Dragons of the Apocalypse
by John Rhodes
archived 10-07-99
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Excerpts from "Dragons of the Apocalypse "
by John Rhodes
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There is more than enough evidence to indicate that a highly evolved reptilian life form is interacting with human beings. Their presence has been witnessed in every corner of the Earth by people from all walks of life. Now that we have established the fact that they are here, the next question to address is: Where are they coming from?

Theories as to the origin of reptilian "alien" life forms range appear to be threefold. From the accumulative evidence provided to thus far, it has been determined that they are either:

a) Extra-Terrestrial. (ET's) Beings from another planet or star system,

b) Inner Terrestrial (IT's) Beings that are naturally evolved terrestrial (Earth) life forms that reside in inner earth Caverns, sub-cities, and underwater bases.

c) Inner-Dimensional. (ID's) meaning other alien entities existing in vibrational levels (time/space travelers etc.)

Although a large amount of data supporting each theory exists, this report will only address the basic facts regarding each. It is important to realize that, even though each theorized origin appears to be distinct in it's own right, all three theories could be, and are probably, correct.


Reliable sources have reported that some extra-terrestrial reptilian beings might be considered a race of intergalactic invaders. Unwelcome intruders that come from a region of space known as Alpha Draconis. Their apparent objectives are to seek out new life throughout the universe, conquer it by any means necessary, and use the spoils of their invasions as natural resources to fuel their ongoing goals.

They traverse the universe towards their intended destination in a mother ship which is a directed Planetoid/Asteroids base station. (Note: Some people theorize that the reptilian mother ship locates and follows closely behind comets heading in the same general direction, using the gravitational field to pull the planetoid along through space. The comet's body also acts as a stellar debris impact shield and prevents any approaching civilization from observing their mother ship's advance.)

During their long voyages, the majority of the ET reptilian population on the mother ship live in a state of hibernation. A contingency of reptilians manage the daily operations of the craft and maintain hibernation chambers. In addition, they send scout ships containing military and scientist types to the planetary system they are approaching, and establish underground posts on a planet of interest, such as. . . EARTH.

The reptilian military ET's ensure the continued secrecy of their presence, carry out abductions of various life forms on the surface of the planet, and investigate the technological advances of the surface inhabitants. The scientific ET's study the planet's life biological forms, introduces their reptilian genetic code into whatever species displays traits they want to manipulate, and initiates a program of genetic crossbreeding.

From their underground bases, the reptilian military ET's set the stage for the mother ship invasion by establishing a network of human-reptilian crossbred infiltrates within various levels of the surface culture's military industrial complexes, government bodies, UFO/paranormal groups, religious, and fraternal (priest) orders, etc. These crossbreeds, some unaware of their reptilian genetic "mind-control" instructions, act out their subversive roles as "reptilian agents", setting the stage for an reptilian led ET invasion.

Just prior to planetary approach, the large reptilian population aboard the planetoid awakens from their hibernation and prepares for battle. When the invasion takes place, it is from above and below the planets surface.

Strange craft, piloted by reptilians, greys and human-reptilian agents, descend from the clouds while others ascend to the skies from the underworld of caverns and sub-cities, overwhelming the surface cultures in a totally unsuspecting manner.

After the surface inhabitants discover the futility of fighting off their invaders with their technologically inferior weaponry, a surrender is negotiated. Once the invasion is complete and the surface inhabitants yield to the demands of their new rulers, the reptilian mother ship strips the planet of its resources such as water, ores and genetic (DNA) information, then, having turned the planet into a new "Base of Operations", the reptilian ET's set out for the next "pearl" in space.

As if it weren't frightening enough to imagine such beings traveling through space, intent on invading Earth, another possibility exists that presents the reptilian "aliens", not as invaders, but as our neighbors.


There is another perception as to the origin of the reptilian beings and that is that they are true "Terrans." Having evolved from the dinosaurs that escaped the climatological disasters on the surface of the planet (brought about some 65 million years ago by a asteroid-Earth impact) by going into the underworld of caves and caverns. After having millions of years in which to adapt to their new underground environment and evolve into a highly intelligent species, they are said to have become a technologically advanced species that overseers and manipulates surface humans.

For the past hundred years, scientific institutions have told us that all dinosaurs became extinct and that talk of their survival was pure rubbish. Modern paleontology has, however, turned the tables on their predecessors and now openly state that because of various advances in hereditary tracking methods, they believe that some dinosaurs may have, in fact, survived the asteroid impact of 65 million years ago and continue to live to this day.

After discovering "living fossils" (such as birds) paleontologists are currently reconsidering their long proclaimed "extinction" theory. What other kind of animals exist on the planet that escaped examination for saurian heritage? Just as the dinosaurs may have evolved into birds, could there also be other dinosaurs that survived and evolved? And, if so, where and how could they have survived? The most important question is, what course did their physical evolution take and how intelligent could they have become during the 65 million years that they have had to adapt to their new environments? There are many answers to these important questions which we will not address in this report (but that are thoroughly investigated in the book). We will, however, comment briefly on one particular vision that the scientific community provided NASA with during the space agency's search for extraterrestrial life.

