The Reptoids
The LizardsFrom Orion
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The Reptoids
Otherwise known as
The Lizards From Orion

Read the following story and determine as to whether you think it is Fact or Fiction. That is all we will say at this point. Good reading!

MANY many millions of years ago in a galaxy far far away there lived (and still are) a group of beings who look exactly like reptoids, otherwise known as Lizards. These are not the usual Lizards as earth Humans think of that skitter here and there and run on the ground, but real live, like alligators, 6ft to 8ft. tall, walk upright, with humanoid faces and are cunningly intelligent. Intelligent enough to design and use very advanced space ships that take them to any galaxies they desire. These Reptoids are so advanced they created other beings, for the express purpose to do their bidding. And, these created beings have their own space craft, built by the Reptoids, to roam about in. These created beings are called "Greys". To explain the relationship of Humans to the Reptoids and this specific time (The Millennium):

There are seven levels of "Densities" that exist for all. The highest level is 7 where the spirit or soul is in concert with the Creator. Humans on earth exist at this point in time at the 3rd level with lower entities such as rocks at level 1 and animals at level 2. The 5th, 6th and 7th levels or densities are only where spirits or souls exist without physical bodies or forms. The Human race is now in the situation where, as the Millennium approaches, they will be moving up to the 4th level. The Reptoids exist on the 4th level which is still a physical level. However, since Humans are in the 3rd density, those beings in the 4th density cannot be seen. The Lizards occasionally appear in the 3rd density, but cannot remain for long. Beings (those with a Soul or Spirit) such as Humans and these Reptoids are also classified according to their beliefs, with those classified as STS (Service To Self - concerned only with Self) or STO (Service To Others). Humans on earth have the capability, when they move to the 4th density, because of their free will, to choose either. The Reptoids are only STS as are all the beings they have created, and they are expecting to rule all Humans in the 4th Density. Since the Reptoids have chosen to lock themselves into STS, they must continually draw large amounts of energy from those at 2nd and 3rd density. And since they have remained at this level and become firmly entrenched in it, and since they are dying, they are desperately trying to take as much energy from Humans as possible. Their plan is to: 1) Retain their race as a viable species, 2) Increase their numbers, 3) Increase their power, and 4) Expand their race throughout the realm of the 4th Density. Their failing is they see only what they want to see, experiencing the highest manifestation possible of that which is referred to as "wishful thinking".

The Reptoids' organization is further expanded and is called Orion Union (an STS), which consist mainly of the Reptoids plus their Human brethern, called the Consortium, which are Humans on earth they have recruited into their fold to do their bidding. It is the intent of the Reptoids to create a new race and control it as well as the rest of humanity. There is information available that there are Humans, controlled comletely by the Reptoids living below the surface of the earth who have never seen the surface. They are also engineering new bodies for themselves to occupy at time of the transition to 4th density because theirs no longer satisfy them. They resort to cloning and stealing of Human embryos to study to determine which is the best soul receptacle for themselves. It is their plan to switch physical realities. The Reptoids have created "vats" which are a grouping of ingredients they will use for the new race. Missing persons often go there and especially missing children.

Each year they take 10% more children whose bodies are stressed tested to determine DNA modification requirements. The Reptoids "feed" only on negative energy. STS beings on the 3rd level draw energy from those on the 1st and 2nd levels. This is why Humans frequently cause pain and suffering to those of the animal kingdom who exist on the 2nd level as well as to each other. Certain alien beings abduct Humans and subject them to cruel and toturous deaths (of the Human body) in order to create "maximum energy transfer". Extreme fear and anxiety builds up fear/anxiety soul energy which is of a negative nature which fuels these beings and keeps them going as one of their forms of nourishment based upon their metabolic structure. This represents the etheral method of nourishment. This is also accomplished by advanced technological extraction of energy through the basal, or sex chakra, and is often disguised as gynecological exams or sperm extraction.

The Greys are 4th density probes of the Reptoid beings. They mimic the nourshiment functions and exist by interaction with the souls of the Reptoids. This is done through technology far in advance of anything Humans currently understand. The Greys are not only built and designed artifically, but also function as a projection, mentally and psychically, of the Reptoids. They have many of the same capabilities of the Reptoids except their physical appearance is entirely different. These beings have no soul, are only extensions of the Reptoids, and as such are manipulated at will at whatever distance by the Reptoids. The "blood" these created beings have is not real red blood as Humans have but something that is easily maintained and not foster disease or inefficiency and is green in color.

