dimension?

Luanda: Jan has noticed the birds already.

Jonathan: Oh yeah. They're crashing into windows. Seems like their psychic grids are misaligned.

Atasha: What signs within us though?

Luanda: After your sightings of your lower creatures - you will notice their changes. You will be lighter within yourselves, and your thought processes will become quickened. And your telepathic communications will be heightened. The need to eat all the bulk you're eating now will decrease. The reason you eat that amount is because there's nothing in the food.

Atasha: How can we encourage this process? Is that possible? Or do we just go with the flow?

Luanda: I suppose it would be easier for yourselves to connect back with the earth, as the earth is the one who is moving. You are only part of the earth. To rid your bodies of chemicals and any pollutants. It would be nice for me to say breathe clean air.

Jonathan: Are you aware of a book that's just come out by Colonel Philip Corso, Retired, who claims he was a member of the Pentagon - which is the headquarters of the US military. He says that in the early '60s he was a member of the team to reverse-engineer the ship that crashed at Roswell. And he says the technology that was derived from that craft was seeded in various industries - like microchips, lasers, and fibreoptics. He's published this book on what he claims is factual inside information on what happened, beginning the day after the crash. He says the Greys are hostile. If in fact that craft was from the Greys. Are you aware of him - or the book?

Luanda: Not aware of the book. I can understand the technology derived from this. What is the question?

Jonathan: It seems that more and more people are coming out from governments and giving more information. Now that this book is published I'm sure there's going to be a lot of debating going on. I was just wondering whether there is some ulterior motive to the book - that the government might be doing something.

Luanda: The governments will never publish anything knowingly that would harm them. So most of the information you receive is approved. Even though it may appear to be unofficial, it has been seen. And it can only be of benefit to your government.

Jonathan: He says the American military now has the technology of the Greys, because of the reverse-engineering, and the Greys are now in a stalemate. He says we're in a cold war with them, and makes out all the ETs to be hostile.

Luanda: It is amusing.

Jonathan: (Indicates a painting nearby of an ET) Do you like that picture? It's from Sirius, apparently.

(Long pause. Then Luanda suddenly slaps his hands on his/Jan's knees)

Luanda: I've lost my mind!

Jonathan: Have you?

Luanda: Yes. Your government may be - they are in a stalemate. But their weapons...

Jonathan: He's admitted that we're now shooting down crafts.

Luanda: Yes. This is very haphazard. There are many races.

Atasha: What of all this stuff about the secret government doing things to stop people spreading information that they regard as subversive. Mind-scanning devices, that sort of thing. Is that disinformation to put fear into people or what?

Luanda: Hm. It is disappointing for me to have to refer constantly to the governments of your planet as being only interested in their own profit. Most of the information put out is disinformation. A lot of it is disguised ..... with ...... back ...... their own mistakes ........ I am losing my connection. Anything else?

Jonathan: Just wondering about the Roswell crash. Can you tell me what happened according to your records?

Luanda: There were two crafts. I shall refer to them as you understand. You have rogue Greys. They want for their own benefit to enter this earth. Without permission. They are not allowed. But they devise a plan. We have, as you would say, kamikaze. To enter your atmosphere. Neutral Greys wanted to dissuade this happening, and try to avert the ship. Consequently there was a collision, for the latter expired. Rogue remained. And therefore their plans had worked. As they were then on the planet, conscious and invited.

Jonathan: So their plan was to bypass the non-interference policy by appearing passive, in that they were answering an invitation sent by the US Government when they found this wreckage?

Luanda: It was very wrong.

Atasha: As I understand it there has been an ET presence on earth for many centuries or more. Why is there this non-interference directive? Nobody seems to listen to it.

Luanda: Many, many centuries - thousands of years ago, you were aware of own being. So the dimension between us was narrower. And there were many different races who came here. You have lost a lot, as we have too. And as you began to forget, the connections had to be withdrawn. As not to cause upset.

