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Many so-called UFO "abductees", especially in recent decades, have described encounters with remarkably similar types of entities, some of the three most prominent being the "Greys", the "Reptiloids", and the "Nordics". As in the case of abductee Ted Rice and additional incidents related by the late Karla Turner and others, at times all three of these types of entities are seen collaborating together. In other cases, the reptilian entities have been seen masquerading as "Nordics" by using some type of projected hypnotic or holographic field, apparently in an effort to deceive abductees and gain their compliance.

This is not to say that ALL Nordic or human type "extraterrestrials" are in fact reptilians involved in some type of fifth column "THEY LIVE" {the movie} agenda against humanity. I believe that there ARE benevolent human beings on other worlds, the clincher however being that many of these will NOT "interfere" in our affairs, so as a result most of the current-day encounters involve alien entities that DO interfere!

The Greys, perhaps the most common entity-type encountered, have been described as having a reptiloid, amphiboid or even saurian genetic base complete with scaly skin, webbed claw-like fingers, and even reptilian eyes with vertically-slit pupils that have been seen by some abductees deep within the cybernetic opaque "big black slanted eyes" that seem in many cases to be some type of biomechanical covering and are one of the major calling cards of this type of alien entity. These "Grey" aliens of grey-grey, grey-white, and grey-green appearance have not only integrated cybernetic components but also insectilian and even vegetable type DNA in an apparent effort to genetically engineer or "upgrade" their "race" along specific agenda lines... and this also includes the assimilation of human DNA as evidenced by the so-called "hybrid" programs.

So, then, where do these guys come from?

In my book "SECRETS OF THE MOJAVE", I describe one particular underground facility from whence many of the joint alien/military abductions, animal mutilations, and biogenetic projects are reportedly being carried out. This volume is soon to be published in hard copy form by http://www.umind.com/ ...

Anyway, numerous people have described the activities taking place within this underground facility beneath the Archuleta mesa, many of their stories appear in the DULCE BOOK at http://www.eagle-net.org/dulce/

This mesa lies just north of the small town of Dulce, New Mexico within the Jicarilla Apache reservation in north-western New Mexico. One of these sources was a man by the name of Thomas Edwin Castello, who claimed that he worked in this joint NSA/Alien facility as a director of security. Others claim that the core of the NSA is no longer "human" but is actually controlled by a secret organization of human-alien hybrids known as the "Black Monks", who are the REAL motivators behind the New World Order movement.

Castello reported that the Dows [Greys], the Dracos [Reptiloids], and the Ciakars [akin to the "Mothmen" described in John A. Keel's book of the same name -- yet in this case possessing white or beige colored scaly "skin"] all collaborate together within the lower levels of this underground system which stretches between Dulce New Mexico and Los Alamos some 90 miles to the south-east. The chain of command seems to be the Ciakars -> the Reptiloids -> the Greys -> and whatever humans/hybrids/NWO Inc., puppets might be under their control.

What is more remarkable however is the statement made by one of the reptiloids TO Thomas Castello that the reptilians consider the surface of planet earth to be their ORIGINAL HOME, before they were expelled from it following an ancient conflict with our distant ancestors... many of their kind having escaped into underground systems, to other worlds, and even to other dimensions [the fifth dimension is most often identified] of this planet.

Aside from the ancient legends such as that of the cavern dwelling reptilian "Nagas" of Hindu tradition, the Mayan serpent-god Quetzalcoatl, the Babylonian tales of "Oannes" - the amphibious humanoid from the sea, AND the Edenic account of the "serpent" race described in Genesis chapter 3 [my personal favorite]... are there any OTHER hints that reptilian humanoids might have occupied the surface of the earth in prehistoric times?

