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I live in Edmonton Alberta Canada and this week in our local free artsy news paper was an article entitled: The Reptilian Riddle about why Bush was SELECTED & was not elected President, due to his Royal Dragon Bloodline. It refered to Mr. Icke's site and was written by someone who wished to remain hidden.

So this weekend at my mom in laws I decided to see what was new in Icke's cyberworld.

I must congradulate Jacqueline Maria Longstaff, the writer of the book: "Only one sky to fly in" as I have made contacts with "the good guys in green".

I wasn't always comfortable with the E.T scenerio happening on earth, I have battled with the greys on one occasion during an abduction and broke free of that zombie like state of mind while naked on a cold metal examination table only to exterminate one with my fist. How this happened I can't really say how, but I gnos it did.

Anyhoo, I have journeyed quite the ways in consciousness since then and like Boo in Monsters Inc. once one overcomes their fear of them they are pretty powerless.

I have as my bible David Icke's Children of the Matrix and gnos my connection and place in the universe at this time.

My reptilian contact has a name and is sort like a guide to me in the big confusing ball of yarn known as consesus reality.

No questions here, just compliments on the great work everyone is doing here and there, from above and below on gaining our freedom, especially to Mrs. Longstaff.

Maxim a.k.a NagaSat.

Archive date: 12-02-02
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