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This Race that Concerns Us Here,
is Wholly Reptilian

The following is just my own perception on how this drama began. However, there is much correlation from other sources.... a lot can be found in the Hybrids-r-us archives.

I do believe this race that concerns us here, is wholly reptilian and did originate from the Draco constellation.

This is the culmination of a drama that began literally over a million years ago.

In those early days, the Draconians sought to conquer the surrounding galaxy. War was common. Eventually they found the diverse Orion system, where happened the most bloodiest war of all. That is how I became involved. Great fleets of us came from other systems, especially the Andromeda Galaxy. I left my people, and accepted the invitation to come here... I was chosen primarily because of my strength and diligence.

We entered the Orion system, which is truly vast... For many lives, we endured the war. Sometimes I even fought on the other side... for the best way to understand one's enemy, is to become as one with them.

The amassing alliance eventually defeated the Draco.... They were to be sent home... BUT... those that remained in the Draco star system, had EVOLVED... they were disgraced by these space-faring conquerors... they did not want them back....

So... a planet was selected where these beings would be quarantined until they evolved themselves and thus found their own key to the doors of freedom. That planet was Earth.... But it was not our dimension.... it was a prison dimension in the lower astral spectrum.... the physical laws there are very similar to here... they have limited freedom..... There they remained for thousands of "years".... living in a self-made hell..... refusing to change....

The biblical war in heaven, and the fallen angels placed in the earth, is related to this. The Babylonians wrote the earliest known story.... it concerned the reptilian Anu and his children (Anunnaki) who were banished from heaven (Orion) to Earth, because of their misdeeds. This story was rewritten, like so much else, for the Bible.

Over the centuries, these beings sought to influence man from this other dimension.... but their power was limited.

Circa 6,000 years ago, when our benign elder brothers (some call them gods) decided to minimise their open presence on Earth, so that we could learn to stand on our own two feet, people were desperate for their return. They sent out invitations.... unfortunately, the wrong kind had answered them.

Portals were opened, mainly by the esoteric priesthoods, and these imprisoned Draco were allowed thru. They conned us by pretending to be wise and benevolent... to be the very elder beings that had quietly withdrawn. Thus they now had free reign here, because WE had INVITED them.

Usually, visitors to a foreign planet are allowed through by the Galactic Council, if they respect Federation protocol. If these beings had intruded without our consent, they would have been removed. Because WE created the situation, the Federation is urging US to resolve it.

According to my contacts, they are no longer a threat to other systems. These beings have not evolved, whereas their Draconian brothers have immensely. Most other local systems outside our own are now under control.

So, these Draco interbred with us... but only so many could come through at that time. They had no technology... thus have formed an alliance with other races of a similar vibration, for that technology. Again, we were conned into INVITING them here. Many UFO crashes, I believe, were staged. This has been told to both Jan and I... even Roswell.

Now, this dark alliance is aware of the coming precessional Age of Light, where everything that is ready will be shifted into a higher vibration. They are seeking to stop this, with regard to planet Earth. They also know that the so-called Halls of Amenti (our local stargates) are about to open en-mass. Their plan is to have us under sufficient control, then bring through the rest of the trapped Draco.... to reign over us as the true Overlords. We are now reaching the peak of this drama.

Earth WAS chosen as THE planet where this WILL be resolved. Earth is like a planet where different races come to clear up interplanetary karma. That is why we have so many diverse cultures and peoples.

So, that BASICALLY is how I see the situation.

Again, discern for yourself. I force my beliefs on no-one. If INVITED, I will share.

Much love,

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