DMT and Reptilian Experiences

Hi, there. I have a few nuggets of info' that I would like to share with you. I know you are busy and get a lot of correspondence, so I'll try to be succinct.

Firstly, are you aware of some of the comments made by Rick Strassman (author of "DMT: The Spirit Molecule: A Doctor's Revolutionary Research into the Biology of Near-Death and Mystical Experiences") on the Laura Lee radio show on the 01/15/02?

Laura Lee and Rick Strassman are discussing the DEA-approved clinical research on DMT carried out by Strassman on 60 volunteers. They have just been discussing the reported experiences of the volunteers whilst on DMT...

Laura Lee: (How) were they interacting, speaking with, observing? What was the uniformity of these experiences?
Rick Strassman: Well, the kind of images people would report were kind of repeating, a number of people described these creatures as insect-like, or reptilian. Those were probably the most common; alligators, mantices, bees, ants, but quite large and quite intelligent.

A number of people reported that these entities or beings were extremely interested in our emotional lives, our emotional reactions and states, it almost seems as if they're no (?) or non-physical kind of reality precluded them having emotional responses, or an emotional life.
Laura Lee: We're oddities to them, huh?
Rick Strassman: Umm, well, I think we have something ... that they want, that they may have once had experienced but couldn't any longer.

Strassman goes on to claim how he hadn't really discussed these reports for a couple of years. Neither himself or his patients had expected these results. Strassman also point out that these tests took place in the early 90's before the boom in alien/UFO popularity.

The possible relationship between these experiences and DMT is very interesting. A possible mechanism to peer into other dimensions, experience the reality in which the reptilians exist.

This segment is about 62mins into the chat, although the entire broadcast is very interesting.

An additional point of my own; a friend of my girlfriend sees everyone as reptilian when he takes ecstasy i.e. everyone in the room will seem physically reptilian, they will have scaly skin and reptilian faces. Have you come across such ecstasy-induced experiences before? I'm not sure if it is pure MDMA-induced, possibly not.

Secondly, I'd like to briefly mention some strange moments during my girlfriend's life.

I have always been intrigued by the parallels between the lives of people who have a profound life-change or massive perspective change. Your good self went through a profound period of transition after experiencing a painful, debilitating condition, and later disillusion with green politics. I know Robert Anton Wilson had polio when he was a child. I have come across other high profile cases, the details of which I cannot recall.

I was talking with my girlfriend last night about the 'enlightenment' feeling she reached during meditation in India (it's a great story). I'm always asking for new info' 'cos a lot is hidden inside her memory for various reasons.

She experiences 'rushes'. Feelings of energy surging up her body from her vagina to her heart chakra. I always tell her it is her prana/kundalini flowing through her chakras and not getting to her throat chakra (communication issues = another story!).

She started experiencing these rushes after a nervous breakdown. She left home and lived on the streets. She did a lot of bad things to herself. One night she had a severe panic attack and thought she was going to die. She didn't talk to anyone (apart from a drugs councillor) for a year.

She then started experiencing panic attacks every time she was about do something that would hurt her. She said it was terrifying and the most scary period of her life, but it ultimately re-conditioned her to think differently about her life. Her whole perspective was changed. Since then she has been having wonderful, but overwhelming, rushes. Soon they will be continuing to her crown chakra.

The night of her first panic attack, she lay in bed with the side of her face on a white pillow. With her right eye she looked at the edge of her nose. Around the edge of her nose she saw a greeny-blue aura (the colour of the universe, the very same). She then noticed it around her whole arm and it was prominent and wide.

Try the nose/pillow trick. It works every time!! (focus on pillow then look at edge of nose. try not to alter focus too much)

We began to notice in her room the prominence of this colour. She is an artist and has incorporated this colour and references to profound life experiences in her brilliant art. ...

So, I'm guess I'm trying to point how illness, physical harm, depression, breakdowns, pole-changes could cause a bottom-of-the-barrel effect and an opportunity to 're-program' the way you perceive the universe. A lot like Tim Leary's proposed LSD re-programming clinics (using LSD instead of a breakdown!), and meditation/tantra practices.

Book info:

DMT: The Spirit Molecule: A doctor's revolutionary research into the biology of near-death and mystical experiences.

Author: Rick Strassman

Archive date: 01-25-02
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