Reptilians: UFOs, Science, and the Paranormal

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Reptilians: UFOs, Science, and the Paranormal

Interesting Facts about Terrestrial Reptiles
Excerpt from "reptilians at Denver airport" interview
Commentary from Diabolic regarding interview
The information included below contains contributions from posters at the NightWatch BBS.

Diabolic, The Interesting Times Gang, and myself (Max) contributed most of what you read here (with an extensive amount from Diabolic). None of us endorse a particular theory, but merely wanted to share conjecture and fact to try to shed light on the issue of "Reptilians" and what they might be. We can not verify in any way, nor do we personally subscribe to the theory, in the interview about the reptilian aliens at the Denver airport at the bottom of this page.

The bible frequently refers to demons and devils as serpents or serpentine creatures which live within the earth (stating the obvious). Ancient Hebrew religious texts refer to the serpent of the garden of Eden as "Nachash", which many Hebrew scholars contend was a bipedal or hominid reptile of great intelligence. Consider why a serpent would be the biblical animal in Genesis that tempted Eve.

It is also known through studies of evolution that the limbs of many reptile species atrophied over time, as the creatures lost the need for them. The bible speaks SPECIFICALLY of how the serpent from the garden was cursed to crawl upon it's belly AFTER it's actions with the Adamic race. That would obviously indicate that the infamous serpent of the garden walked upright!

From earliest days, the serpent symbol is to be seen in many parts of the world, but undoubtedly the most fascinating portrayal is a detail on an Egyptian "magical" papyrus in the British Museum depicting a serpent encompassed by a ray-emitting disk.

Old Testament: NUMBERS 21:6: "And the Lord sent fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people, and much people of israel died."

(What is a fiery serpent???)

Nagas are from ancient Indian mythology. They are described as humanoid lizards or serpents. In the earliest works they ranked with gods, but later they got demonised. They were not originally considered hostile to "mortals".

This is from texts 10 to 15 thousand years old. In those days even mortals could come and go between "heaven" and Earth. But when the gods withdrew from the affairs of man the Nagas retreated to great underground cities where they guard their privacy. Quetezecoatl was the feathered serpent of South American fame. He was a culture bearer and law giver. He is sometimes depicted flying on a rocket!


Serpents and dragons appearance was always followed by strife and infertility.


There are three powers: the High God, who is most powerful; Elohim, the male God and co-creator with his female partner; and Edem/Eden, the goddess associated with the Earth, half maiden and half serpent, who creates the cosmos with Elohim. Sint Holo (Sint-holo):excerpted from
by Gerald Musinsky

Sint Holo is an invisible, great horned serpent, having spiritual and cultural significance among the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw and adjacent tribes. This "snake" might reveal its presence to any male youth who had demonstrated a marked degree of wisdom or intelligence beyond his peers. According to certain but vague accounts, Sequoya, regarded as the primary inventor and developer of the Cherokee written language, "must have seen Sint Holo, the horned reptile" in order to create the alphabet for the Cherokee.

Deep in a cave below the water, Sint Holo dwelled. He brought on heavy rains and could make a noise like thunder but could not make thunder, like the Thunderer spirit, its enemy. Only to those who showed they were wiser than the others, would he show himself and offer his old wisdom.

American Indians:

The American Indians have a creation legend that says they came out of caves underground while the 'reptile people' were banished to underground.

On July 14th, 1974 an article by Stoney Brakefield appeared in the Pennsylvania newspaper, NEWS EXTRA, reporting an incident which allegedly took place in 1944 near this small coal mining town.

A mining inspector and a fellow investigator had been called upon to examine a mining cave-in. About fifteen men had been killed in the incident. When they arrived and began to dig, they almost immediately uncovered the first body beneath debris that should not have been sufficient to kill the man. Laceration marks -- as though from claws -- were found all over the corpse. Similar marks were found on many of others and some of the bodies could not be located.

Apparently the mining inspectors dug through the debris and began to follow a passage for about a half mile in search of the other men. Eventually they came to a room which seemed to be the end of the shaft. At this point, far up the tunnel behind them, there was another cave-in. A follow up team was immediately sent in to find the inspectors. When the inspectors were located, they were horrified and told of an encounter with a single reptilian being (humanoid) within the room who appeared appeared very threatening to the men before disappearing via unclear means (as if giving a warning to "stay out", much to the terror of the men involved).

Hitler was fond of drawing a reptilian humanoid and even tried to publish a book in 1909 around it. From his works, including Mein Kampf, he mentions meeting with "supermen" in underground bases and that their eyes "were fierce and I was afraid".

