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I will try to be as brief as possible and give you an outline of the fact as I've come to know them in regards to "aliens" and so-on:

In Edenic times three "intelligences" were at work in Eden

1: the Luciferians who opposed Gods plan;

2: The Serpentines who were somewhat humanoid and very intelligent (refer to the cunning Velociraptors in the movie "Jurassic Park" for instance) and the Evadamics whom God created for a multiplicity of purposes. These three intelligences represented the three classes of intelligent life: angelic, animal (beast), and human.

It so happened that the Luciferians convinced the Serpentines or "serpent race" to join in their conspiracy. The deal was that if the reptilians would allow the Luciferians to "incarnate" through their race, the reptilians would be given supernatural power over the human race and over that the reptilians were extremely jealous over the fact that mankind had been given this "dominion".

As time went on war broke out between the two "races"... and each developed the intelligence and means of constructing massive underground military installations in antediluvian times to protect themselves from the other. Since the earth possessed an opaque atmosphere of watery vapor which concealed the stars before the deluge came, they were more interested in exploring and exploiting the "world" that was more tangible and visible to them... that is the subterranean world (the crust of the earth is some 20 miles thick and very porous contrary to what most scientists say. It possesses life-sustaining substances such as air, water, flora, fauna and in some areas a diffused atmospheric illumination created by the powerful underground electromagnetic currents. Below the crust or beyond the Mohorovicic Discontinuity or Moho where the crust meets the mantle, there are other cavities yet they do not contain the conditions to support life as be know it. You might refer to these infernal regions as "hell".)

Following the deluge both the human and serpent races (some of their kind must have taken refuge on the Ark!?) increased in numbers, and through natural selection, environmental adaptation, mutation and survival of the fittest and most intelligent the serpent race became more intelligent and "humanoid" in appearance. They established a large empire in what is now Antarctica, and were at war with a human civilization in a lush area where the Gobi desert now exists. These blond haired, blue-eyed humans in collaboration with another human race of very tall stature exploded an experimental weapon over Antarctica in a last ditch effort to destroy their nemesis which was threatening the very human domination of the planet. The explosion was so great that the earth was sent wobbling on its axis and eventually Antarctica became a frozen wasteland and the Gobi a lifeless desert.

The survivors on both sides took refuge underground from the cataclysm... the reptilians within a huge cavernous network below the general region of Nepal (stretching into India and Tibet) in a subterranean realm that the Hindus refer to as Nagaloka or Snakeworld with its capitol Bhoga-vita. The surviving Gobian "Nordics" migrated westward and became the tribes which ultimately colonized the Scandinavias. Others went underground into huge cavern-systems which later became known as the kingdom of "Agharti".

Eventually both the reptilians and humans re-discovered the ancient technology left underground in the cavern systems and used this in an attempt to colonize the now- visible extraterrestrial realm. Both sides colonized first the moon, then mars, and finally other star systems once the secret of hyperspacial travel was discovered. The moon and mars to this day are battlegrounds between humanoid and reptilian forces, as are the cavern systems of the eastern and western hemisphere.

The reptilians eventually mutated into several sub-species: the reptilian grays, the taller reptiloids, the pteroids (mothmen), etc. They established a major empire in Alpha Draconis and later colonized other systems such as Epsilon Bootes, Zeta Reticuli, and six star systems in Orion which are sometimes refered to as the "Unholy Six". This large "Draconian" empire has taken control of a large planet far beyond the orbit of Pluto in the direction of the western sector of Orion. Here they have for centuries been preparing a huge army of reptilian mercenaries which are kept in frozen cryogenic freeze for a future attempt to conquer planet earth (see: Revelation chapter 12) because they have raped and depleted their own worlds through their very nature of insatiable greed and now look in envy to planet earth, a literal buffet of water, mineral, genetic, flora and fauna and other resources in great abundance and variety, also they consider earth their "home world". They have been sending huge carrier vessels in the form of hollowed asteroids or even disguised as "comets" to earth's vicinity from the 10th planet "Nemesis" since at least 1953. These act as staging bases for the abduction and implantation of humans with mind-control devices. They are working behind the scenes through satanic secret societies which they manipulate to establish a world government and a complete system of electronic control over humanity -- the mark of "the Beast". They have a major basing area below the Dulce, New Mexico area as well.

As for the "Nordics", those who set out to colonize the planets and stars initially colonized the Ring Nebula region of Lyra. Centuries ago the Alpha Draconian Empire attacked the Lyrans (who at the time still maintained some contact with earth) and those who were not destroyed or taken captive set out in a mass exodus to colonize the Pleiades, a cluster of some 200 stars at the core of which is the famous "7 sisters". Sol actually revolves around the central star of the Pleiades cluster. In their attempts to smash the Lyran colonies the Draconians merely managed to force the seeds of human life to escape and find root in other star systems. With the use of hyperspace drives, both sides were able to colonize literally thousands of worlds in this galaxy in only a matter of centuries. Other humans made their homes in the Tau Ceti region while still others made their home in Vega. These last two were distant although not direct relatives to the more "Nordic" appearing Pleiadeans.

Today this "Federation" maintains a huge underground base-network under the Panamint Mts. and Death Valley region of California. Some of the caverns below are miles in diameter and conditioned with various atmospheric, gravity, and environmental attributes to accommodate visiting Federation dignitaries. Humans as well as reptilians proved to be highly adaptive and adjusted to life on the new worlds which they had colonized.