Jonathan: A sort of karma, isn't it?

Luanda: This is your word.

Atasha: Why did people forget, why was so much lost?

Luanda: There was so much.

Jonathan: As we condensed into this dimension it suppressed our psychic abilities.

Luanda: There was much pressure from around and consciousness became dense. The beings concentrated their efforts into pure existence.

Jonathan: Can you say anything about human mutilations?

Luanda: It was not me!

Jonathan: Have they been done by the rogue Greys? Apparently loads of bodies have been found around military bases.

Luanda: Have you seen these bodies?

Jonathan: No. Is there any truth to it?

Luanda: Do you know people who are missing?

Jonathan: Not personally.

Luanda: Is this general knowledge?

Jonathan: Not really. Do you know if the rogue Greys do mutilate humans?

Luanda: Not any more.

Atasha: Did they use to?

Luanda: Only to the extent of your own mutilations on your own people. Look to your own government.

Jonathan: If the US Government say that the Greys are hostile to us, what about their secret underground bases where they are in collusion with those Greys?

Luanda: They will never mention anything derogatory.

Jonathan: Would you like to go now?

Luanda: Thank you for allowing me to come.

Atasha: I would like to meet you in person one day.

Luanda: I would like that too. Yes. Both of you.

Jonathan: Speak to you soon, dear friend. Thank you. We'll keep an eye out in the sky for you.

Luanda: I'll be there.

Second Session, Next Day

Using remote viewing in preparation, Jan finds Luanda in a small scout ship. It was decided that this time she would change bodies with him, instead of going elsewhere, as a first-time experience.

Luanda comes through...

Atasha: Hello again.

Luanda: Hello.

Atasha: When you're in your little ship, what are you doing?

Luanda: Today?

Atasha: Yes.

Luanda: I am driving!

Atasha: Where to?

Luanda: Interdimensional.

Atasha: Where is the mothership?

Luanda: Out beyond your atmosphere.

Atasha: We didn't see it yesterday.

(The afternoon sun seems too bright for Luanda, and Jonathan suggests he sits in another chair across the room which faces away from the glass doors. Luanda does not feel confident about walking across there, so Jonathan closes the curtains instead)

Atasha: Can you hear our thoughts telepathically while you're here?

Luanda: It takes a lot of my energy to be here. I may pick up a feeling.

Atasha: So it's better if we ask you things verbally.

Luanda: Yes.

Atasha: What is the mission of your mothership?

Luanda: It is a survival type of craft. There are many beings in this craft, permanently. It is a home for some and an experimental home for others. Some are just waiting to be rehomed.

Atasha: What variety of beings are on this ship? Who is waiting to be rehomed?

Luanda: Our own beings. There are some hybrid beings who are waiting for dimensional changes so that they can survive.

Atasha: What are the hybrids a cross between?

Luanda: There are some human and Reticulan. And there are others. Are you interested?

Atasha: Yes.

Luanda: We have many other types. Some are not totally from two separate races. We have some from three or four types of genetics. There are many humanoid types very similar to your own. There are Pleiadian beings. We have beings who survive on other vibrations.

(Jonathan holds out a cup of tea to Luanda)

Luanda: What is this?

Jonathan: Tea.

Luanda: Hmm. (Declines the offer) Anything else?

Atasha: What's the purpose of breeding the hybrids?

Luanda: We would like to evolve ourselves and this is one of the less painful ways, and can be quite experimental. And we can dispose of those who are not......

(Just then the tinkling tune of an ice cream van goes by)

Luanda: (Puts head on one side and seems intrigued) Sound......

Jonathan: What's going on?

Atasha: Ice cream van.

Luanda: ....before they grow into full-size beings.

Atasha: The ones who aren't successful?

(Luanda nods)

Atasha: What's been the rate of success?

Luanda: We have a sense of urgency. So many experiments have gone straight ahead. To begin with, we were unsuccessful. But now we have more.

Atasha: Why do you have a sense of urgency?