I have heard vague "legends" of ancient wars between humans and "other" creatures "of a different blood" that are whispered among the native peoples of South America, Australia, and Africa to name just a few, but I wanted to track down something more specific, so I did some investigations and -- aside from reports and even photos of human footprints found fossilized INSIDE of dinosaurian prints, suggesting a common existence --- I discovered some interesting biological facts concerning "reptilians". It seems that biologists agree that snakes ultimately mutated from lizards, and lizards from the larger "thunder lizards" or dinosaurs of ancient times. And what was the earliest dinosaur discovered? Well the two contenders are the Eoraptor [which gave rise to the very cunning and dexterous Veloci-raptors as depicted in the JURASSIC PARK movies] and a similar saurian bi-ped which walked upright like a man, about the size of a human being, and with hands that were ideal for grabbing and ripping flesh, the herrerasaurus:

Both were meat-eaters, however there are enough differences and similarities between Eoraptor and Herrerasaurus to suggest that they had a common ancestor a "few branches down" the saurian tree. I recall one abductee, a woman, who had stated that during an abduction experience during which she found herself in an underground joint military-alien facility, she encountered a very menacing looking "alien" which reminded her of a somewhat humanoid version of a VELOCIRAPTOR! Also, several abductees have encountered reptilian-humanoid "aliens" which had very evident TAIL-LIKE appendages. "CLICK", the correlation counters started going off in my head!

Either someone somewhere had developed their own "Jurassic Park" humanoids, or these creatures never really became extinct, but just went in the most literal sense, "underground". I recall something I read in "VENOMOUS REPTILES" by Sherman A. Minton Jr., [in which he describes the Hindu legends of the reptilian-humanoid cavern dwelling "Nagas"] who stated that MOST reptiles with well developed limbs live underground.

Let us just for a moment take the Edenic drama at face value: The leaders of the three sentient creations... angelic [Lucifer], human [Adam/Eve], and beast [the Serpent, which was described as the most SUBTIL or CUNNING by far of ALL of the "beasts of the field"], all taking part in a conspiracy centered around the "Big Lie" that they could exist independently from their Creator -- the SOURCE of the very spiritual essence of LIFE! Ironically, this drama unfolded at a "tree" [the tree of "knowledge" or literally in the original Hebrew language the tree of "da'ath", which means "cunning", which implies knowledge corrupted]. Now this tree, as all tree do, utterly depended on the SUN for its life, HOWEVER a tree could never hope to BECOME EQUAL TO or exist INDEPENDENT FROM the life-giving rays of the Sun, nor from the hydrodynamic cycle which the sun makes possible. True, a tree is illuminated by, and REFLECTS the light of, the Sun. In Lucifer's case however his mistake was in giving HIMSELF all the credit for the LIGHT of the Creator which REFLECTED THROUGH his being, whereby he received his name, "Lucifer" [I use the term "he" for convenience only when in reality Almighty God and the angels are NOT limited to material DNA "gene-der", but are rather androgynous beings of spirit].

So imagine this creature, refusing in his insatiable and egotistical self-conceit to humble himself before an Almighty Creator and seek forgiveness, but rather he/it instead tries to save face by enticing the rest of creation into joining in the rebellion. Of course, being a creature of darkness -- once dis-connecting himself/itself from the LIGHT/LIFE of the Creator -- Satan ["the adversary", formerly "Lucifer"] would use DECEPTION to try and down-play the importance of the Creator and thus deceive others into believing that he himself had almighty power and thus deserved to rule the universe. And in fact Lucifer DID acquire great power when other angels joined him, but only the type of power that a black hole might acquire by devouring everything around it, in this case Lucifer/Satan like a spiritual black hole began to assimilate, consume, absorb, and integrate the consciousness and energy of all those who gave their WILL over to him. We should realize that the more a black hole devours, the more insatiable its appetite becomes. Could Lucifer/Satan Himself be in one sense THE "bottomless pit", consuming all life and creation and goodness and light that he possible can in his twisted "revenge" towards a JUST yet MERCIFUL Creator?

There are those who say that darkness and light must live in BALANCE with each other, that there really is no good or evil but just "experience". I would say to such people that they should add some intelligence to such mindless platitudes of "unconditional love". If you are "unconditionally loving" a murderer as he rapes and mutilates your daughter without making any effort to protect your own child then you are HATING your child and all those children that will be destroyed by such a creature in the future. Should we balance health with terminal cancer? Or balance out peace with thermonuclear annihilation?