This now leaves the third alien grouping (the first being the non-interventionist humanoid federation and the second being the interventionist reptiloid empire). These are those "collaborators" who make up the ancient "serpent cults" which trace back to Babylon. The so-called "Babylonian Mystery Society" which had recruited the best minds of the world throughout history as servants to their secret society, at the same time repressing any outgrowth of intellectual advancement in the "outer world" which was necessary so that they could continue to control and exploit us to feed their own society. Their early scientists, sometimes in collaboration with the serpent race, developed space travel and colonized the moon, mars and other star systems. Some of the artifacts on the moon and mars were left by these pagan technocrats who worshipped Ashtar-oth and later developed a vast electronic mind (which has long since been infiltrated by the Draconians) called the "Ashtar" collective, which ties these various "Ashtar" cultures in Sirius, Arcturis, Aldebaran and elsewhere together into a collective mind via psionic implants. Those implanted are therefore subject to the control of whoever or whatever controls the central nexus of the collective, a 20-mile-long super-computer or artificial intelligence.

This ancient serpent cult had its roots in Babylon and Assyria, but migrated to India, then to Egypt, and finally to Greece and Rome. It also goes by the name of the "Illuminati" which has its center of power in Bavaria (the land of the ancient Hun tribes who made up much of the Roman militia because of their fierceness as warriors. They in fact had so much pull in the Roman empire and the later "Holy Roman Empire" [HORE] which encompassed Germany-Austria-Italy they they could more or less install whoever they wanted into the Roman Imperium. The Bavarian Illuminati controls the Bildeberger group through which it coordinates the activities of the three world power structures: the Wicca Masons, the Maltese Jesuits and the Black Nobility families who claim direct descent from and ancient Roman emperors. 13 members from each group make up the core of the Bildebergers or 39 members in all. The creator of the Bildebergers was a NAZI WAR CRIMINAL.

The Nazi's, which came out of the ancient Bavarian 'serpent' cults or secret societies, have maintained contact with the reptilian "grays" all along, and the secret societies which gave rise to the Nazis (the Bavarian OTO, THULE, ILLUMINATI, VRIL, ROSICRUCIAN, etc. lodges) have been collaborating with them since ancient times. During WWII a huge armada of Nazis established a massive base under the Neu Schwabenland region of Antarctica, which was controlled by over 2000 "pure-bred" Nazis and a million Germans-Austrians and "slave labor" batch consignments kidnapped from Europe. Admiral Byrd's 4000 elite navy troops attempted to destroy the Nazi "Last Battalion" under the cover of Operation "Highjump" but the battle ended in a stalemate. The mind control, genetic, antigravity-weapons, and other experiments that were carried out during the war are now being carried out in a ten times greater capacity within the "New Berlin" underground base today. Also, take note of the fact that in 1961 Barney Hill reported under regressive hypnosis of being abducted by a ship on which he saw Zeta Reticulan "Grays" working with an evil-eyed "GERMAN NAZI!". This was nearly 15 years after Europe had supposedly been de- nazified. The "collaboration" continues even in Antarctica.

Thousands of Nazi war criminals were brought into America and given new identities within the Rockefeller corporate-industrial octopus. The Rockefellers are Illuminati all the way and even helped to finance the third reich. With their held the CIA was created as a "cover" for Bavarian intelligence, and once established it began to eat itself into the entire U.S. military intelligence system like a tape worm. This is where the groups such as FEMA and other one-world-government organizations had their origin.

The Nazi corporate empire includes Atlantic Richfield, Exxon, Du Pont, the Rockefeller Foundation, Brookhaven National Labs, and I.T.T. -- the I.T.T. plant in New Jersey has an underground terminal which connects to the "underground empire" of over 130 "New World Order" alternative-002 bases connected by meg-lev trains via tunnels excavated by thermal nuclear "bores" which melt the earth and push the melted rock into the peripheral cracks where it cools into an extremely hard shell, eliminating waste material. In this underground empire -- generously constructed under the cover of "national security" black budget agendas using trillions of OUR tax dollars, these Bavarians are collaborating with the Grays in a plan to dominate the outer world, even if they must precipitate a nuclear war to do so... one which they will easily ride-out in their underground shelters.

As for the Antarcticans, many of them originally left Nazi Germany via fascist South Africa and today they are infiltrating South and North America via the tip of Argentina. They are planning for the destruction of America, a "Fourth Reich", and a "Holocaust Part II" with the full blessing of the United Nations, FEMA and the CIA. Their "Alternative 003" space forces are even now, in collaboration with the reptiloids, spreading their cancer throughout this sector of the galaxy, committing unbelievable atrocities against the peaceful human inhabitants of other worlds.

The only ones who can stop this is US... the Christian Patriots of America.

That is what I know for a fact (in a nutshell). I will refrain by providing you with the reams of documentation I have on the above. I suggest that you do your own research and prove this scenario right or wrong... as you will be convinced all the more that way (either way). I give you permission to use this information if you will and permission to edit it as you see fit, as it is a first draft which I just whipped out from memory while sitting at this library computer terminal. You may think I'm absolutely nuts, then again some of this information may ring true to you. That's entirely up to you to decide.

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