Aztec Songs & Poetry of
Visitors from Other Worlds
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May 16, 1993
Aztec Songs & Poetry of Visitors from Other Worlds

Once again through investigation of little known records, there are glimpses of the past, these point at Ancient Astronauts landing on planet Earth. All poetry quotations are taken from Canti Aztechi (Aztec Songs) edited by Ugo Liberatore and Jorge Hernandez-Campos (Guanda, Perma, 1966). The number brackets refer to the songs listed at the end of each song.

Only for a little

Only for a little.
Does one really live here on Earth?
Not for all time, only for a little!

Like the spring grass

Like the spring grass.
We come only to sleep,
Only to dream.
It is not true, it is not true
That we have come to live on Earth!

At least the flowers

At least the flowers
But what can my heart do, if it is in vain
That we come to live upon the earth,
To flower in vain?

Songs of sadness

Where, O my heart, is the place of life?
Where is my true home?
Where my true dwelling place?
I suffer, here upon Earth.

Songs for the ancestors
(Tlapalla is "the place of the red and black " &
"marks the path of the Sun from zenith to setting").

Here the flowery death is born.
Those who took from Tlapalla,
Our ancestors, reached Earth...

Lonely as a cloud

What shall we sing, my friends?
In what shall we rejoice?
There alone our song lives,
Where our ancestors were born.
On Earth, where they lived...
I suffer here on Earth...
He who gives life conceals

Men in a casket and in an ark....
But shall I see them? Shall my eyes see
The faces of my father and my mother?
Can they offer me their song,
Their words, which I search for?
Here is no one,
They have left us as orphans, here on Earth.

The doubt

Where shall I go? Alas, where shall I go?
Doubt hangs heavy upon me.
Or here where one descends in the heart of

Song of Xipe Totec

Green serpent of the lighting...
the drinker of night

The kingdom of death

You are the quechol bird, color of fire,
Which flies across the plain
In the kingdom of death.

To the god of war, Huitzilopochtli
(the names Amantia and Pipitlan indicate
the sea and the southern section of the sky

Huitzilopochtli, the warrior,
He who acts on high
Follows his own path...
O marvellous dweller among the clouds...
O dweller in the region of the frozen wings....
He causes the walls of fire to fall down
Where the feathers are gathered.
Thus he wages war
And subdues the peoples...
Eager for war, the Flaming One descends,
He rages where the whirling dust arises.
Come to our aid!
There is war, there is burning.
Those Pipitlan are our enemies

The poet's torment

Friends, a mission has driven us to the world...

The song of Tetlepanquetzanitin

It is true we shall become friends,
It is true we shall live upon Earth,
But the time will come when
You will tire of our friendship

Song of Friendship

I look with hatred on death and I suffer...
It matters not what precious stones
The same thread unites,
It does not matter that we are united
Like gems on the same necklace...
My friend, my true friend,
As you know, so too do I know; we live only once.
One day we shall go hence.
We are come hear only to know one another,
Only on loan have we come to Earth...
Yet we live here with dejection,
Here, where we are watched and spied upon...

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