UFO Abductions Through The Ages
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UFO Abductions Through The Ages
part 2 of 2

by Dr. Gregory L. Little - 1994

The resemblance between modern UFO abduction reports and ancient accounts of demonic visitations are striking, indeed. Ulrich Molitor's De Laniis et phitonicis mulieribus (1489) shows the first known engravings of demons who abduct and then have sexual relations with humans. Olaus Magnus' Historia de gentibus septentrionalibus (1555) contained engravings of the devil and demons carrying women (witches) away for sex. The early accounts of these are similar to UFO abductions; however, in that era it was not seen as a good thing to happen to you (as contrasted to many UFO abductees who view it as a positive and special experience).

In the early days of the church, people who told of having visitations by "demons" were tolerated. Somewhat later, they were fined or removed from the church. It was in the 15th century that the church was no longer content to simply throw the "witches" and "sorcerers" out of the church. From that point onward they sought to wring confessions out of suspected witches and then burn or hang the accused. To have sex with a demon meant you were a witch or a sorcerer. Witches almost always had sexual relations with the demons or Satan himself and they were said to have some power over elemental demons. It is the lower orders of the demons that supposedly take on the appearance of UFO-like beings and fairies. In fact, in many of the witch trials in the 15th and 16th centuries, the "lower orders" of demons were described as leprechauns, gnomes, and other fairies.

According to this ancient witch lore, Satan and demons had their favorite humans for sex. Both women and men were abducted for sex, but women were favored. Most victims were unwillingly abducted in their bedrooms at night. Many victims described several demons (of different types) being present at the time of their abduction. Some of the demons "stood by" just watching during the act.

The first written mention of Satan himself forcing sex on a victim was probably at the trials of Artois. The writer Vignate (1468) chronicled the trial. Here too, was the first mention of Satan's sexual organ as being cold as ice. This statement is similar to what some UFO abductees have said about their abductors who forced sex on them -- particularly the insects or grasshopper-like creatures.

Far more frequent was mention of sexual intercourse forced on victims by demons known as incubus or succubus. "Essentially the incubus is a lewd demon or goblin which seeks sexual intercourse with women ...the corresponding devil which appears to man is the succubus" (Dictionary of Witchcraft & Demonology). Guazzo's (1608) Compendium Maleficarum stated: "(The demon) can assume either a male or female shape; sometimes he appears as a full-grown man, sometimes as a satyr." St. Augustine firmly believed that demons abducted people and forced sexual relations on them: "(Demons) have often injured women, desiring and acting carnally with them."

Virtually no one disputed the existence of these sex-seeking demons. Martin Del Rio (1599) wrote of the reality of incubus in the Disquisitionum Magicarum, "...to disagree (with their existence) is only obstinacy and foolhardiness; for it is the universal opinion of the fathers, theologians, and writers on philosophy, the truth of which is generally acknowledged by all ages and peoples." Peter Binsfeld's De Confessione Maleficarum (1589) stated, "(The incubus) is an indisputable truth which is not only proved most certain by experience, but also is confirmed by history.."

Ancient Crossbreeding & Genetic Experimentation

Just like modern UFO abductors do, demons have long been collecting sperm samples from male victims. According to the ancient reports, the succubus gathers semen from the male victims so that the demon can fully perform the sex act and sometimes impregnate its female victim when acting as an incubus. In Thomas Aquinas' 13th century book Summa Theologica he wrote:

...if sometimes children are born from intercourse with demons, this is not because of the semen emitted by them, or from the bodies they have assumed, but through the semen taken from some man for this purpose, seeing that the same demon who acts as a succubus for a man becomes an incubus for a woman.

It was believed even then that a crossbreeding of sorts was occurring between the demons (fairies) and humans. Tradition has it that the magician Merlin was the result of crossbreeding between Satan and a human female. And most readers are familiar with the many matings of the Greek and Roman "gods" with humans. Their offspring spurred many of the great legends and myths of old.

For several thousand years there have been reports of alien abduction for sexual purposes. Because of the number of reports coming from early church members, much attention was given the phenomenon during the 1200s and 1300s. Here are a few summaries by the church from this time period:

De Trinitate: "Devils do indeed collect human semen... therefore devils can transfer the semen which they have collected and inject it into the bodies of others."