(To our knowledge, it is the only such scientific report that exists.) Dale Russell, senior paleontologist of Northern Carolina University, was contracted by NASA to extrapolate an image of what extraterrestrial life might resemble. In his report (Exponential Evolution: Implications for Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life, Adv. Space Research 1983), he "evolved" the dinosaur Troodon according to the natural evolution of its own body type and created a model of a being he called "Dino-sauroid." This model reptilian (that had a quite striking resemblance to a reptilian-human) of "Dino-sauroid" was then presented in his report to NASA as an example of what ET life might look like. Remarkably, this image is almost identical to those that are described by experiencers.

Could "alien" life (as we perceive it) actually be the evolved and highly intelligent descendants of the dinosaurs? This reptilian Earth-born "Alien" hypothesis would surely counter the age long argument against flying saucers claiming that " Even at the speed of light, it would take millions of years for an ET species to fly through space to get here!" Since evolved dinosaurs would be living in the earth’s natural underworld, it may only take brief seconds for such contact to be made with surface humans. If such is the case, the debunkers’ argument itself then becomes invalid! Unnerving enough as it is to consider the possibility that the reptilians live here on Earth with us now, a third and even more unsettling theory exists that humanity has considered since the dawn of mankind. The reptilian "aliens" or serpent-gods may be Earth's "invisible residents." Beings that have long been thought of as our angels and demons.


As Inner or Ultra-dimensional beings, the reptilians are thought to have originated from a neighboring frequency dimension we might recognize as the realm of the Dead (the location to which our soul matrix goes to upon death), also called Devechan (the Hindu region of the in-between or afterlife.)

The atoms that comprise the Inner dimensional reptilian beings' physical bodies are spinning at a different rate than our own and the frequency of the spin is outside normal human visual perception. Just as the frequency matrix of a human soul can remain in our dimension and be perceived as ghosts, reptilian beings inhabit the same frequency region as do spirits or ghosts, but are able to materialize their forms into the third "dense" dimension to physically interact with "living" humans.

This transfer from fourth to third dimension and back was, for a time, not easy for them to do. (Some people believe that the reports of "rains" of frogs, rocks, fish etc. that were recorded in the later half of the eighteen hundreds [Later written about by author Charles Forte] were early attempts by reptilian scientists to send inanimate and animate life forms through the dimensional barrier that divided the two frequency realms.)

After the first atomic atmospheric test was conducted over the desert floor of New Mexico in the early 1940's, the resulting Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) permanently split the dimensional barrier open in that one area. And, through this newly formed dimensional portal, the military-scientific industrial complex of the reptilians race poured forth in their craft and began to occupy the third dimension in force. (Every consecutive atmospheric nuclear detonation that has since occurred may have created other "Portals of Entry") (Note: Fraternal orders of practicing magicians or priests [not simple illusionists] are also accredited for initiating contact with inanimate reptilian beings living in their natural "astral" state by opening dimensional portals with focused thought form energy.)

Some ultra dimensional beings are thought to be able to reside in the deepest levels of the underworld for indefinite periods of time because the deep rock shielding and proximity to the center of the Earth require densified matter around the frequency shell of a conscious being. These non-physical inner Earth reptilians are also considered Astral Intelligences, Fallen Angels or Demons of the Underworld (Hell).

The question often arises as to whether or not the Inner Dimensional reptilians have always been from this "other side?" It is certainly possible they once lived in our third dimension as beings of physical matter and that during a global conflict (probably with the Elder race or Elohim) they were "killed" in battle and displaced into the fourth dimension, trying ever since to return to their third dimensional realm.

It has also been suggested that from this astral state, they have managed to provoke humans into warfare and situations of stress and fear to extract various auric (emotional) frequencies for their own purposes. Through the highly suggestive human consciousness, these negatively charged reptilian "energy leeches" or "psychic vampires", orchestrate and feast off situations of genocide, global conflict, drug usage (amphetamines, cocaine, "uppers", etc.), sexual perversions and the wholesale slaughter of animal life (cattle, poultry, swine etc.) This particular aspect of the reptilian non-physicality is quite extensive and will not be addressed completely in this report. Other related issues (that are addressed in the book) are: Psychology of the inner mind (archetypes), human evolution, frequency vibrations, human perceptions, thought forms and experiencer reports (to name a few.)


These brief descriptions of each theorized reptilian "alien" origin reflect the current perceptions within the UFO community. Many investigators/researchers have observed evidence supporting each particular theory, suggesting that all three may in fact be correct. Some reptilians come from far distant solar systems, others evolved here on Earth and have remained hidden in their underworld empire, while others permeate through the dimensional barrier that separates humanity from the astral realms of the dead. If even one of these theories is true, then humanity is headed towards a revelation of which only the wildest imaginations could ever conceive. We have been warned by the Hebrew, American Indian, Aztec and Hindu prophets that, at the "End of Days", we will encounter Dragons, Leviathans and serpent-gods. They shall, we are told, arrive as the harbingers of terror, death, redemption and salvation. From where they will come is a question that has eluded the finest of scholarly minds that study the prophesies. One thing we do know, however, and that is that the have arrive here, on and in . . . .EARTH.

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