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A Dragon by Any Other Name

Language Dragon
Albanian Dragua
Arabic *Not in Roman Alphabet*
Azeri Jdaha
Basque Herensuge
Brazilian Portugese Dragao (tilde on 2nd "a")
Breton Dragon
Calabrese Dragu
Catalan Drac
Cherokee Unktena
Chinese *Not in Roman Alphabet*
Croatian Zmij, Krilat Zmaj, A'daja
Czech Drak
Danish Drage
Drow Tagnik'zur
Elvish Fenume, Amlub, Angulooke, Looke
Emiliano Romagnolo Dregh (accent on "e")
English Dragon
Esperanto Drako
Estonian Draaakon, Lohe
Finish Lohikaarme
Flemish Draak
French Dragon, Megere
Frisian Draak
Galacian Dragon (accent on "o")
German Drachen, Drache, Lindwurm
Greek draconta
Hawaiian Kelekona, Mo'o
Hungarian Sarkany (accents on both "a"s)
Icelandic Dreki
Indian Naga (dragon-Hydra), Makara (morphs form)
Irish Dragon, Draic
Italian Dragon, Draco, Dragone, Drago
Japanese Ryuu, Ryu, Tatsu
Lakota Sioux Unhcegila
Latin Draco
Limburgisch Draak
Maori (New Zealand) Tarakona
Mongols Leongalli (1/2 Lion, 1/2 Cock)
Mudnes Dregh
Neopolitan Drago
Norwegian Drake
Piemontese Drago
Polish Smok
Portugese Dragao (tilde on second "a"), Pervese
Reggiano Dregh
Romans Draco (for both dragons and snakes)
Romanian Dragon, Balaur
Russina *Not in Roman Alphabet*
Serbian Zmaj, Ala-Zmaj
Scandinavia Orm / Ormr
Spanish Dragon (accent on "o"), Endriago
Swedish Drake,Regata, Dragoon
Swiss-German Drache
Turkmen Ajdarha, Ejderha
Uyghurce (Uighur) Ejdiha
Venetian Dragon
Wallon Dragon, Lumecon
Welsh Draig

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