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There are 270 tunnels beneath Los Angeles, arranged in a network. Since they have, for the most part, been sealed up with fences, they are no longer used for street-crossings.

There are older tunnels, under Bel-Air estate, UCLA, and El Pueblo de Los Angeles State Historic Park not far from Olvera Street. The latter tunnel is alleged to have hid many during the 1871 massacre of Chinese, recounts Cecilia Rasmussen in her article "L.A. Scene: The City Then and Now" in the July 22, 1996 Los Angeles Times.

Hopi Indian legend reports a sub-surface maze existing almost 5,000 years ago. G. Warren Shufelt, a mining engineer, went in search of it during 1934. That year, using a dowsing rod he called a "radio X-ray," he claimed to have secretly discovered caves beneath downtown L.A.

He claimed to have consulted Little Chief Greenleaf, a Hopi leader, and was told about the Lizard People, who lived circa 3,000 B.C. Before the destruction of their culture by meteors or a fire, they were said to have created three underground cities around the Pacific Coast, including one under Los Angeles and another beneath Mt. Shasta.

The Lizard people reportedly made the caves housing thousands by using chemicals to melt bedrock. According to Shufelt's version of the Hopi legend, the city was in a lizard's shape, and extended from Dodger Stadium to the Central Library.

Whether the Lizard People were reptiles or humans, Shufelt did not clarify. (There is a post-Shufelt account of a humanoid "reptile" clad in both trousers and a shirt on Mt. Shasta in 1972.) Paul Apodaca, of Chapman University, said that Shufelt's account of Hopi history was "exaggerated and corrupted." (Hopis did have a social division called the lizard clan, however.) The [L.A.] Times of January 29, 1934 reported Shufelt's claims of radio X-ray pictures of the subsurface rooms.

Shufelt said he thought he had found under Ft. Moore Hill a treasure room. With the permission of L.A. authorities, he had a 350-foot hole drilled. Cave-in worries stymied further drilling. After that, Shufelt vanished from public view.

Some five weeks prior to the drilling, Edith Elden Robinson had described her psychic vision of "a vast mammoth tunnels extending to the seashore." The American Society of Psychical Research subsequently recounted her story of this supposed artifact of a vanished race.

On a website entry ( dated March 29, 1996, Los Angeles' Central Library notes that, quite appropriate to the later library setting, the Lizard People owned golden tablets which delineated the story of the world since its beginning, the Lizard People's history, and even the origin of humanity.

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