Mind Control Now 'On The Air'

Mind Control Machinery Is Operating

I woke up this morning feeling that if I decided to vote, I would vote for Bush!!!!

No way!

Where did that idea come from? I cannot vote in America, I was born north of the forty-ninth parallel.

The mind control machines/protocols are working and it is very subtle. It has been placed into the psyche in small increments with a touch of honey added. "Uncle George, is a nice man." "He wants the best for you." "Bush is a true patriot." "G.W. Bush will protect you from terrorists." These sentences read like Wernicke Commands electronically broadcast into base structure of the brain. They must be coming through the television, cell phone towers and psychically broadcast from large groups.

Turn the friggin programming off!

This junk is not new. I can always feel it coming from the British Royals. Everything the monarchy does is based on astrological patterns to convey dominance and stability. All the pomp and pageantry adds to the fascination of regal glamour. As far back as I can remember, the fake excitement of a royal visit is generated subliminally. A lot of Canadians are suckered into the spectacle, like groupies at a Michael Jackson trial.

The nearest I ever got to Queen Elizabeth II was July 1 1967 at the Canada Day visit she made to Montreal's Expo. By happenstance I was on the road she took into the world's fair and her convertible limo, with the top down, passed within inches of where I was standing. I could have touched the car as I looked down at the tiny woman with the painfully forced smile and the tiny white gloved hand waving. Initially I was thrilled to see "The Queen of Canada". Later, I did not feel she represented Canadians in any way, shape or form. There was a big disconnect between the hype and the image. But why did I feel "loyal" to her?

Bush's mind control protocols are inducing the same "loyalty" that I felt for Queen Lizzie. This is ancient stuff, not new and not necessarily electronic. It is right in the midst of the reptilian part of the brain, the Wernicke's area. The image of spit polished shoes and shiny brass buttons resonates in the background of the "wholesome image of national loyalty". It is hypnotic. Are the same reptilians singing, "God Save The Queen" and "Hail to The Chief" at the same time? This mind control is coming directly out of the amplified brain waves of reptilians. These are protocols that predate Alexander the Great.

Reptilians cannot keep this up indefinitely. The American, British and Australian elections are scheduled for the same time period. Canada's appointee got elected with 39% of the popular vote a few months ago. The Canadian political system is a farce!

If you, in Peoria, woke up feeling that Dubya is not such a bad guy afterall, give your head a shake. Polls are reporting some strange results. The ancient mind control apparatus is in full operation. Be aware of it. Question your feelings.

David Icke and others say that there are two factions in the NWO. Are Bush and Kerry on the same side with respect to the One World agenda? If they are, why am I feeling so much energy being placed towards Bush? If Kerry is elected there will be a new support crew in Washington. Is the primary battle between NWO factions and secondarily on the public? Is Kerry losing on this hidden battleground as the Bushes pull in all their favours from overseas? Granted, there will be a draft whichever candidate wins, but what sort of draft?

The key way to release Wernicke Commands is through assisted self awareness re: Stephanie Relfe at metatech.org. In a high energy/high conscious awareness state hidden hypnotic commands can be recognized and released. Hypnotism does not release Wernicke commands. Psychotherapy does not work. Heightened spiritual/mental/physical awareness with both feet flat on the ground is the way Stephanie does it.

How can the Wernicke commands be broken before this election for all of America if not the whole world? It can only be done if enough individuals break through their own imposed limitations and carry the high energy needed to wipe the sleep from the eyes of millions of others. No one is going to come out of the sky and do your work. Breaking out of the hypnotic state has to be done by people empowered by spirit, no one else.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

source: www.whale.to

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