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Mr Icke,

Firstly, I would just like this opportunity to thank you for one of the best days I have had for a long time. I travelled to Battersea yesterday (sun 01/12/02) to watch you give a marvellous talk. I have read most of your books, in fact the only one I do not have I bought yesterday! I can so see exactly what you are saying but like you said I felt like part of the herd, a sheeple. But from now on I will be taking that deep breath you mentioned and not be bullied into conformity. So again I would like to thank you for this.

The reason I was emailing was the point you made about how the Disney film Monsters inc. easily represents the interdimensional entities and their method of obtaining energy. Well, on this web site

is a picture of the director of those monsters-I dont know if you noticed but he is AN EYE (probably all seeing!!!) How obvious are they trying to make it?!!! Also have a look at the Monsters inc. logo- not dissimilar to the all seeing eye too.

Hope this email finds you well, and hope to hear your opinion / thoughts from you soon.

Take care

Archive date: 12-05-02
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