Facts of Interest:

What are some common characteristics of a terrestrial reptile? BODY TEMPERATURE:
In cold-blooded animals, such as reptiles, frogs, and fish, body temperature varies with the surrounding temperature. The temperature of cold-blooded animals is always maintained slightly below the outside temperature. A variable thermal environment is crucial for good health, periods of torpor are acceptable, and frequent feeding is not necessarily imperative. Most reptiles also rely substantially on chemosensory information in dealing with their environments. Since the body temperature of reptiles changes with the temperature of the outside air, they have developed habits to help them control body warmth. On hot afternoons many reptiles can be found in the shade, trying to keep from getting too hot. Different reptiles have different optimum temperatures. This means that each kind of reptile has a particular temperature that it likes best. Summer hibernation is called estivation.Reptiles that live in very hot places often estivate.


Many reptiles, but especially lizards and snakes, have well-developed tongues that are used for different purposes.


Most reptiles are carnivorous--that is, they may catch live prey or scavenge on dead animals. A few lizards and turtles are herbivorous as adults GLANDS IN LOWER JAW:

Lizard venom glands are located in the lower jaw.

DOUBLE CHIN (dewlap):

Dewlap, in reptile anatomy, a hanging fold of skin under the neck, i.e. like a double chin.


Lizards, crocodilians, and turtles shed their scales individually or in patches.


The reptile heart has the same function as the mammal heart: it pumps blood. The reptile heart and the mammal heart also have the same basic structure. One part of the reptile heart pumps blood through the lungs, and the other part pumps blood through the rest of the body. In a heart with three chambers, blood with oxygen mixes with blood that does not have oxygen. This means that the cells and brain of a body with a three-chambered heart get less oxygen.


Different reptiles have extremely fine-tuned senses. In some cases, it may be vision, in others, taste (they taste the air around them), etc.


Certain species of female reptiles are known to be able to get pregnant and bear healthy children regularly, even without the presence of ANY male reptiles around to fertilize them. Although most reptiles lay eggs, from which the babies hatch outside the mother, certain species of reptiles carry the eggs inside their body, so that when the eggs hatch, they are hatching from within the mother, and emerging from the mother, in a similar fashion to mammalian babies.

EXCERPT FROM THE INTERVIEW about the "Denver Airport"
Extract from Leading Edge International Research Journal #92
The KSEO 4/26/96 Interview with Alex Christopher
Author of Pandora's Box and Pandora's Box II
Transcript 6/1/96 by Leading Edge Research Group

Legend: DA (Dave Alan, Host) AC: Alex Christopher C: Caller

DA: Where is this flux field coming from? What do you think the purpose of this is?

AC:I think that its coming from some kind of underground electrical system, because where we were there were no power lines, and the whole place was just buzzing with this free energy floating around. Very unusual. In addition, there are areas in the underground that have chain-link fences with the barbed wire tops pointed inward, like they were there to keep people in, not keep people out. All these areas are there, acres of it, and none of it is in active use. There are many terraced areas that go down. One area in particular is forbidden to go into unless you are wearing a biological protective suit. They say there is some kind of "unidentified biological fungus" in that area that attacks people's lungs.

DA:Hmmm. Some kind of way to hide something that is in this area?

AC:Well, we think that area is one that leads to deeper levels underground at the airport. But, it is surrounded by a chain-link fence and you can't get in there. We think this is the area that one of the electricians kind of stumbled into that went down about six levels below the fourth level, and ran into some really weird stuff. He won't talk about any of it now.

DA:Real weird stuff.

AC:Also, at the airport there are what look like miniature nuclear reactor cooling towers, and I don't understand why they are there. When people asked, the reply is that they are part of the ventilation and exhaust system. Ventilation and exhaust from where?

DA:What do you think its for?

AC:I think it is all hooked up to the deep underground.

DA:They say that this place looks like some underground "holding area"...somewhat like a cattle lot....a place that could hold thousands of people. The gates, fences....

AC:The luggage transport vehicles move on a full-sized double-lane highway, and along this highway are chain-linked areas that could be used for holding areas. I don't understand why they built this the way they did, unless they planned to use it for something like that in the future.

DA:So what could all this be for?

AC:If Phil is right, and all this hooks up to the deep underground base that he was offered the plans to build back in 1979, and that what this other man told me in private that there is a lot of human slave labor in these deep underground bases being used by these aliens, and that a lot of this slave labor is children. He said that when the children reach the point that they are unable to work any more, they are slaughtered on the spot and consumed.

DA:Consumed by who?

AC:Aliens. Again, this is not from me, but from a man that gave his life to get this information out. He worked down there for close to 20 years, and he knew everything that was going on.

