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Oedipus Rex: The Serpent Power
that causes Sexual Temptation

Temptation of the Serpent

Like Oedipus, the wandering mortal is also drawn towards the queen of death as his destiny.

The hunter, like a hawk , roams in search of a sexual mate,

O mind ! let not my strength to battle with evil fade,

Let not my search for love turn into fear and hate.

As the hands of evil are approaching as invisible embrace,

Fear grips my soul,

As the breath of a serpent blows over my shoulder and tress,

A moaning wind of fear and guilt crosses over the breast,

As a man approaches like an apparition,

The shadows weaken my vision:

While fears a deep darkness enhance,

The clouds, floating in the mind, reflect no more the light in the eyes,

An ineffable drag for serpentine love moves through the senses

And extends everywhere in a dark domain with an unending expanse.

I do not understand the meaning of the destiny that seems to draw me inside the darkness with its inescapable claws,

It drags like flesh being drawn by a bodiless spirit with its flawless laws.

In this forest where dream's webs turn and twine,

The motions join, disjoin, and criss-cross in causal lines,

And cross over the boundaries of space and time,

O mind ! a bizarre sleepwalker !

I know not what this destiny will bring,

I wonder , would it end with the hunter or the divine?

A restless hunter,

Who is riding passion's stormy tide,

Like a serpent, is wreathing beside.

Be alert mind!

Plunge not in passion's delight,

Seek no adventure !

Move back !

In the bosom where the images of love blossom,

Where like a curse the heart abjures all ethics and creed,

By sinning mortals feel free,

O heart ! do not permit pernicious desires that fly as Aristaeus' bees,

Do not heed to the sinful voice that led to the birth of Adonis from the tree.

O creeping flesh!

O sleeping eyes ! the dreaming foe!

Hear the warnings :

Halt ! move back !

Do not step where desires destroy its consort as the drone!

Remember ! the queen bee, who is passion's rancorous whore,

Kills the mate after the mating ends ,

Do not follow the trap of destiny , that killed Adonis, in the disguise of a boar.

You , who is moving in the dark , hear!

If you move any more near,

You will regret your search in pain and tear,

Woe will tear you the way the hunter was torn like Aecaton as a deer.

Abandon your pursuit ,

The momentary pleasure and joy that you may gain,

Will haunt you as dark sprites that bring to life its unredeemable pains,

The nectar you search will be your bane ,

You will drown in the very nectar where you search love in vain.

Hold your temptations that I fear more than I love,

Though it may be tempting to the heart,

Love, that is full of deceit and disgust,

That brings woe, scorn, and repentance for lust,

Will not go unavenged ,

You will get as return for the joy of fulfilling passion

Unsurpassable destiny's curse and pain.

Hark! the hoof beats of the hunter's stag!

The desolate passion's intimate drag!

Although it seems I am tethered as a prey ,

Do not violate the law of the divine world where the maiden and the nymph

The curse fulfilled

O ! as the eyes are pierced by the thorns ,

As cursed by the goddess, whose love leaves mortals blind and torn,

When the last light sink in the eyes' bloodful viscous lanes,

In an oculus of pain,

In the burning blood of the eyes, burn an abyss in flame.

O chaos! Black void! Destiny!

As the rays of the sun drown in the congealing blood,

The dreams as darkness coagulate,

In a sphere without stars, without night or day, without any dawn or evening,

When sun's luminous rays through the branches of the trees fusillade,

In an infinite anguish,

It is a burning Hell.

Loosing the sight,

When the eyes, that searched the beauty of the light,

Bleed as mutilated cavities,

Although the vision gets darker and darker...

The memories of the beauty still distil and drip in the heart in search of redemption and love.

O goddess !

Although you have hurled me into the blindness,

Amidst bitter suffering and pain I still contemplate your love with veneration,

In the soul's mirror I still see your face as a dream with mortal heart's deep adoration .

O reveille of desires!

The maiden who bathes in the lake in the heart !

Where nature is dressed in the sunlit morning's dew-strewn attire,

Although pain contorts the eyes ,

In the burning veins the beauteous sky charge the eyes with sufferings' flame,

In soul's mirror I see the beauteous image of love as the eternal stag untamed,

In a pool of blood,

O beauty! as a stag of love I see love's redemption in blood and pain.

Do not tear away from the arm,

Please embrace the body with your hands that feel like balm,

Though I have been unable to escape the curse of the goddess,

Who I have desired to love in flesh and blood,

O beauty ! although the destiny has ordained that I will no more see beauty’s face,

Before the pain and the bitterness from the eyes all dreams efface,

With your trusting hands,

With your sublime caress,

Stroke the mortal flesh ,

In the senses' shiver I shall see you rise as Venus of love in my foaming breast.

O serpentine love ! whose footsteps I have heard while I entered deeper and deeper,

Leave the imprints of love in the body that shivers,

Let the memory of this earthly encounter with the goddess remain in the mind for ever,

O ! Fill this agony and pain with emotions that flows in the heart as a joyous light's incandescent river.


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