Bonaventura wrote: "Devils in the form of women yield to males and receive their semen; by cunning skill, the demons preserve its potency, and afterwards,...they become incubi and pour it into female repositories."

Just as in modern UFO reports, the incubus desiring to have sex with a human will adjust its shape to one that lowers resistance of its victim. In 1698 Johann Klein reported on a court case where a woman claimed to have been impregnated by her long-gone husband. A creature taking his form appeared to her at night in her bedroom where she simply couldn't resist. Many other victims of an incubus claimed that the incubus appeared to them as a person (deceased) they knew and loved.

Some of the most interesting reports about the incubus come from nuns. During the mid-1400s, many nuns in certain sites were victims of incubus attacks with the nuns often displaying amnesia over the event. The copious amounts of semen present left no doubt that something physical actually happened.

Other accounts of incubus attacks leave one with the definite impression that something physical was happening rather than the experience being a purely psychological event. One impressive account had numerous witnesses. The writer Sinistrari wrote of a nun that was locked into a small, nearly barren cell after dinner. She was alone when they closed the door; shortly thereafter, however, sounds of passion (between two people) came from the cell. When the cell was immediately opened for inspection, no one but the nun was in it. Another nun then bored a small hole through the wall and was astonished to see a youth "appear" on the bed with the nun. Quietly, the nun gathered other sisters to view the scene in the cell between the locked-up nun and the "youth." When they went back into the cell, the youth again disappeared. However, the nun confessed that she had been intimate with an incubus for some time and that he appeared as the youth that they had seen. None of the nuns recognized the youth, nor was he seen again. In addition, that report indicated that there was no way that anyone could escape the cell holding the nun. He simply appeared and then vanished.

Another interesting feature of medieval witch reports that parallels modern UFO reports is the so-called Devil's mark. This is not the same thing as a witch's mark, but is rather a mark conferred upon victims by the devil himself. According to ancient beliefs, the devil marks his victims for identification. The mark is scratched on the victim with a talon. The marks are usually a straight scar in an odd spot, typically not seen without some difficulty, or some sort of a tattoo. Daneau (1564) stated in Les Sorciers that, "(Not a witch exists) upon whom (the devil or a demon) doth not set some note or token of his power and prerogative over them." Sinistrari's De Demonialitate stated that the mark of the devil..."is imprinted on the most secret parts of the body."

Were we not in "modern" times, the marks seen on many UFO abductees would be seen as the marks of the devil. Cuts on the back of the leg, purplish circular spots, bruises, circles of warts and spots surrounding the abdomen and genitals, facial holes, and nasal cavity holes all would have qualified. These were the exact same marks and areas of the body used for the Devil's mark. These are also similar to the "fairy bruises."

Musings On Abductions

For a number of reasons, most people studying UFO abductions are deeply disturbed by the parallels between ancient and modern UFO abduction reports. They are so disturbed that they refuse to even see that any relationships exist. I am astonished at how many contemporary investigators -- professionals who should know better -- simply refuse to see the historical perspective of this phenomenon. It is easy to be smug and say, "This is different, we aren't superstitious anymore, these are modern times." But in 500 years a lot of what we deeply believe will be laughed at and ridiculed.

Many, many people want to believe that UFOs are crafts from other worlds carrying advanced extraterrestrial beings.

Many want to believe that the sexual abductions represent genetic experimentation and crossbreeding by extraterrestrials. The simple fact is that believing that is far more comforting than accepting the possible reality of what has been described in the prior few pages. Most of us don't want to really believe that there are actual beings that exist that have been called "demons" or "fairies" or a "devil." Contemplation of such possibilities is deeply disturbing. It touches the darkest and most remote areas of our psyche. It energizes the most fearsome and powerful psychological processes of our minds.

"Nuts and bolts" ufologists avoid studying or even acknowledging abductions by stating that these aren't "true" UFO reports. I have heard numerous urologists state over and over, 'We know these (UFOs) are physical craft, they are spaceships. The psychic and parapsychological stuff doesn't have anything to do with these craft. Anything but what I'm studying is 'new age' bunk." It's as if they stick their noses down and look at the little piece of the gigantic puzzle before them, refusing to open their eyes to the fact that they are ignoring the big picture.

