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"Let's Listen to the Man"
1995 By Larry Lowe. All rights reserved
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[January 16, 1995] -- Robert Dean has no time to waste. What's available he devotes to an unfinished item on a lifetime agenda of distinguished service to his country. That the mechanism of his cause contradicts the sacred tenets of that government service can't be helped. Something is wrong in America, Dean says, and the time has finally come to make it right. "This subject is the major single issue of our time."

Dean says, "And what offends me is that the American people have been kept in the dark for so long." Dean is of a generation that fought and won a hot world war. Of that generation, he is of a class of pragmatic achievers that get wars won. He retired, at the end of 27 years of active duty military service, at the rank of command sergeant major. His bearing and demeanor belie his rank. His speech is articulate, his points thoughtful, his delivery measured.

Robert Dean was at the highest levels of command during the dangerous period when the world teetered on the brink of mutually assured destruction. It was a time when unspeakable actions were taken in the interest of national security. The defense intelligence community learned to play the game of congressional and public deception through media management. The freedom to lie that the circumstances of the cold war permitted was intoxicating to those who exercised it. The result was a covert government entity free of all but personal moral oversight, which has taken on a life of its own.

The circumstances which justified such a beast have changed. The bipolar stability of democracy vs. communism is dissolving into an uncertain and increasingly chaotic future. The battle cry of the new techno-democracy is 'Access to Information.' As the Information Age arrives, varying access to the truth is creating a new class differential. The 'knows' are increasingly separate from the 'know-nots.'

The covert mechanisms and paranoid attitudes of the Cold War are increasingly obsolete. Among them is an out-of-control intelligence community and the 50 billion dollars in government funding that disappears into the 'Black' Defense budget every year. Worse than the economic damage, Dean says, is the specter that a small, unelected, unaccountable element is covertly making and executing policy which arguably affects the future of every man, woman and child on this planet.

Policy they have no right, except by practice, to make. That is not in the spirit of the democracy that Robert Dean spent a lifetime to protect and defend. Nor is the continued cover-up of a secret deemed too profound to be shared with the public. It is an open secret among certain retired military personnel that in July of 1947, near Roswell Army Air Base in central New Mexico, a mysterious alien craft crashed and was recovered.

What Robert Dean knows, and what the people he knows know, goes far beyond one recovered flying disc. In 1963, Dean was assigned to the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, (SHAPE), as the principle aide to four star Army General Lyman Lemnitzer, the Supreme Allied Commander. During almost five years at his station in the Supreme Headquarters Operations Planning department, Dean held what was known as a "Cosmic Top Secret" clearance. It was, and likely still is, the highest security clearance available to NATO personnel.

One of the documents Dean had access to during his tour of duty at SHAPE was an 'Assessment' commissioned in 1961 to determine if the phenomenon of Unidentified Flying Objects presented any military danger to NATO and its allies. According to Dean, the three year study resulted in a number of shocking conclusions.

Among them:

1) The planet and human race had been the subject of a detailed survey of some kind by several different extraterrestrial civilizations, four of which they had identified visually. One race looked almost indistinguishable from us. Another resembled humans in height, stature, and structure, but with a very gray, pasty skin tone. The third race is now popularly known as the grays, and the fourth was described as reptilian, with vertical pupils and lizardlike skin.

2) These alien visitations had been going on for a very long time, at least 200 years -- perhaps longer.

3) The extraterrestrials did not appear hostile since if that were their intent they would have already demonstrated their malevolence.

4) UFO appearances and quick disappearances as well as the flybys were demonstrations conducted on purpose to show us some of their capabilities.

5) A process or program of some sort seemed to be underway since flybys progressed to landings and eventually contact.

When we discreetly shared with the Soviet Union what we knew about the discs, we discovered the Russians knew about as much as we did. The secret groups within the military and civilian intelligence community, set up to deal with this issue shortly after the Roswell incident, are caught in a bind. They cannot reveal what they know without also revealing that they have been keeping it a secret for nearly half a century.

Robert Dean has a plan.

He proposes the establishment of a congressional hearing committee. Such a committee will hold open hearings on the matter. The committee will grant immunity from prosecution on the charge of breaking the national security oath to anyone who testifies before it. This is a critical point, for without immunity, the retired military personnel dependent upon pensions will not risk the $10,000 fine and ten years in jail to publicly reveal what they know. With immunity in place, Robert Dean, along with an old-boy network of almost 30 retired admirals, generals and astronauts, will reveal what they know about the existence of alien life and its activities on our planet -- which should be more than enough to establish the fact of alien life in the public's mind.

Further, it will provide evidence that a secret group within the intelligence community has established a relationship with at least one alien race. What the terms of that relationship are is unclear, but it certainly is not a deal made with the informed consent of the population.

Getting the facts of the matter in front of the public where they belong is the first step in formulating a planetary policy with regard to the rest of the cosmic community. It might be the key first step down a path that would lead to untold benefits from spiritual, cultural and technological exchange with alien civilizations. Perhaps open public awareness is a litmus test for cosmic maturity.

Robert Dean is dealing with a classic Catch-22. The testimony that he and his colleagues are prepared to present would almost certainly establish the fact of an alien presence on earth. But the idea of such a presence is so well associated with ridicule and impossibility -- largely through the efforts of the intelligence community to suppress inquiry into the issue -- that it is problematic to get the committee to convene and grant the immunity.

And without the immunity, there will never be the testimony that will justify the commission. To argue the implications of the fact of extraterrestrial life in the face of existing prejudice is to risk losing one's credibility -- the very trap set by those who still want this matter kept secret. But there is a simple argument for Congress to establish such a commission and to grant the immunity.

Robert Dean and the men like him who guided us through the Cold War and delivered us into the future intact, deserve to be heard. He and his colleagues have earned the right to tell us what they think is wrong in America, without fear of recrimination or repression. Or all he and that group of people fought and died for is not real. This is not a land that should continue to fear or suppress the truth, once the earlier reasons for secrecy, however valid, no longer exist.

Congress should empanel a committee and grant Dean and anyone on his list the immunity to testify into the matters he claims are so. The implications at this moment in history are profound for the direction we might be able to take as a planet, if we can accept, publicly, that we are not alone.

Robert Dean's research began in the rational, scientific manner that typifies our consensus reality. His deductions have led him to the conclusion that you cannot separate the deeper spiritual and metaphysical implications of the UFO phenomenon from the 'nuts and bolts' evidence available. Recently, his message has begun to reflect that conclusion. Only after an open-minded evaluation across a number of disciplines has the broader picture emerged. What Dean now has to say about the UFO phenomenon goes beyond the impact on our day to day affairs. Like many figures in the field, Dean believes the time is near for a shift, a change, an enlightening of our species.

[Originally published in MUFORUM, Winter 1995, the newsletter of the Mutual UFO Network, Los Angeles.]

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