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Subject: Annunaki/Reptiles.
This from:
Prepare to get your mind blown. Kent Steadman

For an even deeper review, back into the mists of time, please examine:


Phikent: ANYWAY I get sudden calls from my "insider" buddies, one in [EDIT] and one in [EDIT]

FRIEND: what did they say?

Phikent: And they increase the awe-factor by 1000

FRIEND: how so?

Phikent: well, the one in [EDIT] knew three of the dudes that went down, Egyptian military

Phikent: implied they may have been involved in transporting a device

FRIEND: did he know this?

Phikent: Why they would use commercial air I haven't figured but the tale gets complex with all kinds of slight of hand wouldn't ye know.

FRIEND: sheesh...too much to wade thru

Phikent: Background: there be teams that investigate antiquities, been around since Hitler and Goering did their scouring for Annunaki devices. Apparently our side got into the Physical Evidence Acquistion game too once devices came into the US after the war.

FRIEND: and he thinks it was something these guys were carrying that did the plane in?

Phikent: APPARENTLY in my thinking a device was pulled out of the Hall of Records (he calls the, "vault" some years ago by Masons, maybe even as far back as Petrie and Kinnaman, and found it's way into the Masonic Lodges in Central, CA, try, Fresno.

Phikent: Since then the CA labs have been trying to back-engineer, etc, but....

Phikent: The Egyptian government NEEDED IT BACK BIGTIME

Phikent: they call it a "Phase Converter,"a planetary-scale device.

FRIEND: whoa...that sounds diabolical

Phikent: part of a larger mechanism found five miles underground beneath the sphinx

Phikent: So then [EDIT] calls me (the former team Commander)

FRIEND: this sounds like Stargate!

Phikent: and verifies the transport, and in fact says the device made it back, crash or no crash, which really twists the tale-- happy tp know that the "good guys" retrieved the Converter

FRIEND: ain't kidding!

Phikent: soo, either 990 was a decoy flt and the device was transferred somewhere.

Phikent: or . . . 990 landed out there

Phikent: or even stranger

Phikent: zap

FRIEND: this is wild stuff

Phikent: [EDIT] thinks maybe the device was dropped along with a team, then the flight was wasted, something like that, in any case, the device made it back.

FRIEND: why waste the flight, tho?

Phikent: Remove evidence now thishere device is going to be reinstalled QUICKLY back into the Annunaki mechanism and what it does is well something like this...


FRIEND: whoooooooooaaa...death ray, huh?

Phikent: life ray

FRIEND: depends on how ya look at it :)

Phikent: see that's half the operation, happened when the larger below-Giza Annunaki device was tested on Sept 22

Phikent: but, a piece was missin

Phikent: thishere phase converter which I think rebroadcasts the solar impulse out into the planetary field

Phikent: why?

FRIEND: I worry when I see someone foolin' around with the sun


Phikent: the above is why

FRIEND: still don't follow it..what does the boats that sank have to do with this?

Phikent: ASTEROIDS INCOMING one as big as New Hampshire 1. Bismarck takes out Portugal, some Spain, French Coast and England. 2. Titantic nails Upper East Coast of US, Canadian Coast, Iceland, Greenland. 3. Monitor gets Bahamas, US Coast Florida to New York.

Phikent: when? In 3 days

Phikent: sorry my mistake, 4 days

Phikent: heh

Phikent: sigh

FRIEND: what do the ships have to do with this asteroid thing?..not understanding this

Phikent: ships?

Phikent: oh they are code names for the rocks

Phikent: comin in like lil duckies, just like Jupiter

FRIEND: I understand

Phikent: Now why all the intrigue? I personally think there are agencies that WANT these rocks to take us all out.

Phikent: which sux

FRIEND: yea..especially if you are on the east coast

Phikent: tied into an alleged reptilian agenda, scaly dudes want their property back

FRIEND: well..only a few more days till we find out if this is so

Phikent: yea, wild tale all right

Phikent: watch the magnetometer

Phikent: will tell th tale

Phikent: otherwise watch for a mile high wave, heh

FRIEND: if the water rises above my house I'll know they struck :)


Phikent: yea, lemme know if it does

FRIEND: ok..promise NOTES:

Kent, it just occurred to me that you are probably referring to phase converters used in electricity. I'll give you a brief overview as it pertains to phase converters used in electric motors - which would be the same application if we are talking about a particle beam.

