The Extraterrestrials Co-Create Our Future
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The Extraterrestrials Co-Create Our Future
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HMMMM I'm not sure about this idea! Hope there's no reptoids in this bunch!!

Dr. Richard Boylan, Ph.D. worked 25 years as a psychotherapist and clinical psychologist, author of four books, his most recent is Project Epiphany in which he claims that the Future is now! Dr. Boylan conveys that sources in the U.S. government have made it clear to him that we (the human race) do have relationships with extraterrestrials. A group of those that are enlightened by this contact have agreed upon a time table; within the next eighteen months, the truth of extraterrestrial existence will be undeniable. At this time it will be announced by the head of the U.N. Security Council that we will be exchanging ambassadors with the Extraterrestrial Federation of Planets. This federation is made up of beings of all types, from Whitley Striber's greys to non-corpreal, thought essences. From gasbag beings to intelligent insect races. (From elves to angels?)

This federation is a non-monetary, non-violent, telepathic coalition of beings from numerous planets. The Federation has already greatly affected our physical and spiritual evolution throughout history and even before. Many great spiritual teachers and leaders, Boylan iterates, were actually alien in origin. They believe themselves intermediaries between the "God Force" and ourselves. They, soon after establishing open contact, will distribute their vast technology. They intend to give us the knowledge to build free energy machines, teleportation devices, food replicators and instant education machines that will be able to download a whole foreign language in a one hour session and much more. They will graciously (and speedily) give us the secrets to telepathic communication, ending disease and aging and enabling time travel. Dr. Boylan says the Mayans knew this would be taking place. By the end of the Mayan calendar, 2012, Earth and all of Humanity will be wholly integrated into this extraterrestrial federation. We will be a world consisting of real communities built on trust, mutual caring, and shared common interests. Telepathy will bring an end to violence, greed and depression. We will be a society that is ready to reach for the stars, committed to constant self-improvement and artistic expression with a greatly expanded definition of home and of all other levels of reality.

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