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By Christine Olivo, R.HT.

Today, more than ever, society is looking for solutions to our world's problems. Our earth is in trouble, pollution, destruction of our natural resources, disease. And as if that is not enough, less than satisfactory medical care, poor education, and cutting off very vital programs that have helped us in the past leaves much to be desired. Not a pretty picture! All of these problems are not new if one were to look back into our history. The problems have been there all along, and getting progressingly worse as time goes by. Our earth is forever changing trying to cope with all of this negative bombardment, and humanity is trying to cope right along with it. Humankind's points of view and opinions are ever changing depending on the problems and issues it is facing. Religion is an issue that has been with us throughout our history, forever changing too. Religion is not one of my favorite topics, and the pro's and con's for each one can drive anyone insane.

Just take your pick, there is something for everyone, from ultra-fanaticism, to conservatism and everything in-between. Debating can go on endlessly about which religion is the perfect right one for humanity. This article is not about whether you believe in the perfect religion or not. It is about what I see happening in the UFO community, the religious undertones some groups of abductee's are embracing and the reality of two separated camps forming. One gives their abductions a religious undertone. While the other camp does not invoke these religious aspects. The first camp with religious undertones, wants us to believe the aliens are benevolent, spiritual beings, and they are only looking out for the betterment of mankind. They also claim that all other abductee's are somehow missing the 'THE DIVINE MESSAGE OF GOOD WILL,' and they are paranoid, and frightened when they shouldn't be.

The first camp also claims their abductions and UFO contacts with aliens to be spiritual, full of love, inspiration, as something to be held with awe, and reverence. They look up to their alien contacts as being the solution to all of mankind's worries. Their aliens bestow gifts of guidance, warnings, and miracle cures. This camp is saying that all abductions whether good, or bad, were asked for, and the abduction was given permission to take place by the abductee. They see aliens as handsome or beautiful, looking very much like humans do, and they are sometimes described looking like what we would perceive as 'angels'! The second camp that does not invoke the religious aspects see's things quite differently. And with good reasons! This is the camp that is being accused of having a 'doomsday' criteria.

This is the camp that is always accused of crying too loud about their dismay and worry due to their negative alien encounters. Alien kidnappings in the middle of the night, or sometimes in the daytime, of men, women, and CHILDREN being forced to do whatever the malevolent aliens will them to do, taking of sperm and fetuses from them without consent, and of being paralyzed throughout their abduction making it impossible to stop whatever is happening to them, and the list can go on and on. This is what the so called 'doomsday abductee' has experienced, the stories they tell are not pretty and not glorified like the religious undertone camps seem to claim. And to make matters worse, the descriptions of the malevolent aliens are nothing like the beautiful aliens described by the first camp.

The malevolent aliens here have been described looking like lizards/reptilians with claws, or having extremely big heads on a small body with piercing, giant, slanted black eyes, or insect like beings. There are many more descriptions that have not been mentioned here, All of them can be quite frightening to a human being. This is the camp that everyone usually hear's just a little bit louder than the rest, well can you blame them? One thing we can all agree on, and that is we are being visited by more than one kind of alien culture. THAT is why there are so many variations you hear from abductee's about the aliens intents for visiting humankind. THAT is why there are so many different kinds of descriptions of what aliens look like.

It all comes from having made contact with malevolent alien cultures, and benevolent alien cultures interacting with human beings. And THAT is exactly why you may hear the camp without the religious aspects crying so loud. Neither camp is right or wrong! Both camps must be validated until we all know for sure exactly what is going on here. No one has all of the answers, including the great minds of our day, the scientists, the theorists, and anyone else who has something to say about this phenomena, I repeat, NO ONE HAS ALL OF THE ANSWERS! If an abductee has come into contact with a malevolent type alien, his or her beliefs are of course going to be negative. On the other hand, If an abductee has had a 'benevolent alien contact, his or her beliefs and opinions will be based on that type of contact. So what do we have here? Two separate camps! What we see wrong here is the separation of what should not be. We have all been touched by the phenomena in one form or another. That is the common denominator! And because of this common denominator we should all embrace one another with tolerance, validate one another, support everyone.

After all, isn't this one of the 'DIVINE MESSAGES' the benevolent aliens wish for humankind? Brotherhood? We cannot afford to have separate camps forming in the UFO community. Wouldn't this weaken us as a community?, it could play right into the hands of certain dis-information agencies, they would and will have a field day if this were to become a stronger issue and take hold. We should not allow this to occur! If the camp with religious aspects want to glorify their alien abductions, so be it, they have been blessed! On the other hand, if the malevolent alien camp wants to cry out, then let them be, for they have to be validated and understood too. Compassion never hurt anyone! One more thing must be mentioned here, we must be careful not to look up to the aliens as some kind of god's, looking at them through caveman eyes.

We can admire their technology. But let's not make this phenomena into a new religion! Many of us do believe in a supreme being, a creator, or God. And if you do believe, then you must know that He created everything in this universe including aliens, and that in His eye's we are ALL God's creatures! And we are ALL equal! Be careful if a alien, or anyone for that matter, bearing gifts, offering you the solution to all of your problems without offering to 'TEACH' you the way to solve them. Remember the great teachers of our time, Jesus, Buddha, and many others who have honored mankind and who tried to teach all of us how to reach into our higher selves while letting us keep our free wills intact. For anything else would be nothing but DOMINATION. Mankind has too much to offer, and I am so tired of hearing how terrible or uncaring we humans must be. Most of us are good inside, we have intelligence, caring, love, honor, spiritual presence!, and want to do the right things so that all of humanity will benefit. And some of us are evolving positively in our own space and time. We have our own gifts to offer! We must have something that is so very precious to the aliens, otherwise why would they bother coming here to our earth at all? Let's hope that whatever the aliens intents with our gifts are, they will be used for the betterment of all.

And that their 'DIVINE MESSAGES OF GOOD WILL ARE ALL TRUE'. TIME WILL TELL! As human beings, we have our own gifts to offer in the scheme of things, our own gifts to share with the aliens. We are learning from them, just as they are learning from us. Humankind should not be thought of as a lowly being with impaired intelligence and no spirituality, that is just what some of the aliens want us to think! Don't let the negative forces fool you into that kind of thinking, for if you do, you are only playing into their hands! We have our rightful place in the scheme of things, and in our universe! And perhaps, contrary to what some alien culture's and abductee's would have us think, mankind is not such a waste after all!

Christine Olivo, R.HT.

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