The universe was created, using one analogy, as a machine which was intended to work in perfect harmony... however in giving his creatures free agency the Creator knew that he was also giving us personality and soul, yet with the risk that we might CHOOSE to cause destruction to the "machine". A blood cell for instance was designed to draw LIFE from the HEART and to SHARE that life with the rest of the body, intuitively knowing that in keeping the body alive it is keeping itself alive. The cancer cell on the other hand thinks only of feeding itself by stealing the life-essence from neighboring cells and thus dying more and more with each act of destruction, for life can only come from the Creator, but when one starts serving themselves rather than the WHOLE, they cut themselves off from the Source of all LIFE, which can only give the essence of life to those who are willing to become channels or vessels of that Life. If a spring becomes a sink hole, taking water instead of giving it, it merely becomes a dry, dead hole in the ground. So judge for yourself whether it is "EVIL" to embrace darkness and have your very soul/identity/will/personality consumed by, should we say, the insatiable "Luciferian Hive".

This is the nature of Satan [formerly Lucifer], who is the ultimate emotional/psychic/bioplasmic "vampire"... having "consumed" his angelic followers, turning them into energy vampires as well... stealing the essence of life or the life force secondhand from everyone they can rather than go right to the source, even in light of the "alter" of Calvary where the Creator's perfect Justice with perfect Mercy joined and thus opening the way back to the Creator's heart, for Calvary IS the very "heart" of the universe for those who are willing to received the "divine blood transfusion", but ONLY once they have acknowledged their NEED.

As for Satan however, his vampirial nature and that of the dark spirits which he had assimilated went to work in the realm of Eden to search for yet another "host" that the Luciferian hive could, parasite-like, attach itself to. The "serpent" was the ideal candidate. The serpent was, according to the book of Genesis, originally an upright-standing being with a semblance of free agency and sentience. IF this were not the case then the Creator would not have "judged" this "beast", much less cursed it to go about upon it's belly... this curse has been suffered by MANY of the reptilian sub-species, however there are apparently some of the more "alien" branches which have escaped this particular judgment "for a time"... but this does not discredit God since there are many "delayed prophecies" in the scriptures... including the prophecy of the Lion and the Lamb making peace with each other, which may not be realized until well into the Millennium. Human-reptilian genetic "hybrids" on the other hand, supposing they possess a soul-chakra matrix, MIGHT escape this particular judgment... could this be one of the main reasons behind the so-called "hybrid" projects!?

So then, how did Lucifer/Satan gain the serpents' compliance? Perhaps he/it began to use deception on this king of the animal realm as he/it had done with the fallen angels? For instance: "I know how you feel, in that Jehovah gave Adam a superior position of dominion than you. You deserve better than that. Allow me and my angels to indwell you and your seed and we will give you supernatural powers over man and nature, but first we must destroy Adam's connection with his God from which his dominion-power comes. We will use his mate in order to do so, and Adam who will not be deceived like his mate will be, shall nevertheless reject his God and do as we desire for fear of losing the love of his mate!" These may not be the exact words used to gain the serpent's cooperation, however it was probably something very similar. So then, once Adam lost his supernatural dominion and innocence, his connection with his Creator having been severed by the dark cloud of GUILT which ADAM had allowed himself to create -- the divine dominion-flow having been severed at the human level -- nature began to turn WILD, harmony turned to chaos, love turned to selfishness, and the spirit of the world became a slave to the material... everything went out of balance, vegetation began to decay, animals began to turn hungry and to turn on each other in predatory self-preservation. A "virus" had entered the paradisical "hologram" that the Creator had programmed. However rather than FORCE humanity to do His will and thus fill the universe with soulless robots, the Creator allowed his creatures to CHOOSE and DETERMINE their own destiny.

They would have the power to choose heaven or hell on earth, but the Creator knew the weakness and pull of the flesh and therefore would provide a way out of the endless cycle of mutual abuse for those who were WILLING. But the damage was done. Lucifer/Satan was ecstatic! He had tricked Adam into capitulating his dominion over the planet if not the creation. Lucifer was now the "god of this world", Adam essentially having squandered his birthright to the planet over to the deceiver, the prince of darkness. That is, until God extended His Creative "Word" or "Logos" into the material world, desiring not only to become a perfect human in order to know on an experiential level what it was like to be human, but also to make the sacrifice necessary to re-connect or engraft the dying human "branches" back into the VINE which alone could renew them spirit, soul, and body. In so doing the "Logos", the "Christ", bought-back the "title deed" to planet earth for all those who were willing to enforce this title by active faith over the enemy "without", BY FIRST conquering the enemy "within".

