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Serpents & Dragons

In antediluvian times during the days of Atlantis the pole of the heavens was the constellation of Alpha Draconis. In astronomical temples the Dragon was the ruling constellation at the pole. The great serpent was master of the celestial sphere and the ruler of the night skies. In Greek Myth Draco, the Dragon is found round the North Celestial Pole. The pyramids are closely connected with both the constellation and the great priests, of the Lemurians and Atlanteans, who held the records of universal history. H.P. Blavatsky’s " Secret Doctrine" tells us that there was a time when the four parts of the world were covered in pyramids and temples sacred to the Sun and the Dragon but the cult is now preserved mainly on India and China and Buddhist countries. 

The Dracontia, the original masons, built temples that were sacred to the Dragon because it was the symbol of the sun, which, in its turn was the symbol of the highest god, El. Besides the surname of serpents they were called the builders, the architects; for the immense grandeur of their temples and monuments were such, that even the pulverized remains of them stagger the mathematical calculations of our modern engineers.

 In the Popol Vuh, the sacred Book of the Mayans and the Quiches, the Winged Serpent is Gucamatz, or the Kneph as the Egyptians called him. d-1 Lemurian men and women existed during the Age of Serpents and Dragons. Lemurian called the age of the Dinosauria, monstrous land reptiles, and gigantic tree- ferns existed in the Triassic-Jurassic period The Pterodactyls gradually developed bat-like wings with a a span of more than 16 feet and flew through the air. The Dragons attained a length of 40-50 feet. The ‘Rocks of Destiny’ whose rocking motion was a perfectly clear code for the priests who could understand the voices spoken through the immense rocks raised by the colossal powers of ancient, gigantic Serpents and Dragons.

 Lemuria and Atlantis and her giants all had a hand in these magic stones marked in a Morse code of prophecy and magic in telegraphic writing.The Lemurian and Atlantean Dracontia dwelt in subterranean habitats generally under some kind of pyramidal structure if not actually under a pyramid. The subterranean crypts of Thebes on the western side of the Nile extended towards the Libyan desert and were known as the serpents catacombs, Votan, the Mexican Serpent god, describes a subterranean passage which ran underground and terminated at the root of the heavens.

The priests of Egypt and Babylonians styled themselves the sons of the Serpent god, or sons of the Dragon. The Sumerian texts are explicit about their Serpent gods mining underground for gold over half a million years ago and the Hindu Naga Serpent gods also lived beneath the earth in jeweled cities. It is interesting to note that in mythology we see a Dragon or Griffin always guarding precious stones and gold. 


The Druids of Celto-Britannic regions called themselves serpents. I am a Serpent, I am a Druid! they exclaimed. The Egyptian Karnac is the twin-brother to the Carnac of Brittany, the latter Carnac means the serpents. The Greek Ophis, the Egyptian Kneph, called Dracontae stands erect on his tail, with a lion’s head, crowned and radiated, and bearing on the point of each ray one of the seven celestial spheres.Gods have been portrayed as winged creatures and balls of light.

 In all myths and religions of the world the Dragon or Serpent was there at the moment and creation in the Garden of Eden . Draco, the Dragon came from Alpha Draconis and genetically engineered a race on Mars and then came to earth. This race were Hermaphrodite’s, androgynous, double sexed beings, with twelve strands of DNA. 

A group of gods came from Orion and Sirius and reduced the ten strands in order to control the species, Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Have the genetic codes of many star systems and our Temples, Megaliths, and Pyramids stand as testimony to their high technology. The Great Pyramids of Giza and Mexico are superior to any that have been built since then. This could be the reason why all of our sacred sites are aligned with other star systems.

When were they Built? The most adventurous date by modern experts is 10,500 BC. The Secret Doctrine makes a case for hundreds of thousands of years before Adam was created based on the ancient texts from the Dyzans, the Hindu Puranas and Vedas, the Sumerians, the Greeks, the Egyptians, Babylonians, the Celts, the Quiches and the Mayans The Druids were Masons who worshiped the Sun, Moon and Stars represented on Masonic Lodges. Gods who descended from the stars to teach mankind were known to the ancients as the Dragons or Serpent People.

