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MUFON - Riverside County Chapter of Southern California

by, Greg Wright

Ed Dames was in charge of a U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency team of remote viewers. Now the head of his own remote viewing company called PSI TECH, he claims that his company's remote viewing findings are 100% accurate. One such finding, involving about ten remote viewers over a nine-month period, is that a plant pathogen placed by extraterrestrials in a cylinder or cylindrical area connected to the Hale-Bopp comet is headed toward Earth--more specifically, Africa--and over the next couple of years will spread and kill most of the world's plants, leading to mass starvation. He says that most of us who survive will be eating algae. His teams have also predicted for the Earth's central latitudes devastating winds of up to 300 miles per hour resulting from the jet stream coming down onto or near the Earth's surface, widespread genetic mutations and destructive micro-organisms resulting from ozone depletion and increased UV radiation, a bovine AIDS virus that will kill many infants who drink milk, and, by the summer of 1998, global economic collapse. But are these things really going to happen?

I have listened to Dames several times on the Art Bell radio show. I have read about him in a new book by Jim Schnabel, Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America's Psychic Spies. I have asked Courtney Brown about him. I have even asked a reverse speech expert and a channeled entity about him. And recently, this February, I heard him speak for the Los Angeles chapter of MUFON and talked with him briefly afterward. Now I want to offer my perspective.

Dames rarely speaks at public events. He came to the MUFON meeting without a prepared speech; he just came, he said, to answer our questions and clear up our misunderstandings. As he said on the Art Bell show, he thinks MUFON has changed from an investigative body to a group of conspiracy theorists. The meeting got pretty wild. Dames joked at the outset that because of his work with the Government, undoubtedly most people in a MUFON crowd would distrust him. Indeed, there is considerable reason to distrust him, but I want to start out by telling how one element of suspicion I had was removed.

When a Courtney Brown remote viewing team concluded that a bomb had downed TWA Flight 800, and then I heard Dames say how his team concluded that no, it was mechanical failure, I wondered whether Dames was helping the Government cover something up. But apparently that's not the case. After the meeting I talked with a young student of Dames who clearly was sincere about her remote viewing work. When I expressed my doubts about the objectivity of remote viewing and used as an example the Brown vs. Dames discrepancy re the TWA crash, she excitedly said that she was one of the people who remote viewed the crash and began describing the details of what she perceived that coincided with what the entire Dames team perceived. So I am confident that the remote viewers' efforts were genuine, although there remains the possibility that Dames or someone else psychically influenced it. Also, apart from the question of whether such influence occurred, there is a question of whether the finding is correct. Besides Browns' divergent finding there is yet a different finding by David Morehouse, one of Dames' Government remote viewers, who remote viewed that the flight was downed by a high-energy beam.

Schnabel's book characterizes Dames as a gung ho psychic sleuth and a loose cannon. While working for the Government he followed his own agenda in having his remote viewers target things like extraterrestrials, Atlantis and paranormal phenomena. Also according to Schnabel, Dames developed a reputation for pushing his Government remote viewers toward target descriptions he favored. An example of his bias is when Dames interpreted target descriptions from his remote viewing team as indicating an invasion from the North Pole and the target turned out to be Santa Claus and his sleigh.

At the recent Prophets conference (March 7-9 in Los Angeles) I came across David John Oates' booth and asked two women there whether Oates had any reverse speech findings about Dames. (Oates has found through extensive research that when you record what someone says and play it backwards, words and phrases can be heard which express what the person really believes about what they are saying.) One of the women said that she had studied some of Dames' speech for Oates and that it showed Dames to be sincere in wanting to help the world through his remote viewing work but that this work was strongly affected by his "personal stuff." I told her that that was exactly the conclusion I had come to about him.

I especially had a good feeling about Dames when at the MUFON meeting he described how in the future he was intending to focus his work on finding treatments and cures for health problems. But I also believe Dames likes the feeling of omniscience remote viewing seems to give some people and I don't think he recognizes the amount of bias remote viewing is subject to.

As much as remote viewers try to distinguish themselves from psychics and channelers and to be scientific rather than New Age, remote viewing is still clairvoyance. People like Ingo Swann and Ed Dames are to be congratulated for working out elaborate protocols to make the type of clairvoyance they practice as free from bias as possible, but bias is unavoidable. It might seem that when remote viewers are given a random number that a monitor has assigned to a target, this prevents biasing from the monitor. It does not. WHAT CONNECTS THE RANDOM NUMBER WITH THE TARGET IS THE INTENT AND THOUGHT OF THE MONITOR, SO IN ORDER TO FIND THE TARGET, THE REMOTE VIEWER HAS TO CONNECT WITH THE MIND OF THE MONITOR! And if the remote viewer can pick up the monitor's conscious identification of the target, he or she can equally well pick up other ideas the monitor has about the target, both conscious and unconscious. In fact, each remote viewer of a team can pick up the conscious and unconscious ideas of all the other team members. More than being discovery about a target, such remote viewing is an exercise in group mind!