DA:Hmmm. Who do these aliens eat?

AC:They specifically like young human children, that haven't been contaminated like adults. Well, there is a gentleman out giving a lot of information from a source he gets it from, and he says that there is an incredible number of children snatched in this country.

DA:Over 200,000 each year.

AC:And that these children are the main entree for dinner.

DA:How many Draconians are down there?

AC:I have heard the figure of 150,000 just in the New York area.

DA:Underneath New York?

AC:Yes. In some kind of underground base there.

DA:Interesting. Now, you've seen pictures of these things?

AC:I have seen them face to face.

DA:You have?

AC:Yes. From some information that has been put out by a group or team that also works in these underground bases that is trying to get information out to people that love this country, there is a war that is going on under our feet, and above our heads, that the public doesn't know anything about, and its between these alien forces and the humans that are trying to fight them.

DA:What other types have you seen?

AC:The ones that I have seen are the big-eyed Greys and the Reptilians.

DA:What do these Reptilians look like?

AC:There are three different types.

DA:Can you tell us how you happened to come into contact with them?

AC:When I lived in Florida in Panama City, at that particular time the Gulf Breeze sightings were going on, and the area was virtually a hotbed for strange events. I had neighbors that were into watching UFOs and getting information about them. One night about 2:30 am, my neighbor called me and was absolutely frantic, and wanted me to come over there. I ran over there and went in the front door, and she and her boyfriend, who is a commercial airline pilot, were in the living room scared out of their wits. I looked over at her, and her eyeballs are rolling back in her head and she was passing out and sliding down the wall. Her boyfriend was trying to tell me what was going on, and I was feeling this incredible energy that felt like it was trying to penetrate my head. So, I grabbed both of them and pulled them both outside, where we stood for a while and talked...

DA:Some people would say that this is a case of demon possession...

AC:Oh, no. There was radiation in the room. The next day all of her plants were dead. So, there was a massive amount of energy focused on that room. Anyway, after about an hour had passed, we had discussed what went on and decided to go back into the house. They had both been in bed and were pulled out of their bed during the night. All they remember is a flash of light in their faces and the next thing they know they're both scared to death. But, when we went back into the house, I noticed that the man had a small palm-print on his side with fingers that must have been 10 inches long, with claw marks on the end that were burned into his side. The next day, that area was so swollen that he could not touch it. I have video pictures of these things on his side. The prints were there from someone bending down from behind him and pulling him out of bed. They had been making love, and somebody lifted him off of her and left these burns there. Anyway, they were both totally flipped out. I finally got them calmed down enough to ket me go home. I went home and went to bed. The next thing I know, I woke up and there is this "thing" standing over my bed. He had wrap-around yellow eyes with snake pupils, and pointed ears and a grin that wrapped around his head. He had a silvery suit on, and this scared the living daylights out of me. I threw the covers over my head and started screaming....I mean, here is this thing with a Cheshire-cat grin and these funky glowing eyes...this is too much. I have seen that kind of being on more than one occasion.

DA:What else can you say about it?

AC:Well, he had a hooked nose and he was very human looking, other than the eyes, and had kind of grayish skin. Later on in 1991, I was working in a building in a large city, and I had taken a break about 6:00, and the next thing I knew it was 10:30 at night, and I thought I had taken a short break. I started remembering that I was taken aboard a ship, through four floors of an office building, and through a roof. There on the ship is were I encountered Germans and American's working together, and also the Grey aliens, and then we were taken to some other kind of facility and there I saw the reptilians again ... the one's I call the "baby Godzilla's", that have the short teeth and yellow slanted eyes, and who look like a veloci-raptor, kind of.

DA:So, why would these people pick on you?

AC:Well, I found one common denominator in the abduction, and it keeps on being repeated over and over again. I deal with lots of people who have been anducted, and the one common denominator seems to be the blood line, and its the blood line that goes back to ancient Indian or Native American blood lines.

DA:Are these people looking for genetic material?

AC:Well, I don't know if it is a very ancient blood line that they want to try and stop, or what the reasoning is. I know that I was asked some questions, like how I was capable of doing some of the psychic things I was doing at the time. But, it is very unusual to find anybody that remotely thinks they have been taken that doesn't have the Indian blood line, somewhere.

DA:Now, after that experience, what happened after that? What were some of the other times you saw some of these beings?

AC:Well, at that facility I saw the almond-eyed Greys, but the thing that sticks in my mind are the beings that look like reptiles, or the veloci-raptors. They are the cruelest beings you could ever imagine, and they even smell hideous. There were a couple of very unusual areas down there where I was taken which looked like cold storage lockers, where these things were in hibernation tubes, and that it about all I remember, other than seeing some black helicopters and little round-wing disk type aircraft. At that point, the memory seems to be cut off and I can't tap throught to anything else. They're there, folks.

