"ALIENS" are not EXTRA but "INNER"-Terrestrials ?
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"ALIENS" are not EXTRA but "INNER"-Terrestrials ?
By "TAL"

High Energy State "PLASMA" Beings...Ghosts and dead "ALIENS"

If you go to the library and find the book, THE THREE STATES OF MATTER, look up the word "PLASMA." It says "PLASMA "...."The 4th STATE OF MATTER".. "High Energy fields, with a lack of MASS". In other words, it is an "energy field" (Vibrational MATRIX) with no mass. If we are all made up of 3-D matter that is structured (given pattern for the form) by an invisible PLASMA "field" MATRIX 1, 2, ...then we are "Plasma Beings" first, who manifest into matter and then return to our previous PLASMA "BEING-NESS" UPON PHYSICAL DEATH.

Some so-called "Aliens" (GREYS, REPTOIDS : "ELs", Angels, Ghosts , etc.) can pass through walls as if their bodies have NO MASS . Some are seen wearing and using AUGMENTERS (Matter Density Shifting Devices) on their utility belts or worn around their necks. And in the case of some DRACONIANS and the "ELDER RACE" beings, they use their minds to shift density levels. Then they can interact with Hu-Men who think they are trapped in the a certain SPECTRUM of "LIGHT AWARENESS".

Many of us have forgotten that humans are really "PLASMA" SPIRIT BEINGS , TOO.

So...are we dealing with BEINGS whom have evolved HERE and interact with us ?

Maybe they are living on another Energy level . A level that you might experience after physical DEATH. In a way, "THEY" could be DEAD "Non-hu-man" BEINGS , sometimes called ANGELS or called DEMONS. These beings, living in an "out of phase" energy state, entice and lure you, through free will, to become allies in their drive to expand their "Energy Empires." Energy "Vampires", getting you to do things that make your auric field "vibrate" waves that, in turn, give them power over you!.

Investigators like to hang out in places looking for "signs" of "GHOSTS"; portals; manifestations (infestations) of Strange Events and "ALIEN" Abductors coming through walls or out of dark closets.


The Mystery of Oppenheimer and Los Alamos National Laboratories.

Some people report that Atomic Energy can create MASS/LIGHT BENDING devices to access "PORTALS" into the "PLASMA" World (an energy Domain that interlaces around and within us.) This concept presents us with several important questions: Were humans manipulated into creating atomic weaponry ? And were Radioactive Elements ( the oldest particles of matter on Earth) used to open portals on, in and above (Project Argus) Earth?

Did the "TRINITY" Site ( first reported Atomic Explosion) open a portal (unseal a GATEWAY) for the UFO Beings to pass through ? And did Underground NUKES at AREA #51 ; Carlsbad Caverns and the "Gasbuggy" Explosion S.W. of DULCE, N.M , put us in contact with PLASMA beings living on and within the earth?

Los Alamos National Laboratories (LANL), a scientific community known to many to be "pressing the boundaries" of known science, may have been manipulated into being set up there. (LANL; the DULCE Base and AREA #51 are currently centers of Contact with non-human beings.)

When OPPENHEIMER was a teenager at the "BOYS RANCH" (previously at that location), he would be "missing" (abducted?) for days at a time. Where he went and with whom he ventured out into he mysterious desert remains a veery deep enigma. Years later, he selected this same desert location for LOS ALAMOS LABS. Was this coincidence or planning?

Perhaps his guides/abducters were, what the ancient local Pueblo Indian legends refer to as, the "Evil Beings" that inhabited Caverns in that cursed area. Ancient legends also speak about the "Serpent men" who are said to control the "Ant People" (the GREYS). These same legends predate white mans incursion into the area. Pueblo Indian tribe prophesy stated that the "Gourd of Death " would come from the location which is now Los Alamos! They were right.

Mushrooms may have opened the shamans eyes to the occulted spirit world, but the mushroom cloud may have blown open a door to our third dimension through which our PLASMA Being neighbors have arrived!

Reptoids , Fractals , Crop Formations and Contact Language.

Many people are awakening to the fact that FRACTAL designs are showing up in the Crop Design FORMat-ions. Our research indicates that the REPTOIDS (Reptilian descendent "intelligent" Beings) use a Spatial [multi-dimensional] "Symbol Based Language (SBL.)" Unlike linear tonal (verbal) or script based language, which takes time to transfer large amounts of data, this type of communication transfers massive amounts of data almost instantaneously.

Information (In-form-at-ion) has been transferred directly into the mind of the Contactee (Experiencer) by REPTOIDS using SBL. Some contactees (like myself) have been shown glowing "SPHERES" of changing holographic geometrical MANDELA-like "data ORBS". These FRACTALIZING Photon Globe SBL's are like "downloadable books" that deliver hyper-detailed messages and/or " programmed" directions directly into their viewers minds. (More to come.)

One of the "KEY's" to understanding SBL is the MANDELBROT SET Fractal (a.k.a. "M" SET ) and other FRACTAL sets which are seen in Crop Formations and other fractal design events.

The Mandelbrot Set is the fingerprint of the Micro-Macro Cosmic Universal language.


[NOTE : An "artist/scientist" and former band member of the rock group "IRON BUTTERFLY", mysteriously disappeared while working on this technology.]

The FREQUENCY (vibration) of the SBL Rotating Orb has a direct effect on the human "MIND" MATRIX RESONANCE and, in turn, it can direct Lucid Dreaming and "Abduction" memories. You can also "download" knowledge (Vibrational data) when you are within the "Portal" or "Structured Vibrational Zones (SVZ's.)" These vibrational fields surround CRAFT (transport devices); Sacred Ancient locations (when they are activated); your home when PLASMA Beings are present and /or areas where magical operations, used to contact other "Entities" (Elementals; dead people ; Aliens and other Time/Space locations) are being conducted.

The MACRO-Cosmic and MICRO-Cosmic worlds are in communication. We have "sensed" for years, but are only now beginning to comprehend and "see" it. The veil is slowly lifting between the realities and our understanding the fractaling Symbol Based Language is critical to our survival. .

Anybody ready to talk about this, yet ?

*NOTE : Various aspects of the hyper-dimensional "Fractal-communication" subject have been investigated, resulting in some startling discoveries. These will be posted to this site, at a later date. END

Notes from John Rhodes

1. When a lizard loses his tail, each new cell of the termination line of the lizards body "adheres" to the "PLASMA FIELD (Aura-ASTRAL) MATRIX" and eventually a new tails is grown. This is known in biology as regeneration. Reptilian "aliens" and Greys are REGENERATIVE BEINGS that can rebuild damaged tissue (at an accelerated rate with vibration/frequency healing devices.) Some people have reported that the skin of some flying saucers looks organic or "living." If this is the case, then reptilian craft may also have the ability to regenerate or self repair areas of structural damage...just as do their pilots.

2. In 1939, a Russian named Semyon Kirlian accidently discovered that when an object is placed on a photgraphic plate and subjected to a high-energy electric field, an image is created on the plate. This photographic process is called Kirlian Photography. After tearing off a portion of a leaf and photographing it using the Kirlian [aura] imaging process, the "PLASMA FIELD" or coronal discharge or the missing portion of the leaf is still visible. This abilty to photograph the "aura" or "PLASMA FIELD" of living things is called the "Phantom Field Effect."

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