UFO Abductions Through The Ages
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UFO Abductions Through The Ages
part 1 of 2

by Dr. Gregory L. Little - 1994

The abduction stories form a continuum with old legends and beliefs ...They do contain a message ...given to us by the hidden parts of our being.
-- John Rimmer - (The Evidence for Alien Abductions - 1984)

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore - While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
-- Edgar Allan Poe - (The Raven)

"We stepped into the fringe of reality," Karla Turner replied to a questioner -- after relating her incredible story to an immense group at the 1992 Ozark UFO Conference. "Our book comes from my journal that I kept (about these events)."

Karla [now deceased; a victim of the insidious cancer many "abductees" mysteriously succumb to -B:.B:.], who holds a Ph.D. in English, hypnotized her husband Casey in the mid-1980s to attempt to find the source of Casey's anxiety and tension. Casey, a computer software consultant, had been seeing a therapist at the time and was suffering with a variety of nervous problems. What they found in the hypnosis was not what they expected.

Casey had numerous memories of alien contact -- sexual contact. One of his earliest memories was a white-haired, old woman appearing in his bedroom when he was 13 years old. She had a deeply wrinkled face and deep, piercing eyes. Unable to resist, he had sexual intercourse with her. Casey also recalled other times that creatures entered his bedroom and forced him to have sex. One such experience left him with claw marks on his back, while another incident in 1987 resulted in a painful scar on the back of his leg.

Interaction with the abductors wasn't limited to Casey. Karla told of walking into her home at night when a being grabbed hold of her arm. The creature told her it was her mother, but Karla stated that it looked like a giant grasshopper. Another time, Karla was coming home through her back yard when she felt like she "had hit an electric fence. I wasn't feeling right... wasn't moving right ...there was a glow everywhere ...I stopped... and saw four gray beings standing side by side in my backyard."

"I assumed I was having a hallucination (but) I'm awake -- why? I felt I could see through them and they talked to me telepathically."

"Greetings, we are your ancestors," they said. "We are a part of you, but we are real."

"I couldn't move as I normally do," Karla continued. "Then two females behind me came up close -- they started buzzing."

"They are giving you some instructions," they told me.

Karla and Casey have become involved with a variety of MUFON investigators since the uncovering of their memories as well as conducting a variety of their own investigations. They have somewhat specialized in sexual abductions and been influenced by the popular books Intruders, Missing Time, and others. Karla told a story about a grandmother with her young grandson. The grandmother had been a widow for several years when she was forced to drink a liquid handed to her by an alien who appeared in her bedroom late one night.

After she drank the thick fluid, she became young again. A reptilian-like alien then attempted to have intercourse with her but she resisted. Then the alien brought in her dead husband who began making sexual advances to her. The grandmother had intercourse with the creature that appeared as her husband, but eventually saw that it was a reptilian. After finishing with the grandmother, the reptilians had anal and oral intercourse with her young grandson.

At the 1992 Ozark UFO Convention, cattle mutilation expert Linda Moulton Howe also focused on sexual abduction stories. She told a story about one man who had become so plagued by a particular female alien coming to him each night that he repeatedly masturbated before sleeping so that he would have trouble getting an erection when the aliens appeared. This so disturbed the female alien and her mantis-like "keepers" that they made an agreement with the man. Howe stated that the aliens are probably collecting genetic material from cattle and humans.

In discussing how the beings appear, Howe said that "the air itself is like a curtain they can go behind." They come out of "tears in the air."

The "modern" aliens associated with sexual abductions now appear to fall into three broad categories. The traditional grays are nearly always present. Male grays seldom engage in intercourse, but some female grays do. The grays often connect bizarre devices to the sex organs of abductees and insert needles in an apparent attempt to collect sperm and ovum samples. Then there are the more sinister creatures described as reptilian, grasshopper-like, or mantis-like. These creatures, whose sexual organs are described as ice cold, often have intercourse with humans. Finally, there are creatures that, except for their dress, would be indistinguishable from humans. They are sometimes described as Nordic in appearance -- tall blondes with blue eyes. These abductors have, at times, had intercourse with abductees. All of the appearances taken on by abductors appear to be fluid and plastic; that is, they can easily change their shape to whatever they wish.