Since the humans were composed both of spirit AND earth-dust, humans would become the flood-gates who could either choose to open the endless heavenly reservoirs of "living water" out into the earth [straight from the side of Christ as they accessed the "timeless" grace of the final Passover Lamb] OR to quench the spirit of life and allow the world to continue to die like a spiritual desert-planet void of life-giving waters. The renewed spirit of humankind would take dominion over the material forces of chaos within themselves and in turn without, OR they would allow the forces of death, darkness, and destruction to continue as they had done since Edenic times. However, back to Eden, once the evil-one was in residence within the mind and body of the "serpent", the weak will of this beast was quickly overcome.

The serpent had offered itself and ALSO its "seed" to the Luciferians, and they were intent on taking full advantage of this and in not giving up ANY ground. It is not too hard to imagine that the serpent may have acquired supernatural powers over humanity and nature, yet at the horrible price of losing all semblance of individuality and free will and identity over to the "Luciferian Hive". The reptilian or serpent race was highly mutable and adaptable. This had nothing to do with the "theory" of ascending evolution but everything to do with the FACT of lateral mutation. Or rather, not the CREATION of the genetic codes but rather the RE-PROGRAMMING of already existent genetic codes. We know for a fact that viruses for instance can mutate and re-program themselves in order to adapt to different environments. Survival of the fittest, environmental adaptation, and mutation do not violate the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics as does the "theory" of ascending evolution, so they should NOT be confused with Darwinism any more than a computer "programmer" should be confused with a computer "program" [or should I say computer "virus"?]

Anyway, imagine for a moment that the Luciferians began to experiment with "their" saurian bodies. If we accept the possibility that the Luciferians were fully intent on maintaining their hold upon these serpentine or saurian creatures, then could this in part explain the mass-extinction of MOST of the saurians as being the judgment of a just Creator? Also, since many "dating techniques" base the age of the stratum on the objects found within, and also the age of the artifacts on the type of stratum in which they lie, then we are dealing with a catch-22 type of dating system wherein ANY theoretical date could be applied. And usually the stratum are aged based on the assumption that they took millions or billions of years to accumulate, rather than on the possibility that a global deluge and cataclysm might have accounted for many of the layered deposits and their artifacts... which would open up the possibility of humans AND saurians having existed contemporaneously with each other before the deluge.

Scientists consider alligators, crocodiles, Iquanas and Kimodo dragons to be relative descendants of the earlier saurians. However these "saurians" survived, and if this is the case is it possible that the more humanoid amphibeo-reptiloids who walked upright might have survived underground or in the sea... as with the possible existence of the Loch Ness plesiosaur for example?

Interestingly enough, the British satanist Aliester Crowley claimed to be in psychic contact with the "beast" of Loch Ness, which he believed to be a "channel" for demonic energies which literally used the mind of "the beast" to communicate their will to this dark sorcerer whose mansion, the "Boleskin House", sat upon the shores of the loch overlooking its murky depths. Others have also spoken of the bizarre paranormal and UFO type activity which surrounds this mysterious Scottish lake.

So let us suppose then that the Luciferians -- not just possessing but actually INCARNATING these physical creatures having almost entirely taken over what little WILL they possessed -- began to experiment even more with "their" saurian/reptilian bodies, totally infiltrating the minds and very cells of these "thunder lizards", to such a great extent or degree that the two essentially became so integrated as to become indistinguishable [as suggested in Revelation chapter 12, regarding the war in heaven between Michael - the designated LEADER of the ultimate warriors of spirit, and "the Dragon" or "the Serpent" - the self-proclaimed DICTATOR of the ultimate warriors of flesh], conducting experiments by re-arranging the reptilian molecular structure and DNA over time and cross-breeding the most agile, intelligent, and most "humanoid" reptilian sub-species with each other [some of which actually possessed "semi opposable" thumbs], until finally they were able to "mold" a reptilian form that could develop crude tools which became ever more sophisticated and refined... a mutation through which the Luciferians could exercise their vast, although corrupted, knowledge of the cosmic forces. Or rather, a sub-race through which the Luciferian "hive" could construct the occult-technology necessary to once again break out of the confines of planet earth and take their battle back to the stars, to the "heavens" themselves, thanks also in part to all of the humans who were willing to offer their assistance and ENERGIES to these reptiloids in exchange for "promises" of temporal power, wealth, or carnal pleasures!