When I asked Dames about the foregoing problem, he replied that there is a step in his protocol which has the viewer look for any bias and screen it out. But how much screening is possible?

Dames says that when one remote viewer views a target, he perceives as part of the target other remote viewers who are also viewing it or who have viewed it in the past. In other words, the act of remote viewing a target changes the target. Well, the same applies to people THINKING about a target. A monitor of a remote viewing session may conceive of a target like the TWA crash in physical terms, but in reality (at a quantum physical level) the target is mental as well and incorporates everything that is being thought about it or ever has been or ever will be thought about it.

At the MUFON meeting someone asked Dames whether, if he targeted Jesus for remote viewing, he might actually get information about a delusional person who BELIEVED he was Jesus. Dames answered no, that remote viewers access the akashic records and that these hold only the truth. But what is "the truth"? There is no such thing. Rather, the akashic records are recordings of all of our individual EXPERIENCES. In reading the akashic records, one perceives experiences, not objective truth, and one perceives experiences of particular individuals or intelligences, not some boiled-down objective single version of the truth from the mind of God. The idea of "Jesus" and the idea of "TWA Flight 800 crash" are perceived by billions of minds in billions of different ways, and each person who accesses a given idea in the akashic records is likely to retrieve different of those perceptions.

At the MUFON meeting someone asked Dames whether some of his remote viewing findings could apply to alternative time tracks that we would never physically experience. Dames said no, that the fact that previous remote viewings of the future had come true showed that his teams were only tuning in to the time track we would actually experience. But what does Dames count as "coming true"? His prediction about the jet stream winds, for example, has come true to a small extent. But if the winds never get as strong as he predicted it suggests that, indeed, the viewers tuned in to an alternative time track that was related to but different from the one we would ultimately experience. MANY PROPHESIERS TUNE IN TO TIME TRACKS THAT ARE MORE CATACLYSMIC THAN THE TIME TRACK THAT IS THE MOST PROBABLE BECAUSE THE GREATER FEAR, EMOTION AND DRAMA OF THOSE TIME TRACKS ATTRACT THE PERSON TO THEM.

Dames believes that when two or more of his remote viewers get the same results, this guarantees 100% accuracy. (Dames says his sessions may use as few as two remote viewers; Courtney Brown told me that results from Dames' teams cannot be trusted because he doesn't document how particular sessions were conducted.) But Dames and Courtney Brown reached different conclusions about the TWA crash even though each used multiple remote viewers who each got the same results as the other members of their own teams. Parapsychologist Barry Taff, who was involved in the early development of remote viewing, said on the Art Bell show that sometimes a team of remote viewers would all describe the same target but it would be the wrong target. Sometimes, Taff said, the details of agreement about the target would be even more impressive than on occasions when they described the correct target. And to their dismay, they could never find any difference between the sessions that found the correct target and those that found the wrong target.

Dames attributes teams of remote viewers finding a wrong target to protocol that fails to screen out bias. He says that the protocol Brown uses causes Brown's teams to be likely to get everything wrong after the first five minutes of an approximately forty-five minute remote viewing session. Maybe, but I don't believe it. Having heard Brown talk about his remote viewing work and having read about it in his book Cosmic Voyage, I believe that he, like Dames, makes considerable effort to screen out bias--but I don't think all bias can be screened out.

Ironically, Dames and Brown are critical of each other while each is practicing the same discipline that they claim they have made 100% accurate. Dames calls his version "technical remote viewing" while Brown calls his version "scientific remote viewing." I think neither one's remote viewing is nor ever can be 100% accurate, and I think they both are insecure about this. I think neither one has been willing to acknowledge how important their own biases are.

The remote viewing findings Dames has come up with give much cause for skepticism. Consider the following:

When Dames targeted reptilian ETs, his remote viewers found only mundane reptiles and locations like crocodiles and Disneyland. Plenty of reliable witnesses have described encounters with reptilian ETs, so some kind of bias which was not detected prevented Dames' viewers from finding these beings who definitely exist. Maybe a decision was made on an unconscious level not to get involved with reptilian ETs, many of whom are highly aggressive. Or maybe reptilian ETs blocked the connection.