It is important to understand that I am not saying that UFOs are piloted by demons. I am not saying that fairies and demons are the rapists who force themselves on their abducted victims. There is a real problem with terminology here -- most of us have a preconceived idea of what a fairy or a demon is, and I really don't want to conjure up that image.

What I am saying is that there is a process that has been ongoing -- probably for all of humanity's history -- that manifests itself through the appearance of archetypal creatures and beings. John Keel was one of the first to recognize this. Others, including Vallee, Clark, and many British ufologists have long pointed out the resemblance between modern UFO reports and the ancient traditions. It doesn't really matter what we call the process underlying UFOs, abductions, and all of the related phenomena, but it is important to see that they all tie together. Even the dreaded and paranoia-producing "government" has long-recognized this connection in their earliest reports (although changes in policy precluded too much future mention of it). John Keel's UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse cites the preface from a 1960s publication by the U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research called UFOs and Related Subjects: An Annotated Bibliography. In that report it was stated:

A large part of the available UFO literature is closely linked with mysticism and the metaphysical. It deals with subjects like mental telepathy, automatic writing, and invisible entities, as well as phenomena like poltergeist manifestations and possession....Many of the UFO reports now being published in the popular press recount alleged incidents that are strikingly similar to demonic possession and psychic phenomena which has long been known to theologians and parapsychologists.

Abductees and the Paranormal

In July 1990, ufologist Brent Raynes published the results of a statistical survey he conducted on 46 people who reported contact with or sightings of UFOs in the publication UFO Perceptions. A little over a quarter of them were abductees, with the rest having some close contact with UFOs. Raynes' survey clearly showed that people who have any sort of UFO experiences also have a variety of other "paranormal" experiences. Here are some of the results:

87% had repeating psychic experiences
72% had telepathic experiences
70% had more than one UFO experience
70% reported some precognitive experiences
63% reported "out-of-body" experiences
59% reported experiences with poltergeists

In addition, Raynes conducted a survey of his UFO percipients' medical and psychological histories. Most of his medical findings were within normal expectations of a sample of adults randomly drawn from the population. However, the psychological findings appear to strongly suggest a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) cluster of findings. Here are a few findings from Raynes' extensive statistical list:

4% admitted to drug abuse
7% had been institutionalized at some point for mental problems
9% admitted to alcohol abuse
17% had asthma
20% admitted to suicidal impulses >br> 22% were sleepwalkers
26% engaged in compulsive behaviors
28% experienced amnesia
28% experienced severe depression
35% had insomnia
37% had anxiety attacks

In recent years, PTSD has become one of the favorite diagnoses of recovery-oriented mental health professionals. When the symptoms are seen, childhood abuse (sexual, physical, and emotional) are often immediately suspected. Many professionals (myself included) view this quick diagnosis tendency as a temporary fad; however, there is no denying the trauma that childhood abuse inflicts upon its many victims.

Over a decade ago, Rick Rotter, a former MUFON Section Director, suggested to me that all UFO abductees are reliving a form of post-traumatic stress syndrome. This is not really a new idea. But what was rather unique about Rick's idea was that he felt abductees were experiencing the abduction because of long- standing trauma due to childhood sexual abuse. That is, the memory of a UFO abduction (and the sex that occurs during the abduction) represents a reliving of a childhood memory of an adult human who perpetrated sex abuse on the young child. Because the memory of the person perpetrating the abuse (usually the child's father, mother, grandparents, or other relative) is so traumatic, their memory is twisted and adjusted so that a "monster" or otherworldly creature is believed to have performed the act on them. "Inner Child" theory and other pop psychology beliefs relate to this idea.

A review of classic abduction cases can certainly lend some support to this view. Just reading the sexual abductions in the beginning of this chapter can support this belief. The problem is that perhaps somewhere between 10% to 25% of the entire population has had some form of childhood sexual abuse. (There is great disagreement as to the reliability of childhood sex abuse statistics -- virtually all should be seen as unreliable guesstimates.) Thus, statistically speaking, 10% to 25% of abductees should show childhood sexual abuse. Most abductees are screened for childhood sexual abuse and the results seem to show that between 10% to 25% were victims -- not the much higher numbers expected with the sexual abuse trauma hypothesis.