Certainly these repti-poltergiests could NOT have been able to break free once again from the confines of this planet without "our" help. Again, refer to Revelation chapter 12. So rather than MANKIND on earth traveling between the stars, sending our a steady stream of colonists and thus relieving the pressures on population, pollution, energy, and the environment... we have allowed the "serpent" to steal our birthright and become our superiors when instead it should have been the other way around! True, there may have been pockets of humanity who had managed to break free and develop hyperspace technology in order to populate various colonial worlds, however so long as the military-industrial complexes of this planet keep selling our birthright to "the serpent" in exchange for the forbidden fruit of "occult-technology" such as genetic engineering, antigravity, and mind control "sciences" which are being used by this "cult of the serpent" to "play god" over us... the "serpent race" will merely continue to do what it has always done with the "human cattle" on this planet, which is to continue to FEED ON US like emotional, psychic and bioplasmic vampires and work to destroy our spiritual life and thus individuality until we are assimilated into their hive via psionic implants just as they have done with many other humans beyond this world, many within the underground military-industrial networks, and with many of the "abductees" of recent years. And not only psychic assimilation, but also supernatural possession [by repoltergiest parasites] and also genetic assimilation as well...

What if these "wer-dracs", "repti-poltergiests", "demon-aliens", or whatever one might wish to call these serpentine sorcerers, had became adept over time at superficial molecular shape shifting as the indwelling "poltergiest" or "astral parasite" literally absorbed, consumed, devoured, or assimilated the reptilian "host" from the inside out? What if in addition to this they were able to project some type of hypnotic or possibly laser-type holographic field around themselves so as to be able to intermingle with humans, undetected for what they really were?

Enter Maurice Doreal...

Doreal was a metaphysicist who ran an organization called the Brotherhood of the White Temple in Sedalia, Colorado. He sold small booklets and pamphlets, many of them about the "inner earth" based on what he had learned from his contacts. Doreal claimed that following a lecture of his in California he was approached by two blond-haired and blue-eyed men who offered to give him a tour of an underground city below Mt. Shasta in northern California. Of course Doreal jumped at this chance of a lifetime, although one might expect him to have been somewhat sceptical at first.

Others have referred to this city below Mt. Shasta as Telos [actually "Telos" is a Greek word meaning "uttermost - purpose"], which is said to be located approximately one mile below ground level, a multi-leveled city built within a vast cavern some 5 miles wide and 20 miles long, and combining both ancient and modern architectural styles which gives the place a "timeless" atmosphere. The main residents are said to be descended from the "Quetzals" and the "Naga-Mayas", apparently having descent from certain of the ancient Meso-American tribes. Or rather, Telos WAS reportedly inhabited by such until the early 1990's when a large percentage of its populace were "shuttled" to other more stable underground areas, for instance Telos' sister-city "Posiedos" in the Mato Grosso region of Brazil, in anticipation of the "earth changes" to come, during which the entire cascade range is expected to explode simultaneously, accompanied by massive earthquakes stretching from the California coast to the Rockies... an area which lies over the widest and most unstable section of the Pacific ring of fire.

Telos by the way is said to be the western branch of the "Agharti/Shambhala the Lesser" underground kingdom of central Asia. All is not well there however, since it has been said that the Washington D.C. and Telos governments have been involved in secret treaties since the administration of Grover Cleveland, and the Washington-Telos alliance in turn established treaties with the "grey" aliens who approached them with their sob-stories of being a dying race fleeing their nemesis the "Draconians", and petitioning access to human genetic materials in order to upgrade their decaying DNA. As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. It so happened that it was learned during the "Dulce" and "Groom" wars of 1979-1985 that the Greys were actually subservient to the Draconians, and had used their trojan horse treaties with the Washington AND Telosian governments to take over the "joint interaction" military bases AND even Telosian sub-colonies once their Draco overlords had given the go-ahead.

