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Summoning Demons
archived 10-19-99
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Summoning Demons

You-- yes, you, the person who is investigating the occult, and who thinks, if you could just summon a demon and see it, you would believe in magick -- this is directed to you.

There are no such things as demons.

There are no damned souls who can be removed from Hell and forced to do your bidding.

If you decide to do a Summoning, know this:

The soul you summon will not be human.

It may or may not be sapient.

It may or may not be evil, or moral, or, like you, some mix.

It will be a mortal soul -- not an angel, not a devil, not a fairy. Someone or something which was born, lives, and will die.

It will not be from this plane of existance: which means that you may not be able to see it, or perceive it outside of an atmospheric variation in its vicinity; and it may not be able to see you, outside of, perhaps, a kind of infrared picture.

It may or may not recognise that you are the reason it is here instead of going about its business at home.

Because of the Rule of Three, it has the right to "eat" you once it escapes from whatever bindings you had planned to put around it.

They always escape.

They always get hungry.

The ones who usually get kidnapped for this type of affair eat what we recognise as "energy," sometimes emotional energy. When there's not enough of it around, they will often act to generate the energy. We usually don't like the results.

That's the point.

Some of them are the equivalent of tigers and bears and sharks, and cannot be reasoned with.

"Summoning spirits" is nothing less than inter-dimensional kidnapping of beings intended for slavery. I cannot choose which crime would be the worse; both together ... feh.

Let me tell you this: those of us who act to minimize the effect of these escapees on other humans are not amused by attempted parlor tricks. We who house and feed these critters, who attempt to return them to their own homes, we are not at all amused. We get angry.

Summoning is, indeed, part of our Magickal heritage.

Slavery is a part of our American heritage, too; but I would not recommend it to a would-be patriot.

--Mama Rose, who expects to be on late-night rescue and recovery work this Samhain.

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