Electricity is measured in terms of Voltage and Current. Think of voltage as the pressure of the electrical fuel, and current as a measure of the fuel's flow, or volume demanded. This is commonly measured in AMPS. Electricity is distributed and metered as Alternating Current (AC). Where a battery has 2 terminals, one that is always positive (+), and one that is always negative (-), AC voltage changes, or alternates, from positive (+) to negative (-) at a set frequency, usually 60 times a second (60 cycles).

An electric motor operates on the principle of one magnetic field chasing another. As the electrical polarity on the AC line changes (from + to -), the magnetic poles in the motor change from north to south in relation to the rotor poles, causing the motor to turn. With each change in polarity the voltage rises and falls as a wave, with a brief period of no voltage, called a zero crossing. Each time the voltage rises--either above or below zero crossing--the motor receives power, much as a car is propelled by the engine firing. Think of the spark plug on a running engine. If you took hold of that spark plug, you'd swear the electricity was a continuous flow rather than an intermittent spark. Single-phase AC power is a lot like that, and the flow of power--in mechanical terms--is more like a pulsating shower head than a garden hose running freely. This zero crossing shows up as a subtle but persistent power interruption in single-phase and is the reason that single-phase motors above 5 Hp are rare and expensive.

What a phase does is, its adds one additional wire with voltage and current, which is out of phase with the first, so that the two overlap one another to cover the "zero crossing" point there by providing continuous power. This is usually called a 3 phase motor as you only have to add one additional AC wire to cover three phases of the 360 degree cycle. Like is said in the above, its like water running from a hose rather than through a Teledyne Shower pulsating shower head.

Okay, my second reply to you would cover these applications. In short, a phase convert provides for constant and steady power output to cover the ups and downs of alternating current (AC).

As you will note in my 3 phase motor explanation, its the magnetic field that makes the motor work - the principle would be the same to maintain a magnetic field around a planet at a constant level.

A phase converter would keep the magnetic field constant and at a given power. I think the Pyramid itself is the amplification device so, yeah, tell them jokers to put it back where it belongs. As for warding off incoming objects, I would say the scalar device would be our first option. Remember hurrican Floyd, I hear Clinton (while he was at Hickam AFB on a stop over) state that we (the government) would do everything it could to protect life and property, and guess what - Floyd rapidly petered out after he said that right there by South Carolina. As you stated on your web site at the time, SCALAR Technology???

According to Tom Bearden, you can use a scalar device to give an object gravity of a given polarity so that it would repell itself away from an object of the opposite polarity. I think we saw the first use of this during the Turid meteor stream last year in November that was suppose to be so bad and turned out to be nothing at all. I think they used scalar devices to "plow" a path through the meteor stream thereby protecting the billions of dollars of Satellites in orbit. You have to remember, when there is big big bucks involved, the real technology comes outta the woodwork. In the case of Floyd, it was stated that most of the insurance would go backrupt if Floyd actually hit the east coast with the force that it was packing.

Wahla, it didn't hit.

This thing with Giza - having hard time keeping all the info together - going over back pages and trying to coorelate it all together into an meaningful chuck of information.

To continue our conversation we had earlier today while I was at work, I wonder if you're on to something along the lines of the powers that be are going to change the polarity of the earths magnosphere to repel an incoming object? I guess its possible to do that if you have enough power. Think this is Tesla technology at work. Also, I remember a discovery channel doc on the HAARP that stated they could focus the HAARP at a specific area of the ionsphere and heat the plasma to the point of creating a shield that could be used to bounce mircowaves off of. I guess they could do that to cause an incoming to bounce off the atmosphere as well.

Paula Zaun on FOX NEWS just reported that the familys of the victims on Flt 990 were told that they was little chance of the bodies being retrieved "intact." Now, how would they know that? Critters eatting on them or blown to kingdom come?

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