DA:Maybe I'll open up some phone lines, and maybe we'll talk about Al Bielek and some things you discussed with him. Are you open to that?

AC:Sure. Caller (C): On those ships where the Germans and Americans were, did they have any kind of an insignia on their uniforms?

AC:Yes, they did. I have been told that the organization is called "The Black League" by people that might know. A blue triangle with a red-eyed black dragon, with a circle around it. It was very unusual. There's another woman that has written a book about an encounter she had in Fort Walden. I met her some years back, and we were taking about things we've seen. She also talked about this strange insignia. She and I both sat down a drew what we saw, and they were virtually carbon copies of each other. (Editor Note: See the symbol on the shirt sleeve of the Israeli soldier comforting the Rabin's daughter at his funeral in Israel, shown in Newsweek 11/20/95. Winged serpent similar to that seen by Herbert Schirmer and reprinted in Crux #4 in 1989. The comparison will be shown in Leading Edge #92). In the book "Cosmic Conflict", the author talks about the ancient city that was uncovered by the Germans before World War II, and tells about their effort to revive some frozen humans they found in this underground city, and that the true humans couldn't be revived, but the ones that could be revived were in fact reptilians in disguise, and they reptilians have the capability to do shape-shifting and create a holographic image so when you look at them you see a human, but under that there is a human there. It's like a "deja vu" of the movie They Live. Cathy O'Brien, who wrote Trance-Formation in America, revealed that George Bush projected a hologram that he was a reptilian .... real crazy stuff, but if this technology that they possess is there, why couldn't a race do something like that ... these people that are working with our government? C: I believe that, but I do believe that these are demons that manifest themselves as alien beings, and that this has been going on for a long time...

DA:Demons? Who are demons? C: Fallen angels.

DA:The reptilians look like that anyway. All the scriptures around the planet talk about serpent beings. What do you think, Alex?

AC:Well, I think that's pretty much what the bottom line is. Also, they talk about the rapture...

DA:It could be like an alien "thanksgiving".

AC:These people that have done all this research and are part of the underground government are telling that the humans on this planet have been at war with these reptilian aliens for thousands of years. At one point, things got so hot on the planet, like it is now, aliens took on this holographic image and infiltrated the human race in order to take it over and undermine it, just like this New World Order is doing right now. They're saying that the same thing happened to civilization on Earth before, and that the humans before actually had the capability for interplanetary travel, and that it was so bad here with the reptilians that they had to leave.

DA:I think that this has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years.

AC:Yes. What they are also saying is that these beings that are human-looking that are visiting our planet, at this time, trying to inform people what is going on, and guide them, are actually our ancestors that escaped the Earth before when it was under reptilian domination.

DA:What is your take on these crop circles?

AC:Oh, the crop circles that are the real ones are a type of geometric language containing some kind of information. There was one that was a Mandelbrot fractal. How do you fake that? They say that there are a lot of crop circles going on in the United States, and that the government shuts the information off about their occurrance.

DA:Canada and Australia as well. C: It seems that we are having an increase in these encounters and sightings.

AC:Things are escalating at an incredible rate. I think a lot of these movies in the media are trying to get us softened up for what they plan to unleash on us. C: So, in just a matter of years, they plan to bring it out and bring people to that airport?

AC:You know, Reagan said more than once that the only thing that would bring people together would be some kind of "outside force".

DA:Exactly, I remember that. He said that several times.

AC:I went to South Florida a couple of weeks ago and interviewed a man who had done research for 30 years, and oddly enough, he tapped into some of the same information I had, in that our government has had round-winged, saucer-type technology, high mach speed aircraft since the 1920's, and that in 1952 they had over 500 of these aircraft hidden in secret bases. Now, if they had that in 1952, considering that military technology grows by 44 years for every year that goes by, what do you imagine they have now, 44 years later, after technology has advanced the equivalent of 1,936 years? C: About two or three months ago, I went to do a business transaction with a fellow I have known for about two or three years, and one of his relatives had just died -- we were pretty close, and we got into a deep conversation about stuff, and he told me he worked in an underground military base in Colorado. I asked him what he did there, and he said that if he did he'd have to kill me. I told him I didn't want to know. I was really shocked, and didn't know what to think of it, and then I heard this program. I want to know what your guest thinks about the Iron Mountain report the government did in the 1960's, and if that ties into the Nazis and the American's working together. Also, this would also explain George Washington's vision where this country was invaded from the East by a foreign power, and then when all hope seemed lost, the angels of God would come down and the nation would be saved. Anyway, I never could understand why angels of God would come down and fight with men to save a puny little country that has been around for only 200 years, but in this scenario, there seems to be some explanation here.