Aileen Garoutte, director of the abductee support organization UFOCCI, has interviewed and used regression hypnosis on numerous abductees who have claimed sexual contact with the aliens. One couple was abducted during a drive between Princeton and Penticton in British Columbia, Canada. Two hours of missing time occurred during their trip that was later "remembered" as a "classic" abduction. Both were given a special drink, medical exams, and had sexual encounters with the aliens. The woman became pregnant as a result of the abduction though she had been using two different types of birth control. After their abduction she had spots on her body over her ovaries and her husband had a ring of spots across his groin. Literally dozens of similar stories have been uncovered by UFOCCI.

Sexual Abduction Experiences Aren't New

Space Alien Sex Maniacs in Training

Baby Space Aliens hone their Tantric Skills from young infancy by isolating a nubile young earth woman and looking up her dress. As teenagers they perform house-calls in order to take turns nailing their brainwashed and subservient squeeze. "Earth women are easy," they remark.

Given the current intense interest in alien sexual encounters, many people seem to feel that such reports are relatively recent. They aren't. Sexual encounters with alien abductors are not new to ufology. On October 15, 1957, 23-year old farmer Antonio Boas was plowing a field at his farm near Minas Gerais in Brazil. It was night as Boas was trying to catch up on the plowing. Looking up into the sky, Boas saw a brightly lit red object descending from the sky. It was his third UFO sighting that week. This time, however, the object landed in his field. Out of the egg-shaped object came four aliens fitted in metallic space suits with helmets.

As the creatures glided toward him, Boas tried to escape on the tractor, but it stalled. Boas jumped off and started running. A few moments later he was captured and dragged into the spaceship. There he was taken into a circular room where he was restrained while one of the creatures took a blood and skin sample from his chin. Then he was stripped and moved to another room where only a white, plastic couch sat in the center of the room. His body was sponged with a clear, oily liquid and then the four creatures left.

A few moments later clouds of gray smoke filled the room causing Boas to vomit. Then a hidden slit opened in the wall through which a beautiful, naked, alien woman walked. She had blond- white hair parted in the middle, large blue eyes, thin lips, high, prominent cheekbones, and a pointed chin. She was under five feet tall. Boas clearly remembered her blood-red pubic hair and her well-separated, pointy breasts.

The female began rubbing her body against Boas and he quickly embraced her. According to Boas they had intercourse two times during which the alien barked and growled like an animal. After the second time she got off the couch and walked to the hidden door. She pointed to her stomach and then to the sky. Then she walked out.

Moments later two of the space suited aliens returned with his clothes. He dressed and was given a tour of the ship after which he was released.

In the month that followed his encounter, Boas became ill with symptoms similar to radiation sickness. In addition, small purplish wounds developed on his hands.

In his book The Ufonauts, Hans Holzer related the May 2,1968 abduction of teenager Shane Kurz. Under regression hypnosis Ms. Kurz told of being abducted while walking through a field and being levitated into a saucer. Inside the saucer several gray aliens placed her on a table, stripped her, and rubbed a thick liquid on her. She was told that the liquid was a stimulant and that she was being tested for pregnancy with a device that was lowered on her. Then the leader told her that they wanted to make a "half" with her. One of the beings quickly sexually penetrated her. He made animal sounds and a humming noise during the act. Kurz was then released. Shortly after this incident (which she did not remember at the time) her menstrual period stopped for a year. She had a sudden, unexplained weight loss exactly 9 months after her abduction. It was the weight loss that led her to a doctor and eventually uncover the memory of the abduction.