There are some alien members of the Consortium that operate in 3rd density but this work is primarily done by Humans who have been contacted and who have chosen the STS pathway. Many "abductees" claiming to have positive experiences actually have had them because image aural readings done by 4th density STS identify them as potential agents. STO beings do not abduct though they do appear in the skies as transdimensional projections and may make telepathic contact.

The Realm Border (The Millennium) that is rapidly approaching will be preceded by an event which has occurred approximately every 3600 years in the earth solar system; the arrival of a comet cluster. The ruling class of earth knows this "object" is on its way. It is a cluster of many varied sized comets (asteroids) which orbits around the earth and sun in a spirographic figure. This comet cluster has brought many changes to the earth and to the system. Fourteen bodies of this cluster struck earth 27 million years ago and killed many species of large animals. This comet cluster entered the earth solar system at the "time" of the "fall". The fall is the story of the takeover of mankind by the Reptoids beings. At this time the entire earth was Eden. The true identity of the "Serpent" in Eden was the coming of the Reptoid beings. This occurred 309,882 years ago as earth time is measured. The Reptoids, through many wars and other occurrances have been studying and manipulating the Human race for some 74,000 years!

The eating of the fruit of the "Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil" was symbolic of encoding of genetic limitation. At this point a number of physical changes took place including development of the "Reptilian Brain". Jealousy was encoded and this is the story of "Mark" of Cain. The Reptoids beings genetically altered mankind for their own feeding purposes. Another significant occurrence in past times was the destruction of the planet Kantek which once existed where the astroid belt in the earth solar system is now. Many of the beings on this planet were brought to earth as part of the Reptoids beings' genetic experimentation, approximately 8000 years ago. Blond and blue-eyed people are the descendants. This was the origin of the Aryan race and the Celts, a ferocious and sturdy people. The planet Venus entered the earth solar system by the gravational pull of the comet cluster mentioned above. Venus was an ancient wanderer from near Arcturus. A third occurrance was that of the planet Martek known as Mars. The planet was originally inhabited by beings known as Sasquatch or Bigfoot, used now by the Reptoids for menial tasks on earth.

The Reptoids have brought to earth other beings known as Nephilim. These beings are 3rd level "enforcers" whose behavior is similar to that of the hated Gestapo during the Humans' World War II. The Reptoids influencing Hitler was a practice run in preparation for the present time. The stone heads on Easter island represent the Nephilim. The Reptoids attempted to create a "Master Race" by forced insemination of Human females with the Nephilim, but these giants did not survive because of the strong pull of gravity of the earth on their immense size. The Nephilim are returning however.

There are STS bases in New Mexico, Colorado, California, off the coast of Florida, and in Appalachia. Thumping noises heard underwater near California were sounds of an underwater base being enlarged by sound blasting and matter disintegration. This base has been here for sometime. Now the government is attempting to find out about a "large UFO" (a diameter of 20 kilometer!) that was seen entering the water in the Pacific ocean. This craft is not in the water but underneath the bottom of the ocean, again enlarging a "base" utilizing their advanced tools of matter disintegration which is a prelude to arrival of three more space ships with some twelve million Nephilim Beings. There are already 36 million Reptoids on earth, but they cannot be seen as Humans are not of 4th density vibration, yet. Nothing so far has been found, but in the process, several latest technology underwater craft have been lost.

We are ending the story at this point. It is not complete by any means, but we thought we would end it to give you an opportunity to think about it and give us your thoughts. Obviously, the Human race could be in trouble from the activities of the Reptoids, if the story is fact. If the story is fiction, then perhaps you have found it a fun story, to stir your imagination! Check the box below if you think the story is fact or fiction. Enter into the space provided below your comments. You will not be graded as to pass or fail as there is no such thing with this.

Questions which you may think of before you make your selection and enter your comments are the following: What do the Humans do to counteract activity of the Reptoids? Remember, the Humans are not anywhere advanced technology-wise as the Reptoids. What would you do? What do you think will happen if this is in fact a true story? What are the options available to the Human race? Where or who would you go to ask for help, if you were to ask? Can any help be expected from governments or other parties? What do you think about the story?

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