AC:Yes, the Iron Mountain report. The guy that claims to be the author of it now claims that it was nothing more than a joke, but for a joke, it seems to be following the time line to the hilt, so I think it was something that made its way out and they are trying to cover that up. Everything that was in that report is happening in great detail right now. C: Do these reptilians bleed if they get shot?

DA:Has anybody ever killed one?

AC:Phil Schneider did. He killed several of them. When he was involved cutting some tunnels at Dulce, he was lowered down a shaft and ended up in a nest of these things. He and some of his team were in there, and some of the Delta Force came in. They had a shootout with these aliens, and he killed a couple of them before they got a round off and shot him with some sort of laser weapon. He used to pull his shirt up and show me where they darned near blew a hole in his chest with whatever kind of laser weapon they were using.

DA:So they can be killed, then?

AC:Yes, if you have the drop on them. They die just like everyone else. They consist of mass just like we do.

Diabolic had the following additional commentary to add:

I read the Denver posting and found it rather interesting. However, one small fraction of the text struck me as highly disturbing. In response to the caller who asked if there were any symbols in the murals (on the uniforms of the Germans and Americans) there was mention of a black dragon w/red eyes in a blue triangle with a circle around it.

Now that might not seem so unusual...but I immediately thought of numerous things I had read in the past that "clicked" with that description. Where do I begin?

First of all, a dragon is mentioned in so many different prophecies I can't count them, from the Bible to questionable prophets like Nostradamus and Mother Shipton. I have seen speculation that the 'dragon' is ... or perhaps was ... an additional planet in our solar system.

Furthermore, this planet -- inhabited by reptilian aliens -- either exploded or was literally moved away. Remember, I'm only relating speculations here but...

Scientists recently discovered that the Kuyper belt is composed of two colors of rock...a red and an ordinary tan. This was an unexpected discovery but it seems (tentatively) to indicate that there was a massive collision of planetary size sometime in the past of our solar system and that both participants were either destroyed or the larger was fragmented and knocked out of orbit around the sun.

Also, this dragon supposedly plays a huge part in whatever monumental events are to take place. Just as interesting as the dragon was the triangle within a circle. That may seem mundane but not necessarily so. It takes a bit of explaining and unfortunately I have to partially credit Richard Hoagland's research (a man whom I am less than impressed with) as well as many other sources of data.

Let me save time and space by summarizing the finer details:

1. The numbers 19.5 and 33 are frequently found in odd circumstances surrounding NASA and unusual features/events such as lunar landings and photography of the Cydonia region (as well as other sites on both Mars and the lunar surface). This also includes derivatives of 33...especially 11 and 22.

2. The Dogon tribe believes Sirius to be the home of their Gods the Nommos. A race of reptilian beings.

3. The Egyptian pyramids (or any such pyramids) are composed of equilateral triangles.

4. In the Great Pyramid is a shaft that points directly at Sirius when it is elevated 19.5 degress above earth's horizon.

5. When the first lunar landing took place, it was 33 minutes before Sirius was at 19.5 degress above the horizon. When it reached precisely that elevation, Armstrong and Aldrige commenced a (admittedly) religious ceremony of wine consumption. This ceremony (if I recall correctly) is of Egyptian religious nature honoring the Egytptian god Osiris (Orion).

6. The original Apollo mission logo did in fact feature the Orion constellation, which seems particularly odd considering Apollo was a lunar expedition.

7. When the "face on mars" photos were taken, Leo (the Sphinx) and Orion (Sirius, the tip of Orion the hunter's sword) were both at 19.5 degrees above the horizon of Mars.

8. The 'Tycho' anomoly on the lunar surface was photographed by the Clementine sattelite when Orion was 19.5 degrees above the lunar surface.

9. The triangle within a circle is an egyptian heiroglyph. Regrettably (very much so) I cannot recall what the symbol represented at this time, nor have I found it yet while searching the web.

10. The points of a equilateral triangle within a circle are at an exact tangent of 19.5 degrees. Now then... having stated all this, I still draw few conclusions. The possibility of the NASA missions relating to Orion and the 19.5 degree elevation is -- I am certain -- is one in tens-of-millions. If in fact there are murals in Denver which depict the things described in Max's posting, not the least of which being a symbol of a dragon/triangle/circle, then I would probably apply the same odds of coincidence.

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