Budd Hopkins' Intruders (1987) and Missing Time (1981) are filled with distinctively sexual abductions. And if you don't look at the long-term perspective of the phenomenon, it is easy to be misled into thinking the sexual abductions are a recent happening:

"Intruders makes what appears to be happening in UFO abductions more clear. Genetic experimentation is being conducted on unwilling human subjects by an extraterrestrial civilization far different from our own....Through the process of interbreeding, the technology involved in producing test tube babies, and cloning, they are producing a hybrid race." (Little, 1990)

But appearances can be deceiving

Abductions Through The Ages

Mothman-like Appearances and Witches

A renaissance woodcut depicting a woman beating off the advances of a demon (left) and an interesting illustration (right) from Glanvill's Saducismus Triumphatus (1863). UFO-like abductions and alien sexual encounters are nothing new. Witches supposedly were taken into the air for meetings with the devil. People who had been abducted by fairies were left with distinctive body scars similar to those in UFO abductees. And the incubus and succubus of medieval times did the exact same things to their abductees as today's sexually-inclined aliens do to their abductees.

According to fairy lore, fairies create a circular cluster of small bruises as their mark. The phenomenon is known as "fairy bruising" and is a sign of either favor or disfavor. The ring of bruises is often found around the genitals. They did this, according to various 17th century accounts, by pinching their victims:

If lustie Doll, maide of the Dairie, Chance to be blew-nipt by the fairie. Marston's Mountebanks Masque

An Encyclopedia of Fairies (Briggs, 1976) gives numerous ancient examples of fairy abductions. Almost always a special drink was given to the abductee. This drink, usually described as a thick liquid, was an essential part of the fairy abduction. Women are abducted much more often than men and some fairies take special delight, in repeatedly capturing women for amorous motives. In short, some fairies simply liked having sexual relations with mortals.

Fairies abduct their victims through paralysis; then they simply carry (levitate and fly) the abductee away into "fairyland." Fairyland is always nearby; under normal conditions we can't see or perceive it. The paralysis induced on the victim is how fairies get their abductee to enter fairyland. The modem word "stroke" (meaning paralysis) is derived from the ancient terms "elf-stroke" and "fairy-stroke." Fairies travel in circular globes of light, sometimes called "will-o-the-wisp."

There are so many different types of fairies that going through them would be tedious. Some of them, however, are virtually indistinguishable from what have been described as demons. One particular type, the "bogie," looks a lot like the traditional bigfoot. Virtually every society has some lore of these "little people" and myths of them forcing their sexual attentions on human victims.

Fairy lore has a tradition of thousands of years. Fairies have been said to be abducting humans, human babies, flying in lighted globes, striking paralysis and amnesia on their victims, forcing strange drink on their victims, and having sexual relations with humans for all time. If we could remove the mythological aspect from fairy abductions and dress them a little differently, the folklore reports of a thousand years ago would be virtually indistinguishable from present UFO abduction reports. The same thing could be said for the reports of demons.

An Relatively Holy Correspondence Table: Old vs. New

On the left are artist renderings of the creatures associated with the famous 1955 Kelley-Hopkinsville, Kentucky UFO goblin case (reprinted from People of the Web). The two figures on the right are from Collin de Plancy's Dictionnaire infernal (1863). The figure on the left is Ronwe, a demon with language knowledge. The figure on the right is Urobach, a demon from the lower order.

As my eyes fell on the demon drawings in Plancy's Dictionaire infernal (1863), I was struck by their similarity to the famous 1955 Kelly-Hopkinsville UFO case. Imagine the demons as gray in color, and they would also fit the description of the ubiquitous grays in recent abductions.

There are many in the UFO field (as well as various religious leaders) who believe that the creatures associated with UFOs are demons. The similarity of some demons to the grays of UFO reports are probably no coincidence.

"UFO" Abductee?

One of the first known illustrations of a demon appearing in physical form to "make love" to a witch. Note the feet and hands of the demon. It was said that the demons could assume any shape to make themselves more pleasing to their victims. From Ulrich Molitor's De Laniis et phitonicis mulieribus (1489). Note that the book contains numerous illustrations of demons taking different shapes and forms for sexual purposes.

(end of part 1) Continue to Part 2

Excerpt from
Grand Illusions :
The Spectral Reality Underlying Sexual UFO Abductions, Crashed Saucers, Afterlife Experiences, Sacred Ancient Ritual Sites, & Other
by Dr. Gregory L. Little

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