I have more than a passing interest in childhood sexual abuse. I co-authored a chapter in a medical text, Sexology (Bianco & Serrano, 1990), on treating sexual abuse disorders and co-authored another paper in a hypnosis journal on it. Alcoholism, drug abuse, and various relationship and personal problems are quite frequently seen in victims of childhood sexual abuse -- therein lies my professional interest in the issue. But are UFO abductions related to it? Not in my experience or my colleagues' experience. Because childhood sexual abuse is a hot topic right now in recovery circles, it is invoked for virtually every single problem seen in adults. Victims' groups (sometimes called survivor's groups) believe that almost every physical and medical problem, relationship difficulty, psychological problem, and career problem is caused by childhood sexual abuse. When someone is seen with any kind of problem, they say that it must be as a result of childhood sexual abuse. What this boils down to is this: Ufologists investigating abductees should almost always see the symptoms of PTSD if the abduction was experienced as traumatic by the abductee. But PTSD symptoms only indicate that some sort of trauma occurred -- not what the trauma was. Because an undetermined percentage of people (probably between 10% to 25%) were victims of childhood sexual abuse, that same percentage should show in people who claim UFO abductions.

Today, most ufologists investigating abductees screen out the abductees who have experienced childhood sexual abuse. Most professionals who have investigated ufology to any depth agree that the childhood sexual abuse problem has next to nothing to do with UFO abductions. I agree with most professionals on this.

Rotter's Sexual Trauma Hypothesis bears a striking resemblance to another abduction explanation. In the early 1980s, an English professor, Dr. Alvin Lawson, suggested that abductees are reliving the trauma of birth. Here, "the fetus is unwillingly taken from a place of security (the womb) to an uncontrollably unknown world (the outside)" (Little, 1984). Lawson explains the humanoid abductor's appearance as symbolically representing a fetus. Of course, when you are born you can't see your appearance (as a fetus). And all of us were born -- so we might expect many more people to have abduction experiences. Few people today take Lawson's hypothesis seriously.

Abductions: Separating Wheat From Chaff

There is no doubt that a lot of abductions have occurred. The 1992 Roper Survey suggested that at least 2% of the population has been abducted. Thus, over 5 million Americans alone may have had the experience. Are there really that many visitors from other worlds here? If 2% of the world's population has been abducted over the last 40 years (as has been suggested by ufologists), then at least 90 million people have been abducted in the world. This means the clever aliens are grabbing 2.25 million of us each year (assuming we each get to have only one abduction). Over 6,000 abductions are then occurring each day with about 257 abductions occurring each and every hour. Are all of these abductions caused by extraterrestrial beings flying around in craft -- or do they represent something else? Are modern UFO abductions just a modern version of a phenomenon that has occurred and been documented over thousands of years? I am certain this is what they are.

Before the modern era of UFOs, those who claimed contact with non-human entities were placed in occult, spiritualistic, apparitional, hallucinatory, psychotic, or pixilated categories. Some ufologists -- again, those who adhere to the extraterrestrial hypothesis -- argue that abductions aren't part of the UFO phenomenon. They are wrong. For abductions are an integral part of the UFO myth. Abductions are almost always cited as evidence of alien contact, and ufologists will use cases that fit their theory while discarding the rest as unrelated, purely psychological, or hoaxes. This is another example of selective perception and confirmation bias -- attending to only those facts or tidbits of information that already confirm your beliefs. It's time that we began fitting all of the pieces of the gigantic ufology puzzle together. It's time we recognize that we are interacting with something that is very real, but it's not alien extraterrestrials.

Excerpt from
Grand Illusions :
The Spectral Reality Underlying Sexual UFO Abductions, Crashed Saucers, Afterlife Experiences, Sacred Ancient Ritual Sites, & Other
by Dr. Gregory L. Little

About the author:

Dr. Gregory L. Little holds a Master of Science Degree in Psychology and a Doctor of Education Degree in Counseling from Memphis State University. He works in criminal justice as a trainer, publications editor, and researcher. He has published and presented over 200 papers and reports in numerous professional journals and publications on the topics of psychopharmacology, mental health, substance abuse treatment, antisocial personality treatments, and criminal justice. In addition, he has published articles on archaeology, UFO abductions, and other paranormal phenomena. He is also a licensed private pilot and part Seneca Indian.

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