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Dear David,

I am writing to inform you about an extremely interesting,relevant book titled "THE PRINCE AND THE PARANORMAL." I could not see it referenced in any of your bibliographies, so I would like to draw your attention to a particular section and strongly recommend that you obtain a copy to read it further.

"Prince Charles first showed his interest in matters medical by answering the bizarre but wholly justified question:was one of his ancestors a werewolf/vampire?

The ancestor involved was King George 3rd who died just seventeen years before the Prince's great-great-great-grandmother,Victoria,succeeded to the throne.The question was raised when in 1971,aged 23,the Prince met and talked to an historian named John Brooke,who had been granted access to the Royal Archives at Windsor in order to write a biography of George 3rd.They fell into conversation and it quickly emerged that the Prince was extremely well-informed about his ancestor.The two men found they agreed on one point - that most historians had been wrong in condemning George as mad.

But they disagreed on what the correct diagnosis should have been.Brooke believed the King had suffered from porphyria,a metabolic disorder which produces symptoms resembling insanity.It is perhaps better known to the public as the illness which once gave rise to the werewolf and vampire legends.

The reason for this was that exposure to the sun caused it's victims noses and fingers to wither,making their hands resemble paws and claws.The facial skin became taut,drawing back the lips and exposing the teeth.To protect against sunlight, the victims also became nocturnal and grew bushy hair on their faces and hands.They also found they became sensitive to dialkyl disulphide - which is contained in garlic.

But the most interesting of all is that, before modern treatments, the only remedy was to drink large quantities of blood, although not necessarily that of beautiful young virgins.In addition,the genetic defect which causes porphyria is most common in one region of Europe:Transylvania,the legendary home of Dracula.

So,are Prince Charles ,the Queen and other members of the Royal Family descended from someone who has suffered from porphyria and may sometimes have resembled a werewolf or vampire ,or perhaps both?..................."

I found this piece most relevant to your Reptilian theory and wondered whjether this could be a front for something even more sinister.There are certainly some fascinating connections here.

Best Wishes , M D

The book referenced in the article above is out of print.

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The Prince and the Paranormal :
The Psychic Bloodline of the Royal Family


This is in regards to the recent news post (above) regarding Prince Charles's question to the Royal Historian about his great great great ancester King George the 3rd as being a possible werewolf/vampire. The question was posed by Prince Charles when he was about 20 years old. The actual comment or question was documented in the book "THE PRINCE AND THE PARANORMAL".

It seems that porphyria is a genetic disease caused by lack of hemoglobin in the blood. The old cure for it used by King George the 3rd was actually drinking human blood. Hopefully from volunteer donors.

It now seems that many of the Royal Families also suffer from this physical form changing disease. Most notably the Hapsburgs and the Stewart clans. If you do a search on porphyria using the search engine, you get 18,000 entries for the disease porphyria.

The most informative is Please note that this researcher has been most suspicious of the Rock Star known as "PRINCE". Prince has been using Rosicrucian Alchemical symbols on his albums for years now. And even has a Rosicrucian Alchemical symbol tattooed on his right arm.

If you can lay your hands on PRINCE"S "GREATEST HITS" album please follow the lyrics of the song "PURPLE RAIN". The significance of this is startling. Because you see people suffering from Porphyria actually have their urine turn bright PURPLE when it is in the sunlight. I am quite serious.

The best web site for the Porphyria information is the one I mentioned above.

Now it is starting to come into focus about all of this so called shape-shifting and other strange stuff.


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