Dames concluded through remote viewing that the Ray Santilli alien autopsy film shown on Fox TV was faked, and that a pump hidden under the operating table was used to pump fluid into an artificially constructed corpse while the latter was being cut up. This may turn out to be true, but after hearing extensive debate on the matter, the evidence I have heard favors the autopsy being real, albeit from a UFO crash at Socorro, New Mexico a month before the Roswell crash, and involving a different type of ET.

Dames concluded that Travis Walton was abducted to serve ETs as a manual laborer on Mars, and that he was on Mars for two years. There is evidence that some Grays engage in time travel, so I consider this scenario to at least be possible. But I have a couple of questions. The amnesia Grays induce in abductees who are taken for a couple of hours or so is often broken through, so could Walton really spend two years on Mars doing manual labor and not remember any of it? But perhaps he does have such memories and hasn't acknowledged them. So my other question is, what about Walton's unshaven face when he was deposited back on Earth? While on Mars did the Grays say, "Look at Travis' face. It's been five days since he last shaved. We'd better return him five days after the time we abducted him so that his face stubble will match the time he'll think he's been gone."? Is the idea of being abducted to do manual labor on Mars (and it happens that Dames has done other remote viewing involving Martian ETs) something that happened to Travis Walton or instead, perhaps, a fear in the unconscious mind of Dames?

Dames said that when the Betty and Barney Hill abduction is remote viewed, something diverts you from what happened and wants to show you something else. He didn't identify the cause of this diversion, but at the MUFON meeting he did make the more general statement that only angels have been able to block his remote viewing and that they do this when they deem that particular things shouldn't be viewed. He said they have prevented technology from being viewed that has destructive potential and that they have partially blocked the viewing of certain types of abductions. Similarly, Courtney Brown says that when you remote view ET-related events, often ETs are aware of your remote viewing and they may block it. So both Dames and Brown acknowledge that other intelligences can influence remote viewing, although I think they both believe that in such instances the remote viewer is aware of this happening. For example, Dames does not believe that reptilian ETs interfered with the reptilian ET remote viewing, but rather that the target didn't exist and therefore the unconscious minds of the viewers found the next-closest thing.

Dames concluded that the UFOs photographed by Carlos Diaz near Mexico City are portals, not ships, and that they are operated by salamander-like beings. Maybe, but Diaz reports having repeated contact with humanoid ETs who have taken him aboard what he perceives as ships, albeit unusual ones.

Dames concluded that beings involved with the Roswell crash (he may have said the agent who caused the crash) subsequently traveled back in time and prevented the crash from occurring, causing all physical evidence from the crash to disappear but leaving intact people's memories of collecting and examining that evidence. Dames said you could change the physical reality without changing the mental reality, but I don't believe it. Mind and matter are intimately connected. I think if you go back in time and prevent the crash, you create a new time track where there is no crash for people to collect or examine debris from, and therefore no one remembers collecting or examining debris--unless they access the parallel time track in which the crash occurred. If this idea is correct, then contrary to what Dames believes, what he remote viewed, if accurate, IS a different time track than the one we are on!

Dames says there will only be three safety zones after the Hale-Bopp antibiotic has taken its toll: (1) western British Columbia, (2) Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and (3) the place Dames plans to move to, which is a Polynesian island that he would not name. He acknowledged that different of his remote viewers came up with different safety zones (I think the three places he ended up with are those that had the most agreement) and that he couldn't figure out why. Maybe the viewers were tuning in to areas with personal significance. Certainly a tropical island might appeal to Dames.

At the MUFON meeting Dames said that the U.S. Government has never made contact with ETs. This contradicts the experiences of some abductees and it contradicts the knowledge of reliable investigators like C-SETI director Steven Greer, who has dozens of firsthand witnesses to Government involvement with ETs ready to testify to Congress. So is Dames simply uninformed (and perhaps misinformed) or is he covering up? He supported his statement by saying something to the effect that "When the U.S. goes into Rwanda, does it need to make agreements with the warlords?" In other words, he was saying, ETs can carry out their agenda on Earth without seeking permission from Earth governments. Thus he seems to regard ETs as beings who will basically do whatever they want as long as they have the power to do it--a cynical viewpoint which is only a small part of the truth but which elements of the Government focus on in order to justify THEIR doing whatever THEY want as long as THEY have the power to do it.

This brings me to a rumor about Dames and the Government remote viewing program that was circulating at the recent Prophets conference. If you think about the possibility of a devastating plant pathogen being introduced into Africa and causing the starvation of millions of blacks and poor people there, who would be the most likely culprit: ETs or our own planet's Secret Government? And if our Secret Government was involved in such a plan, wouldn't it serve their purposes to have a respected remote viewer put out a prediction blaming the crime on ETs and connecting it with something--a comet--that for many people already exists as an omen of fear? Any scenario that paints ETs and heavenly bodies like asteroids and comets as things to be feared raises the feeling of dependence on the Government and raises support for more money being spent on high technology defense systems.