Luanda: The time is right for us both.

Atasha: By both, do you mean humans and Reticulans?

Luanda: Yes.

Atasha: The time is right for what?

Luanda: For the changes.

Atasha: If humans and Reticulans are both going to evolve, why are hybrids necessary?

Luanda: We will evolve together.

Atasha: You say they're going to be rehomed. Where?

Luanda: Earth will be on a similar frequency to the planet Essassani. There will be plenty of room for us all.

Atasha: So is the idea that this earth, when its frequency has moved on, will be a home for more evolved humans and hybrids and Zetas and others? Is that the idea?

Luanda: It is a nice idea.

Atasha: Do you think it will happen?

Luanda: We hope.

Atasha: What are the obstacles?

Luanda: You yourselves can halt the process.

Atasha: How do we halt the process?

Luanda: Negativity.

Jonathan: If you come from the future, why don't you remain in your present where it's all happened already?

Luanda: It would not happen unless we came to make it.

Atasha: How does it feel to come into a human body?

Luanda: It is like a memory. I have said before these limbs seem very long. But I feel comfortable. Do I seem comfortable?

Jonathan: Your speech seems to be a bit more broken than before.

Luanda: Depends what is in this body.

Jonathan: If our government decides to come clean on what they know about the Reticulans, what would they do if the Reticulans talked of things the government didn't want the public to know of? Like underground bases and genetic engineering?

Luanda: What would your government do?

Jonathan: How would they counteract? Are they keeping quiet because they see that as a risk?

Luanda: They are probably looking at all angles. They are probably trying to find answers to all possible questions. And answers to the questions that will never be asked.

Jonathan: Hopefully one day we'll be told by the ETs what really has been going on.

Luanda: How can you be sure as you call ETs are telling the truth?

Jonathan: Yeah, the rogue Greys... How will the government survive?

Luanda: The government will survive, in its own way. But you will know intuitively who speaks the truth.

Jonathan: Can we trust you? I trust you.

Luanda: Hmm. I can be trusted. I am different. But that does not mean the others are bad. You have to decide whether it is bad if you are not aware of what you are doing. It is ignorance.

Jonathan: I suppose you have to rely on feeling quite a lot.

Atasha: Do you know if there are any ETs who are intending to mislead us in any way?

Luanda: There may be some who would like to. But they will not be allowed.

Atasha: Who will not allow them? What will not allow them?

Luanda: The Council.

Atasha: What Council?

Luanda: Do you not know of the Council?

Jonathan: The Federation.

Atasha: Well, I assume that's it but I just want to know which one you mean.

Luanda: The Galactic Council.

Atasha: Do they have control over everybody?

Luanda: They have control over those who will listen - which is the majority.

Atasha: Is there an intention to announce ET presence in the world in an open and mass way, or is it intended that people just find out one at a time? What is the intention of what I would call the contact programme?

Luanda: Do you mean our contact programme? Or the government contact programme?

Atasha: No, yours.

Luanda: We attune ourselves to those who are easily found to go on our vibration and dimension, and work our way through slowly, so as not to cause fear.

Atasha: Because the general - you know, the media approach - would be: Why don't they land on the White House lawn and announce themselves if they were real?

Luanda: Because your government would destroy us.

Atasha: Do you know if there is an official government contact programme going on, and if it's to discredit you?

Luanda: Your government must always seem to be in control of the situation. Therefore they are beginning to send out information partly true and partly false, for their own good. They do not know what will happen, but that is up to the people of the planet as to what they will listen to and accept.

Atasha: Many of us who are interested in connecting with ETs are finding a lot of trouble in getting any conscious connection. Why is that? And how can we help things along? Jonathan and I for example would be quite happy to visit a ship, but it's not happening. And we don't know why. Or else we're not remembering it and we don't know why. Why is that?

Luanda: Mm. We have unfortunately our ways of doing things, and some can and some must wait. Those who wait strive harder and influence more people around them to change their ideas. This is partly the reason. You are quite influential. It will happen.

