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Extract from Page 7 of the book:
Crystals Gateways of Light and Unity
by Soluntra King

The Dragon people, who are part of the Reptilian story on Earth, along with the Snake and Lizard people, worked with the Crystals within the Earth to create a Grid System of Crystalline energy, to create life on the planet as we know it. They came to Earth from Altair when the Earth still had sonic winds, and so lived within the Earth, like many others in other Dimensions, generally 6th and 7th. The Dragon people spent eons setting up lines of magnetic energy around the earth, and constructing endless tunnels with the Snake people. The energy vortexes which power their civilisations are in these tunnels, along with enormous stores of precious stones and metals.

Because of the energy that this Crystal Grid gave off as Light, which is Life. Life was able to be created with a more harmonious weather pattern, as the Earth stabilised and harmonised with the Sun and Planets. Once that happened life could start forming as we know it.

The Crystalline Grid which is electro-magnetic within the Earth, and known also as Dragon or Ley lines is working on all dimensions. In first density you have the physical Crystals and mineral kingdom, these same minerals are within our bodies and the Universe. So the Grid links all the major portals of the Earth, through the Crystalline Grid which resonates in Divine Light and as a window of Light and a doorway between the worlds, linking with the Light Grid on the higher planes. So creating a Gridwork on many dimensions, at major portals on this grid Pyramids have been built.

The Pyramids hold a resonance of Crystal Light, even structurally the Pyramid is built of Granite which has Quartz in it, and the Capstone is Crystal. The Pyramids once kept the harmonious resonance with the Earth and Universe, their energy is working at a higher octaves of Light and all of us who have parallel world connections with Ancient Egypt are now like Pyramids of Light bringing back the harmony. As we become as clear as a Crystal we have a harmonised resonance with the Earth, each other and the Universe and Cosmos. So we become also the Crystal or Pyramid holding the Beam, and creating a new Light Grid as we open our resonance to that of the Crystalline Grid that also runs through us.

At this time on the planet a whole new resonance is being anchored through us as clear crystals and through into the Earth. As we become the transducer of the energy from Heaven to Earth.

Page 12 to 17 all Crystals beginning with "A". Sixty six Crystals listed in the book in total.


The Crystals physical description, metaphysical and healing uses. Attunement and meditation to their gift, healing and transformational powers by connecting with the Guardian, Deva or Spirit of each Crystal. The relevant Chakras, and Astrological signatures are all included with each Crystal. At the end of the section on individual Crystals is a section on how to connect to the Guardian, Deva or Spirit.


A variety of Quartz found in differing colours. It brings about harmonious co-operation between the Chakras, from the Throat and all the Chakras to Earth Star. Agate is a catalyst to assist in raising the consciousness to the Heart Chakra, and assists in the connection and expression of truth and wisdom, to be shared in the spirit of True Love. It is a good physical body healer, strengthens and re-vitalises.

MOSS AGATE assists in improved feelings of self worth, and activates the vitality.

BLUE LACE AGATE assists in releasing the fear of death and oppressive burdens, it is also good for the Immune and Nervous Systems, the throat, thyroid and parathyroids. It brings peace and is very calming, it enhances clear self expression. All Agates tone and strengthen the mind and body, they give grounding and energy. It is held to be a great antidote for snake bites, and was used in paralysis, and mental illness. Excellent to use in healing, especially on the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras.

THE CRYSTAL GUARDIAN OF AGATE asks that you place it on the Heart Chakra and connect to its gift. Especially in times of emotion distress and grief, or when carrying the burdens of old beliefs. As you relax and deep breath, connect deeper and deeper into the heart. Feel the Agate as it helps to open you up more to Divine Light and Love. Bring yourself back to adhering to the cosmic truth of Love, unconditional of all experiences and expressions, allow for the Light to come in, for the Love to bring wholeness.

CHAKRAS: Throat, Thymus, Heart, Solar Plexus, Navel, Sacral, Base, Link and Earth Star.



A variety of Chrysoberyl, that changes colour depending on the light, from purple and red to green. Opening up to the inner wisdom and clarity. Useful for all mental stress, anxiety and fear. Rejuvenates the body and Soul. Creating calmness and attunement to the source and still point within.

THE CRYSTAL SPIRIT OF ALEXANDRITE can be called upon from contact with the gem, whether it be a physical one or you connect on the Etheric with your intention. The Guardian assists to gain Clarity, in whatever the situation maybe, and that all is regenerated. If you have a physical gem place it on the Frontal Chakra, or if metaphysical with your intent sense that you are within it. Open up to its laser Light as it beams into your mind, within your head and all your cells. It clears the old stagnant energy or attitudes, and regenerates with the full spectrum of Light.

CHAKRAS: Soul Star, Crown, Causal, Frontal, Heart and Earth Star.



A feldspar that is opaque blue-green in colour. Brings the Etheric back into balance with the physical. Strengthening to the heart and physical body, useful to relieve muscle spasms and cramps. Brings calmness, clarity of blockages, and the ability to release and clear the blockage.

THE CRYSTAL GUARDIAN OF AMAZONITE asks us to be aligned to our inner strength. By standing on the Earth at a sacred space in your garden, or place you attune too, that is a vortex of positive earth energy, and doorway of dimensions and worlds. Hold the Amazonite in both hands, if you do not have one physically, ask for one etherically, and connect to your Higher Self, and the Earth, and to the Crystal Guardian. Then ask to align to your Inner Strength, and Divine Light. Feel the energy come through your hands and into your body. It moves through all the cells, and links into a central focus up the mid-line of your body, bringing in the strength of your Inner Light .

CHAKRAS: Heart, Solar Plexus and Sacral.



The fossilised resin from pine trees, which has been in the Earth millions of years. From rich, glowing brown, to golden yellow and pale yellow. It will often have inclusions of insects, vegetation or air bubbles. Assists us to come from our own Inner Knowing. Helping our channels to be clear and open, and being an instrument of the Divine. Amber spiritualises the intellect, and activates our creative nature. It stabilises the Kundalini awakening, and brings in healing, soothing and harmonising energy. Amber is electrically alive with Golden Light. It assists in calming fears and exerts a positive influence on the Endocrine and Circulatory Systems, the Thyroid, Heart and Spleen.

THE CRYSTAL GUARDIAN OF AMBER radiates a golden glow that illuminates the hearts of those who are open to Divine Love energy, as the user merges with their own Divine Love and Solar presence. Charge your Amber on the Earth in the Sun, and then place it on the Crown as its Golden Rays ground your Higher Self into your body. Or place it in a glass of spring water and leave outside in the Sun for three hours. Then drink the water with the awareness of being open to the Solar rays as they illuminate you.

CHAKRAS: Soul Star, Crown, Throat, Thymus and Heart.

ASTROLOGICAL: Taurus and Libra.

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