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Invaded by Lizards!

Dear Mr. Icke:

I am a resident of Orlando, Fla. I thought you might be interested in this information. Though it may sound trivial, I know there's a hidden meaning of all of this.

The following is a press statement from the City of Orlando:

City of Orlando Invaded by Lizards!

ORLANDO, FL - Lizards are leaping through the streets of Central Florida as the City of Orlando has released the first group of the crawling, standing and climbing geckos to the public. Orlando's most exotic art exhibit is a public art project of the City of Orlando designed to promote the Downtown Arts District and the Cultural Corridor. Presented by Universal Orlando, the lizards are sponsored by businesses and art patrons. Painted by selected Florida artists, they are expertly crafted geckos that measure 5 feet, 6 inches standing and 7 feet, 6 inches crawling on the ground.

The lizards are securely mounted and displayed at various highly visible outdoor locations such as Downtown Orlando including the Orlando Centroplex, Lake Eola, Expo Centre and the Cultural Corridor; CityWalk at Universal Orlando; Orange County Convention Center; Orlando International Airport; Leu Gardens and Loch Haven Park. Visitors and local residents spot them crawling, standing and slithering their way up buildings throughout the area.

Orlando's lizard invasion was inspired by Chicago's Cows on Parade last year. Modeled after a public art project introduced in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1998, the event was a huge success and started a new view of public art in this country. There are currently pigs in Cincinnati, horses in Lexington, buffalo in Buffalo, mermaids in Virginia Beach, fish in new Orleans, potato heads in Rhode Island, and many others across the country.

They have become an attraction for local residents and tourists alike. Sponsors select a painted lizard from the LizArt portfolio or may choose an unpainted lizard and commission an artist. All design proposals are submitted and approved by the LizArt Review Committee. Each lizard includes a plaque that feaatures the name of the artist, the sponsor and the lizard. The list is as long as a lizard's tail but includes such characters as the Wonderful Lizard of Oz, Louie L'Tour, and the Court Geckster, Survivor Lizard, Frank Lloyd Lizard, Elvis Lizard, Changing of the Lizguard, Crowned Queen Lizardonia of DeNile and Iguana Trump. Many have been designed for specific attractions and businesses. The lizards will creep around for at least one year. Then they will be lured from their perches and following an appropriate lizard send-off will be sold at public auction. All net proceeds will go to the Downtown Arts District.

"The City of Orlando regards this project as a fun way to raise awareness and fund the arts in our community," said Orlando Mayor Glenda E. Hood. "This is a fun and creative way for sponsors to increase their corporate visibility while supporting the arts. It's a win-win for everyone and provides great promotional opportunities," said Brenda Robinson, executive director of Orlando's office of arts and cultural affairs. Robinson, who also serves as the official lizard handler for the City of Orlando, says that at the end of the promotion, the lizards will be auctioned off with proceeds going to the Downtown Arts District. Information on artist and sponsor participation is available at: www.lizart.org or contact Robinson at City Hall, 400 S. Orange Ave. Orlando, Fl 32801.

Reminds me of the only kind of Just-us in the US
Deaf, Dumb, Blind and Reptilian JUST-US


Chupacabra was first spotted in Puerto Rico (It is some form of reptilian creature), the Arecibo Observatory

(The largest in the world) is also part of the H.A.A.R.P. project, El Yunque, which is a rain forest, contains a secret military base that the government denies exist but if you try to get to the restricted area (like I did) the armed sentinels have permission to shoot, and last but not least, the constant U.F.O. sightings over the island and wherever there's a sighting black vans follow the ships.

Thank you very much, Mr. Icke and keep up the great work you are doing!

Orlando, Florida

Thank you very much!

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