Off-planet information from Andromeda, the Pleaides, Sirius, Orion, Vega, Lyra, Niburu,  Ursa Major and Minor confirms these are the original pyramids under Antarctica, the Gobi Desert, and the seas of the world. they reappear? Edgar Cayce, Ruth Montgomery and other psychics and off planet information says Yes! will they reappear. 

During the earth changes that are happening at the end of this cycle of time according to the Dendera Zodiac, the Mayan Calendar, and Myths from all over the world encoded in our sacred sites._There is a direct link between the Dracontia, the Lemurian, Atlantean architects and builders who were originally the Brotherhood of the Dragon, initiated by the Sumerian god E. A. or, the Serpent in the Garden of Eden who is credited with building temples and teaching the people. 

His Hindu counterpart is Vishnu, the Babylonian Oannes, the Man-Fish, and the Greek is Dagon, the Welsh is Aedd. , the Mexican Quetzalcoatl, or Serpent god are descendents of the Hivim, the great race of the Dragon. In the Pymander Hermes meets Osiris in the form of a Dragon who gives him the ‘Word.

In Celtic Myth, Merlin is the Dragon, Pendragon is the father of Arthur,  , the teacher of mankind. The giant Arthur beheld three pillars of light on which were described all science and knowledge. Tradition asserts that in the days of Sun worship in the reign of Prydain 

Dragons carried the children of Ceridwen, the wife of Arthur, to their home in the skies.  Pike says that the lost word of Masonry is concealed in the name of Arthur, the Druidic Osiris and Bacchus, the supreme god representing the two principles of the ‘All Being.’ 

This  indicates a decided link between their Mystery School and the Mystery Schools of the Egyptians, Sumerians, Quiches and Mayans. Odin, founded the priesthood of the twelve Druids who were custodians of arts and sciences. The Greeks were called Dryadesis almost certain that the Celtic/Druid Mystery Schools originated from one or more ancient civilizations, probably Hyperborea, much earlier than Egypt and Sumeria. 

They worshiped the Serpent and the Cross the ancient universal emblems since the beginning of recorded history. Priests of the Mystery Schools gradually corrupted themselves and were destroyed by Christianity.

Zecharia Sitchin has seen the caduceus as emulating the structure of the genetic code which allowed Adam and Eve to procreate. Every ancient civilization revered this symbol except the Christians who chose to forget the brazen serpent of Moses who guarded the Israelites from attacks from serpents. Seth the reputed forefather of Israel, is a Jewish version of Thoth-Hermes. 

Robert O. Becker notes that the Salamander’s skeleton is as complex as the human skeleton, and the Salamander’s nervous system is the forerunner of our own. A Salamander is a form of Dragon. Paracelsus, like Dr. Becker, a medical reformer and the most famous alchemical Hermetic philosopher of his day, described the Salamander as a huge flaming giant in flowing robes protected with sheets of fiery armor. Egyptians, Chaldeans, and Persians often mistook Salamanders for gods because of their radiant splendor and great power. The Greeks honored them by keeping incense and fires burning perpetually. 

Ancient texts describe fantastic monsters covered with scales of armor, eyes flashing lightening, jaws belching flames. The great beasts roared on the winds of the heavens and plunged down into the depths of the oceans; their fiery breath shriveled towns to ashes; sometimes a Dragon captured a damsel and carried her off to its lair in the clouds., the founder of the Hero Dynasty, had a carriage drawn by two Dragons; the Emperor Yoan claimed to be the son of a red Dragon. A Dragon is said to have appeared at the birth of Confucius.

Hindu mythology is packed with the sexual liaisons between Naga gods and their semi-divine progeny. The Hindu epics of the Mahabarata and the Ramayana concern the early Aryan contacts with wondrous beings with immense cosmic wisdom called Nagas. The Nagas were semi-divine beings with a human face and the tail of a Dragon. These epics recall that the Dragons of Hyperborea eliminated the early Lemurians who were gradually becoming more human and unfit to deal with the changes of climate. 