Not only that, but they also learned from others extraterrestrial sources that this game of manipulation and conquest had been played-out by the Dracos and Greys in various other forms in their efforts to infiltrate-invade several other worlds in this sector of the galaxy. And just as in the case of those other worlds, the aliens were able to find willing human allies within both the surface and subsurface nations who were willing to sell out their own kind for "promises" of personal material gain. The irony was that most of these collaborators payed a horrible price once their usefulness had expired, many of them being "replaced" and their "originals" sent to "the vats". Poetic justice you might say. There is apparently no honor among thieves!

Anyway, ah yes, Maurice Doreal! Could he have found the "master key" to explain the singular part that our planet earth has played in galactic history!? I believe it is very possible. During one of his visits, Doreal was taken to an ancient records repository beneath the Himalayas, where he viewed crystal-holographic recordings which revealed the forgotten history of our planet...

According to Doreal, the true ANCESTORS of the ancient Scandinavians and apparently also the Aryans who invaded the India sub-continent thousands of years ago [bringing with them their hi-tech knowledge of the "vimina" flying craft, nuclear energy, etc.] lived in a sub tropical kingdom which now lies buried beneath the dunes and tons of sand of the Gobi desert. In alliance with other humans of great stature [10-12 feet tall], the "Nepheli", they developed quite a sophisticated and complex technological society. However their way of life was being constantly challenged and threatened by a race of reptilian shape-shifters based in Antarctica, which was also at the time a sub tropical region.

These "chameleons" would infiltrate human communities and commit horrendous acts of sabotage. It was a virtual species war for the control of the surface of the planet. Some of the infiltrators were exposed however using a certain "test". It was found that it was impossible for the reptilian tongue to pronounce the word "kin-in-i-gin", however in spite of all the infiltrators who had been tracked down and destroyed, the war was still going badly for the "Nordics" in this ancient Gobi kingdom.

As a last-ditch effort, the "Nordics" developed a super-weapon, possibly akin to a cobalt warhead, and launched or dropped it at/on Antarctica. The explosion was so great that it literally shook the planet, causing the earth to begin to wobble on its axis, and when the poles had shifted and stabilized the Antarctic had nearly overnight become the new southern pole, a frozen wasteland, and in turn the Gobi kingdom began turning into a barren desert.

There were still many other reptilian colonies which had survived in other parts of the world, however these mostly escaped into vast underground cavern systems, the entrances to which were carefully concealed in order to keep their human nemesis from finding them, although we might imagine that those who may have actually stumbled across these entrances rarely returned to tell the tale.

One such underground system may have been the caverns of "Patalas" which according to Hindu tradition is a seven-leveled cavern realm stretching generally from Benares India to Lake Manosarowar Tibet, where some locals have allegedly encountered the cunning and cruel underground-dwelling reptilian "Nagas" and have seen their aerial ships entering and leaving the mountainous cliffs. The "Nordics" also moved much of their civilization underground, into the "Agharti" cavern networks, and from time to time AS both sides spread their influence through the cracks and crevices of the earth, deadly clashes between the humans and the reptiloids broke out... in other cases human sorcerers greedy for personal gain would sell out their own kind and begin collaborating with the serpent race.

Such a case was described by Robert E. Dickhoff in his book "AGHARTA", concerning one particular Tibetan monk who led 400 warrior-monks down into the caverns to do battle with a collaborating "serpent" cult composed of humans and reptilians, who they had learned were causing all manner of chaos and destruction in the surface realm by projecting dark energies towards the minds of those on the surface through the use of black witchcraft and sorcery.

This underground cult used the word "Agartha" rather than "Agharti" as a code-word to indicate just which human "channels" belonged to them. Anyway, this is about where Maurice Doreal's account leaves off, however we "might" conclude, by attempting to find the common denominators between other similar stories, more or less the following...

Both species developed aerial and space technologies, possibly utilizing antediluvian technologies found abandoned in the depths of the planet, that would eventually carry their species-war to the Moon and to Mars [explaining the reputed "signs" of ancient conflicts on both of those "planets" -- note: many consider the earth & moon to actually be a double-planet]. Ultimately once hyperspace travel was refined, they would take their war to the stars.

There are some who claim that it took the U.S.A. only approximately 40 years to go from Kitty Hawk to manipulating hyperspace [Philadelphia experiment], although the early experiments with hyperspace were of course very unstable, dangerous and even deadly. Anyway, once hyperspace travel was accomplished the ancients might have been able to colonize a good section of the galaxy within only a few centuries.

