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Embracing the Reptiles

Jacqueline Maria Longstaff

The second and much updated edition of Jacqueline's latest book is now available from: hiddenmysteries.com

A few quotations from the book:


"The reptiles" is the popular name given to an extraterrestrial race or genetic stream that is said to have been controlling Earth and humanity for thousands of years. It is said that, in one form or another, their genetic bloodlines are manipulated into positions of power and have infiltrated every structure on this planet - political, religious, military, media, economic etc.


Message given to Jacqueline from higher dimensional reptilian consciousness:

"It is important that you, Jacqueline, tell the other side of the story - tell about the evolution of "the good". (This is the expression that was used. Normally I do not talk about good and bad as ultimately both "sides" play their parts perfectly. However I feel that on this occasion I must use the words I was given.) "It is important to tell that not all of the reptiles are against the humans and that there is now a "breakaway group" working for "us". They are working with us to help prevent the fulfillment of the reptilian agenda. One of the challenges and possibilities on planet Earth is to develop a conscience and a group of the reptiles have done this and will now work for the upliftment of consciousness on the planet.

"There is only one sky to fly in
only one sky
There is only one sky to die in
only one sky"

This sky in which the so-called ego dies and we can then fly free, is this vast inner emptiness. In it, everything one thinks one is - all false identities - simply dissolve and the creative flow of life or God is experienced. In this sky the pain and the joy, the light and the dark are not weighed or judged. They are simply recognised as experiences emerging from and dissolving back into the divine play of consciousness."

"I often say that if you cannot embrace yourself, you cannot embrace the universe. I also say that whatever applies individually also applies collectively and as people individually learn to accept and embrace the individual shadow, humanity collectively prepares to accept and embrace the collective shadow. This shadow includes the reptiles."

".....with regards to the Royals being shape-shifting reptiles involved in human sacrifice. The following reply was given with a shudder:

"Ugh - when I go in and take a look at what's happening it's pretty awful! It's as if they are doing such things, but it's not here. You can walk into their house and they're not there, but they are "there". They go to their place, do what they do and come back."

I then asked the question, "They come back fortified in their "reptilianness" you mean?"

The answer was:

"Yes. They have to do it 'cos everything needs a battery and that's their battery."

Topics include: Challenge of the reptiles, the Ruby Red Reptile, British Royal family, shape-shifting, Sirius, Mayan calendar, real spiritual development, ayahuasca and much more. Two new exciting chapters have also been added: "Visions in the Jungle" and "Embraced by a Reptile".

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