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Demons, Creatures Of The Night, Critters
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Demons, Creatures Of The Night, Critters

A Conversation on the "Demonic"

Between a student who had been plagued by a Critter, and her Teacher (who happened to be Mama Rose herself.)

It's been obvious all along that these beings are nonhuman, and they would seem to be intelligent -- are they?

Yes, they are intelligent, but their perceptions are different than ours.

Except for the people who move deliberately into their frame of reference, they perceive us as energy patterns, some of which bind them, some of which they can, in turn, bind; some of which they can consume. It did not perceive you as an intelligent creature until you spoke to it. The Critter magician says that, under the circumstances, it was very careful with you; it could have eaten you all up in a single gulp (and they have been known to do so); instead, it was careful to let you recover in between. Imagine how island folks regard dolphins, and you get some little sense of how they regard us.

I am puzzled about how I should feel toward this thing. (...)I am upset that this *happened*. I mean, this is *ridiculous* --

Yes, it is ridiculous. And yes, you should (sic) feel upset. Or helplessly amused at it. This is exactly the reason that I am so very opposed to people "calling up demons" for any reason whatsoever. They don't know how to deal with them, and they don't know how to feed them, and the things have to scrabble for an existance as best they can.

I *know* victims of abuse tend to attract further abuse, but, I mean, it's almost *funny*. How often does this *happen*?

As often as the abused person is
a) of a magical talent, and
b) producing sufficient power.

In fact, [the Student's friend] probably has a few scavengers hanging around her; but since she produces energy through anger rather than through pain, she is less likely to notice them. And would probably be shocked to find that she has them, and that the instances of her needing to be angry have something behind them. Is it likely that whatever is wrong at the New Age bookstore is another of these things, or is that something different? There is definitely *something* the matter there. Is there any way I could find out what -- or should I just mind my own business, since they don't seem to be worried about it?

There is a group of people who are very strong in the New Age Movement that my sort scornfully calls "White Lighters" because they are unable to see, or, even when appropriate, to appreciate, any sort of darkness. The folks there may be blissfully unaware of it. What I would like you to do is to observe it: knowing that there is "something wrong", accept that and feel for further distinctions. Is it sad? Angry? Hungry? Malicious? Fearful? Does it change with time? If you can get any distictions of this nature, we will have one set of information. If you get NO feelings like this, we will know something else entirely. We shouldn't be hasty, but we WILL act.

Basic Information:

Critters are life-forms which are not only not human, they are of neither this planet nor even this sphere of existance. They inhabit a wholly different set of spheres, which occasionally overlap ours at places. Spells or rituals which act to "raise demons," "call up the forces of Darkness," or "bind the Servants of the Devil," in reality -- since neither the Devil nor Demons actually exist, as such -- act to kidnap and trap beings from these other spheres. Because the magicians who try this act on the assumption that these beings are naturally evil, they rarely provide basic nourishment for them, let alone treat them with any sort of respect.

When the magician accidently breaks the containment circle -- which ALWAYS happens

the Critter has the right,
via the Three-Fold Law,
to consume the
energy of the magician.

How a loose Critter behaves depends on what version of our life-forms it corresponds to.

It may be intelligent,
and go about providing for its needs,
trying to determine
exactly where it is,
and planning what to do next;
be an herbivore,
and attack
what it perceives
as a danger,
but not consume
such things;
be a carnivore,
and hunt.

And there's no guarantee that any given intelligence is any more kind or moral than any given human intelligence -- or any less.

Critters eat energy. Energy is produced by a great many means, but the most easily available is the energy produced by emotions. When intelligent Critters act to reproduce the emotional energy they found before, they generally have no clue that emotional energy comes from intelligent beings.

Some of them, but not most of them, still wouldn't care.

Energy produced by the darker emotions is the strongest and most readily available; however, it is also poisonous. Imagine having only sprouting potatoes to eat, and being hungry eough to eat all of the potato.

If you choose, you may make a ball of energy - make sure you separate it cleanly from yourself - and give it to a Critter as a present. It will probably still be defensive (quite understandably), but may begin to contemplate the concept that you, specifically, might not be out to hurt it.

Such a ball of energy may well be the first nonpoisonous food the Critter has had in months. Or longer.

There is a Critter Magician in Chicago who will act as a Gate to send Critters home, if they choose to go. If you have found a Critter, you may try to send it to Chicago. Here is the method.

Draw a protective circle for yourself.
Light a white candle.
Envision the city of Chicago,
with a tall beacon light
shining out of it.
Envision a tie between your
candle and the beacon.

Envision the Critter
as clearly as you can:
where it normally is,
what it feels like to you:
call it up in your mind.

When you have the attention of the Critter,
invite it to go to Chicago.
Let it know that comfort
and vast quantities of food
await it there,
and a chance to go home.

Leave the candle burning
for at least a solid hour;
longer if possible.
It can sometimes take a while
to get to Chicago.
Then douse your circle
in the usual way.

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