Could this explain the claims made by some contactees of interstellar wars that have raged between the Nordic "Lyrans" and the Reptiloid "Dracos"? The Vega Lyrans are now reportedly allied with other human colonial worlds such as those in Zenatae Andromeda, Tau Ceti and Procyon whereas the Alpha Dracos have apparently extended their empire to Epsilon Bootes, Rigel Orion, and Zeta II Reticuli. A third "intermediary" group -- wherein both humanoid and reptiloid and other genetically-engineered species reportedly engage in conflicts and/or collaborations due to involvement with a common non-exclusive collective or group-mind matrix called the "Ashtar" or "Astarte" network -- is centered in Sirius-B and in turn in Arcturus, Aldebaran, and Altair.

But for some reason planet earth is considered by all sides to be the KEY to the whole conflict, which is why ALL SIDES are taking a direct interest in events here. What does our planet possess that the "aliens" desire? Well, a few possibilities may include: ancient underground repositories; the "root" genetic sources from which many of the galactic civilizations were born; rare minerals, chemicals, and water in abundance; a remarkably unique electromagnetic grid which is very conducive to the establishment or programming of dimensional-time-star gates; a rare meta-gene factor in humans which many alien groups desire to integrate/assimilate into their own sub-species; and an INCREDIBLE VARIETY of genetic, animal, and vegetable life forms. And the fact it, planet earth [the "divine tear"] is an extremely attractive-appearing "prize" to look at from both without and within.

This is what many of the entities interacting with planet earth desire. There are many contactees who also refer to "Galactica" type scenarios of stellar civilizations undergoing some type of crisis which moves them to engage in a quest for the legendary home world from which their most distant ancestors came, and their search has led to... "mother earth". Still other contactees state that the entire galactic federation worlds can be traced back to an ancient alliance between the Sol-Vega systems... some suggesting that life was planet on earth from Vega, whereas others believe it was the other way around... and apparently the Dracos are one of those. Aside from any territorial "paternal" instinct on the part of the "Draconians" to re-conquer their "home planet" [earth], some of the worst reptilian sub-species have an even more sinister motive. These are the vampirial types, who actually seek to feed off of human emotional energies and life force/essence in order to acquire the energy that they apparently need not only to infiltrate our world but also our dimension. Having genetically engineered themselves along more "warrior instinct" lines, what little connection they might have had to a "spiritual" side has been all but eliminated, and they are motivated only by the predatory instinct of their collective which apparently knows only one agenda: conquer, assimilate, consume! All this has been confirmed by many abductees, especially in more recent years.

There is one reptilian "world" that has however been identified as being more-or-less friendly towards humans... and that is a FEMALE-DOMINATED society in Capella which has recently broken free of the Greys and their male-dominated Draco masters. Big wonder, since female "reptilians" would probably be more in touch with their emotional/spiritual nature than would the male-dominated types.

"Praise the LORD from the earth, ye dragons, and all deeps." - PSALMS 148:7

As a result of the space-time-dimension travel however, or simply as a result of being fully integrated by the indwelling astral entity, many of the reptilian alien types are no longer exactly "in phase" with our linear third dimensional reality, and for this reason these "repti-poltergiests" as I call them are using HUMANS in a parasite-host capacity, attempting to assimilate humans genetically [hybrids], psychically [implants], and even bioplasmically [not ALL of the "blood" that is drawn out of partial or permanent abductees is used for "experiments"... I'll just leave it at that], in order to regain access to our dimension. Some claim that the Crowleyan rituals and Montauk projects have been very useful to them in the area of tearing holes in the fabric of space-time that separates our dimension from theirs.

And since these types of entities feed off of the collective darkness of humanity, the only real way to defeat them is to first defeat the "enemy within". Try whatever method of resistance you will, but I will tell you what has worked for me. Like St. George the Dragonslayer of old, I have taken up the sword, the shield, and the altar of the "cross". This symbol of the marriage/union of the Creator's perfect JUSTICE with the Creator's perfect MERCY is, I have learned, a weapon that the forces of darkness can NEVER overcome, and the ONE weapon that WILL defeat them in the end...


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