To differentiate between Lemuria and Atlantis, the ancient writers referred to Atlantis as Northern Hyperborea and Lemuria as Southern Hyperborea. The epics permeate with their love hate relationships. The force of the number 666 is expressed by the Chinese in the first hexagram of the I Ching oracle. The Chinese Dragon and the Beast in Revelation have the same origin according to the British writer, John Michel. 

The Earl of Glencarty, another respected writer by the British House of Lords, believed that the Elohim of the Bible were the same benefactors of mankind as all the other Dragons in world mythology Baal, Bel, Marduk, all different names for the ‘Lord of the Earth’ represent the divine Serpent power that is eminent in the world. 

According to the Persian legend Mescia and Meschiane, the first man and woman were seduced by Ahriman, under the form of a Serpent. The Greek god Zeus impregnates many goddesses in the guise of a Serpent. Pluto overcame the virtue of Prosperine under the form of a Serpent. The Egyptian Kneph, the Creator, is a Serpent who represented a circle surrounding the four corners of the earth in the form of a cross.Now we could ask ourselves why Dragons and Serpents are credited with this great wisdom and knowledge all over the world and why Christians have made Him Satan, the Devil? 

The Dragon, while sacred and to be worshiped has within himself something more of the divine nature of which it is better to remain in ignorance. Homeric Verse. Jesus Christ said, Be ye as wise as serpents and gentle as doves". The caduceus of Thoth-Hermes, the symbol of the AMA, the two serpents entwined around the rod, are the symbol of his powers of immortality and divine knowledge. The caduceus was also carried by the Sumerian god who created Homo Sapiens Sapien in the Absu, his underwater laboratory. Why would Christians call him the ‘Devil?’ 

Genesis 3:15 describes Jehovah talking to the serpent in the Garden of Eden: "And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between they seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and then shalt bruise thy heel." ASV

Some Biblical scholars interpret this verse literally, that men and women who are descendents of Eve (i.e. the entire human race) and the descendents of the serpent (i.e. all the snakes in the world) will hate and attack each other. The phrase "he shall" is interpreted in the collective sense to refer to all humanity. Other Biblical scholars interpret the verse symbolically. They believe that it is linked to Romans 16:20:

"The God of peace will soon crush Satan under his feet."

The "he shall bruise thy head" phrase in Genesis refers to Jesus triumphing over Satan. As a result of this interpretation, Genesis 3:15 is sometimes referred to as the "protoevangelium", the first gospel. In all earlier world religions the Serpent is worshiped so there is no Satan.

It is to the Greek Orphic religion we must turn to for a meaningful interpretation of the phrase. In Greek mythology, Ophion, the serpent god of the Orphics, the religion of Orpheus, vexes Eurynome for claiming to have created the universe:

" Forthwith she bruised his head with her heel, kicked out his teeth and banished him to the dark caves beneath the earth." In essence Ophion tried to take credit for creating the universe

The earth born Pelasgians claim to have sprung from the serpent Ophion’s teeth. The Greek Orphic religion is the basis for Christian religion. There is a similarity between the Orphic myth and the 15th and 16th verses of the 3rd Chapter of Genesis when Jehovah makes his prediction according to his vision that his people would mix with the Hyperborean Hermaphrodites. Jehovah was enraged with the Elohim for interfering with the Adam 2 of the second creation story in Genesis. Jehovah is the Serpent in the paradise.

The Puranas, the Chaldean and Egyptian fragments, and also the Chinese traditions, all show an agreement with the Secret Doctrine as to the process and order of evolution. For instance; the statement concerning the serpentine, oviparous, egg bearing, mode of procreation of the Lemurians, and even a hint at a less innocent mode of the first gigantic, transparent, dumb monstrous, mammal forms. This order of evolution is found also in Genesis Chapters 1 & 2 if one reads it in its true esoteric sense, for chapter 1 contains the history of the 1st three races of Atlantis when mankind is called to conscious life by the Elohim of Wisdom.

According to Colonel James Churchward's book, "Children of Mu", and substantiated by the Book Dyzan, the first people in India were the Mayas who left Lemuria and went to Burma were known as the Nagas and subsequently became known as the Danavas. The Naga serpent gods were great navigators whose ships sailed from western to eastern oceans and to northern and southern seas in ages so remote that the sun had not risen above the horizon. 

