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By Tricia McCannon

The Vedas are composed of many books some called Puranas. The Puranas tell that throughout the galaxy there are least 400,000 human like races living on various planets.

They tell of races that have skin tones of purple, blue, red, white, black, yellow and brown as we have on this planet. Long ago on this earth there were beings on this Earth that had a bluish cast to their skin. Some people say that these beings still live in the Tibetan mountains.

This is where the expression "true blue blood" came from. Long ago beings in the ancient days who came in as the leaders of men and the kings and the princes who were transcendential beings mated with Earth women, actually had blue casts to their skin.

These beings had the powers of telepathy, levitation, anti gravity devices, were able to see or hear at a distance, tekeportation, including higher dimensional planes, some sort of long distance hypnotic mind control, the ability to change the size of objects without distrupting their structure, the power of invisibility, the ability to assume the illusion of different forms, and the power of possession, the ability to take over one's mind for brief periods of time.

The Vedas describe something called Vimanas, or space ships, which is the ancient name for UFO's used by these beings.

Scene Depicted in an Egyptian Temple

The Vedas divide the beings of the Universe into 3 basic classifications:

The Buttahs:

Being that dwells in spiritual darkness. The person may be intellectually developed. The Buttah are normally associated with nightmares, abductions and the taking of small children. They usually come around at night. The Grey aliens who do abductions falls into this category. The Reptilians are also part of this group. They are usually not very physically attractive. Apparently long ago there was a visitation long ago by Buttahs called Wacshashas who were negative, powerful, aggressive beings.

The Asuras:

Goodlooking, desire for lust and greed and power. They are almost equilvalent to the fallen angels.

Angels, Demi Gods, Devas.

Their God is Vishnu. He incarnated onto the Earth plane when the Asorahs, who had been banished to the earth caused so much destruction the humans prayed to Vishnu for help. He incarnated as Krishna. He came down to teach the negative powers that had incarnated on the earth that they could not get away with destruction.

Brahma, engineer of the universe, takes birth atop a lotus sprouting from the body of Visnu. Seeing darkness in all directions--not knowing his purpose or identity--the sound tapa (penance) vibrates in the ether. Turning his attention inward, he enters a state of meditation for 1,000 celestial years. It is then that the sound of a trancendental flute entered his ears. That sound, the original Vedic mantra OM, when expressed through Brahma's mouth becomes the sacred Gayatri--mother of the Vedas. He then imparts this knowledge to his son Narada.

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