If the plant pathogen prophecy is fraudulent, either it could be Dames' doing or it could be that his team's remote viewing was interfered with. According to the Prophets conference rumor, the reason Dames and his remote viewers were retired from the Department of Defense was that they were a threat to the Secret Government, who trained their own remote viewers. Dames was probing too widely, and might learn about and expose criminal things being done by the Secret Government. So Dames and the others were given retirement deals that allowed them to continue to use and teach remote viewing so long as they stayed within certain limits, like not trespassing into psychically protected places (places protected by the Secret Government's remote viewers) or teaching others techniques that might allow them to do this.

If either Dames or a Secret Government team is responsible for the plant pathogen prophecy, their plan does have a serious problem, which is that anything Dames remote views connected with the Government is suspect. For example, on his latest (March 6) appearance on the Art Bell show Dames announced that his remote viewers had determined that scientist Philip Taylor Kramer had been kidnapped, killed and buried by along a stream or river (I forget which) in Montana. Dames said he had accepted this case mainly to establish credibility for his remote viewing. But since Kramer may have been kidnapped by the Secret Government, they may have told Dames where the body is, and if the body is found it could be evidence of a Dames collaboration with the Secret Government rather than evidence of the validity of his remote viewing. The same applies to Dames' plant pathogen prophecy. Dames may have been informed of such a scheme by the Secret Government or he may have gotten wind of it one way or another (perhaps psychically) via the Secret Government, so if this prophecy comes true, it will cast tremendous suspicion on the Secret Government!

Although Dames has been disparaging of channeling, Schnabel reports that there was a time when a channeler (Angela Dellafiora) who was on Dames' Government remote viewing team was getting more accurate information than any of the remote viewers. I myself have received excellent information through channelers, including from an entity named Aero channeled by Jan Whitener. Jan knew nothing about Ed Dames but Aero apparently did. With Jan in trance, I was describing some of Dames' cataclysmic predictions when Aero interrupted:

"Please feel free to correct us if we misspeak, but we are aware of this energy of this individual and have spoken of it and on it before. And we would ask you to ask yourself some questions in regard to this. We would ask you to ask self, what is this individual's belief system? What is he sourcing himself in? What are his agendas? Indeed, we would also suggest that if you are in communication with this one, that you would ask him to turn his attention to remote viewing of future technologies that will answer many of the future needs. And we would ask that you search within yourself for the attraction that you feel, the curiosity that you feel to this individual and the messages that he brings."

A simplistic concept of channeling is that a spirit entity speaks through the channeler. However, what I have learned from my study of channeling is that some kind of blending of consciousness takes place among the entity, the channeler and the questioner or audience, and what is spoken comes from this blending. Similarly, a simplistic concept of remote viewing is that a remote viewer accesses information from the akashic records. However, I think what actually happens is that there is a blending of consciousness among the people or beings whose records are being accessed, the remote viewer, and the people who are seeking or receiving information from the remote viewer. And if a team of remote viewers is involved, then there is a blending of consciousness among everyone on the team.

If this concept is correct, then remote viewing is a kind of channeling, and Ed Dames and his remote viewers are channelers. They focus on what they conceptualize as an objective target (which may be a person, a place, a thing or an event) but what they actually do is connect with and channel the consciousness of people and/or other beings connected with target and connected with their desire to acquire information about the target. I know that "channeler" is about the last thing Dames would like to be called. Channeling is personal and subjective, and Dames wants to be technical and objective. How can you speak with military-like authority if your work is shaped in a vital way by your own and others' beliefs, fears and emotions?

Here is a final Dames prophecy--one that he says became his top priority once his remote viewers started tuning in to it. He says that sometime between the years 1999 and 2001 an event will occur that will simultaneously affect and permanently change all the world's people. It is something spiritual. The closest he can get to interpreting more specifically what it is is that it may be a time shift.

Some channelers have been bringing through information about humanity and the Earth shifting to a higher-frequency dimension in the near future. And this may well be "a new Heaven and a new Earth" from the Apostle John's visionin the Book of Revelation. I wouldn't attribute any greater accuracy to Dames' information about the coming great event than to channeled and visionary sources just because Dames is practicing "technical remote viewing"--in fact, some channeled entities have offered a much fuller explanation of the event--but each new viewpoint offered will increase our understanding.

Greg Wright

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