They were great architects and built cities and palaces that reflected a high civilization. They were great warriors of the epics of India, the Mahabharata and the Ramayama which concern themselves with the early Aryan contacts with the Nagas. The epics permeate with their love-hate relationships. The ante-deluvian kings and priests were all part saurian, being the progeny of the intermarriage of dragons and their terrestrial progeny.

If we study the stories of several Rishis and their multifarious progeny, Pulastya   is found to be the father of all the egg-bearing Nagas who are human serpents.   Kasyapa was the grandsire, through his wife Tamra, of the birds of Garuda. The first Nagas are born before the complete separation of the sexes, "matured in the man-bearing eggs" produced by the power of the holy sages of the early Lemurians. The Nagas, inspite of their serpent's tail,do not creep but manage to walk, run and fight in the allegories. Some of the descendents of the primitive Nagas, the Serpents of Wisdom, peopled America when it arose during Atlantis. The medicine men of Mexico are called Nagals,  and Quetzalcoatl was the name of the winged serpent.

In the 1st Chapter of Genesis, animals, whales and fowls of the air are created before the Androgyne Adam, some Kabalists see them as the sacred animals of the zodiac and other heavenly bodies. In the second chapter , Adam the sexless comes first, and the animals only appear after him. The deep sleep of Adam symbolizes the unconsciousness of the first two Races.

The Secret Doctrine dates the second and third races of the Hyperboreans and Lemurians before the Triassic/Jurassic period over sixty-five million years ago. It was the age of the reptiles of the gigantic Megalosauri, Ichthyosauri, Plesiosauri, etc. and of gigantic men. Science denies the presence of man in that period. If this is so why is it that men came to know of these monsters and describe them.

The Secret Doctrine tells us that the serpent is a wave form of energy...a sperm symbol representative of life...a symbol of the Serpent Kings who are said by all cultures all around the world to have come from the sky to establish the beneficent and civilizing rule of the Sons of the Sun, or the Sons of Heaven upon Earth. The Ruth Montgomery and Edgar Cayce readings tell us that the major problem then in Lemuria and Atlantis was the Dinosauria. If we place the Dragon and Serpent gods in that time frame it will give us some idea to the antiquity of the gods.

Then came the catastrophe. As Genesis 6.4 puts it, "the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them." The Hyperboreans made the mistake of mingling their blood in intercourse with Jehovahs’ creatures, and in this sin of racial mixture, Paradise was lost. The physical cause was the fall of a comet call Typhon, as a result of which the North and South Poles changed position, and Hyperborea became invisible again.

Before the cataclysm, some Hyperboreans had already taken refuge at the South Pole. Others were driven southwards by the Ice Age: we known them historically as the fine and artistic Cro-Magnon Man, whose sudden appearance in Europe is a puzzle to anthropologists. One group of exiles founded a great civilization in the Gobi Desert, then a fertile place.

In an early fragment of the Sumerian material concerning the epic hero Gilgamesh, who is part saurian demi-god. In the story " Land of the Living," we find an antecedent to the Greek Argonauts. In the "Sirius Mystery", The author Robert Temple feels that this fragment is the earliest known form of Jason. Both heroes are in search of the Sun. In the Sumerian fragment we also find the surprising line:

"The hero, his teeth are the teeth of a dragon."

In the Jason story he is accompanied by fifty Argonauts. In the Gilgamesh story he is accompanied by fifty Anunaki gods also! This leads to the conclusion that the Argonauts were the Greek equivalent of the Sumerian Annunaki gods.

Christianity has its links to Orphism and the Greek Orphites adopted their rites from serpent worship and. Sun worshipers crossed over into Egypt, Sumeria and Babylon from India where we find the priests generally styled themselves as sons of the Dragon and Serpent. Modern theologians are reticent to seriously contemplate that we might have actually originated from the Serpent in the Garden of Eden yet mythology tells us that the tradition of the Dragon and the Sun is echoed in every part of the world, and was established through the once universal worship of the Sun.


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