Jonathan: What have you been up to lately? What have you been busy doing?

Luanda: Checking dimensional vibrations. It is quite complex. Anything else?

(General agreement that there are no more questions)

Luanda: I will go. I feel the need.

Atasha: We'd like to meet you personally one day. I keep saying it.

Luanda: Thank you.

Jonathan: Take care, little friend.

Luanda: I am not little in my world.


Jan describes her experience of being in Luanda's body during the above channelling:

Jan: When I transferred I was sitting in his body - it felt a bit restricted, a bit claustrophobic. Although I felt like I had a good view. I could see quite nicely here and also right over there without moving (i.e. wider vision). When I got there I wanted to breathe - you know? But I couldn't because I couldn't feel anything to breathe with. But I didn't panic. I've learnt now not to panic. I think he breathes through all his body. There wasn't one particular area for it to be inhaled in. Just gently survived, without a lot of effort. I didn't feel confident to walk about in his body. I didn't want to break anything! Actually, what I felt like was, if I stood up I'd pop out of the top of his head. I felt like I was too big for his body. I was just sitting there thinking I hope he's not long. A bit like when you're hiding in a box when you're little and you want to be hidden, but you want to get out as well.

Jonathan: Did you look at his hands?

Jan: Yeah. I've seen them before. He doesn't have any nails. There isn't a little finger. It's three fingers and a thumb, but it doesn't look like it - it looks like four fingers. The thumb is an elongated finger. I think they have an extra joint in their fingers.

Atasha: Where was he sitting? What was around him?

Jan: His control thingy. It was very plain. Sort of silver. But there weren't gears and things like that.

Atasha: What, flashing buttons?

Jan: Not really. Almost like very mild indentations. You're not pushing buttons. It was like a draining board. Metal, with little indentations. And I had a feeling that he can use his head to operate it rather than touch.

Jonathan: What was the chair like?

Jan: (Long pause) Oh dear. There wasn't a chair. He just bent himself.

Jonathan: What?

Jan: Yeah. I'm glad I didn't think that before or I might have fallen over. I know he said he would get into a comfortable position for me. He must have just bent himself so it was comfortable. I can't see a chair.

Jonathan: What was the lighting like?

Jan: The lighting was like when it's dark outside and you're in a dark room, and there's a light on in the corner and you're in the corner with the light. The whole room isn't lit.

Atasha: A localised twilight around you?

Jan: Mm.

Atasha: Does it have a colour?

Jan: I think it's a yellowy light. I was just getting used to that little body. It was quite a big thing to be in it - in a new body.

Atasha: Did you feel any kind of heartbeat or anything going on in it?

Jan: The feeling was nothing in particular in any particular place. It seemed to be a whole thing that was breathing and living. No one particular area seemed to be like, this is the heart, these are the lungs. It all seemed to be one system.

Jonathan: Did you access his mind?

Jan: Only the survival part. I think I was too much in there just trying to survive on my own. But he was also looking after me.

Jonathan: Maybe that's why he seemed a bit distracted.

Jan: Maybe he was worried I'd be doing things in his ship. Grow myself a genital or something!


Atasha: Were there any others around?

Jan: No. He was on his own.

Jonathan: Did you see a window?

Jan: There are windows wherever you look. It's as if the walls are transparent, but they're not really. Only if you look at it, then it's transparent. It feels as if you have to attune yourself to the ship - become one with the ship.

Atasha: What was the view out?

Jan: It was in mid space. Dark and twinkles. Little stars.

Atasha: Was the ship moving?

Jan: Stationary. He'd docked me. Dropped the anchor. It might have been near a planet, or a star. Not sure what it was. It was yellow - the light that was outside in the darkness.

Atasha: Did you feel your feet on the floor or were you just hovering?

Jan: I think they were on the floor. I think he did everything he could to make me comfortable. I have to thank him for that. I think that's it.

(End of transcript)

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