Reptilians in Literature

The Chthonic Book of Dyzan

From The Secret Doctrine in Lovecraftian symbol

by Tani Jantsang / edited by Frater Tapis 555 B.'.L.'.S.'.



1. THAT DARKNESS Which May Not Be Defined Or Described existed wrapped in invisible robes for IT had lay sleeping in dreamless sleep once again for an Eternity.

2. Yog-Sothoth was not, for there was no place to contain It. Azathoth was not, for there was no not-place to contain It. Daoloth was not for It lay asleep in the infinite bosom of duration.

3. The causes of joy and bliss were not. The causes of misery and woe were not. Life and death were not. There was nothing to produce these, nor a one to be ensnared by these.

4. Darkness Alone filled the Boundless All for It had not yet become Nyarlathotep nor had the Bright Child awakened yet for the New Wheel and the journey upon it.

5. The Old Ones and their Truths had ceased to be and the All, the Dark Child of Necessity, was immersed in Darkness to be outbreathed by That which is, yet is not: naught was.

6. The Old Ones had been done away with: the visible that was, and the invisible that is, rested in the Eternal Non-Being of That Darkness Which May Not Be Defined Or Described: NOR NAMED!

7. Yet did the Old Ones pulse unconscious throughout That Darkness which can be seen by the Opened Eye. *Open NOT the eye lest you see and the universe tremble and curse your name forevermore.

8. Yet where was silence? There was neither silence nor sound; naught save ceaseless eternal breath which knows Itself not.

9. The moment had not yet struck: Yog-Sothoth, Azathoth, Daoloth, had not yet flashed into the germ. Nyarlathotep had not yet swollen and Its heart had not yet opened for the entering and then falling, as one into two, and two into three. Then one into three, The Gates. And one into seven, The Curves. Then one into five, The Angles.

10. SEE: Darkness and Nyarlathotep are two and are the germ and are the womb. Yet the germ is One; the womb is One. And the Heart is One with Darkness.


1. The vibration of eternity thrills through infinitude. Nyarlathotep swells, expanding from within and without.

2. The vibration sweeps along touching the whole of Darkness and the germ that dwells IN Darkness: and Nyarlathotep breathes as Nyarlathotep becomes the Soul and Messenger and delivers the message to Itself.

3. Darkness radiates Light and Light drops a Ray into Darkness. The Light folds a Ray that causes Darkness to thrill and unfold the non-eternal germ which condenses into the womb. This is Shub-Niggurath, the Light, the Force, the MANIFEST Message of Nyarlathotep and the Barrier of Light.

4. Then Yog-Sothoth, Azathoth, Daoloth the three fold back into Nyarlathotep and unfold forward into Cthugha, Ithaqua, and Ubbo-Sathla that World Egg. Ubbo-Sathla explodes outward into Nyogtha, Cthulhu, and they become seven inside and seven outside, yet still One whose Soul and Messenger is Nyarlathotep Whose workings are Five and Whose Angles are Five, yet One; and Whose mingling is Shub-Niggurath; and Whose Root is Ubbo-Sathla. And the Five Angles close and fold and the seven curves open and unfold. And this is the beginning of the Cosmos and is the Great Rebellion.

5. SEE: Nyarlathotep remains in Darkness; Shub-Niggurath remains in Darkness and out. Yet still, the Darkness is One: the Rootless Root of All. Yet the Darkness is Light and the Light is Darkness. And yet Light is Shub-Niggurath and is the Barrier.


1. The Root of life was in every drop of the seven in an ocean of the three, and the ocean was light and sound and motion and yet the three were in Darkness. Yet Darkness vanished into innermost infinity and was no more: it folded into its own essence. Yet Nyarlathotep is and walks forever between space and beyond time held back by the Barrier of Light, for its very Being can-not-Be. Yet Shub-Niggurath is, Bright Child, Barrier of Light, Child of Hidden Dark Child and Whose Soul and Messenger is That which howls in Darkness and which is Itself.

2. The one is four and the one is seven, yet the four takes into itself the three, and the union produces the seven which become the many ruled by The Five who are yet One. And The Five are The Angles through which are three Gates, and The Gate.

3. Behold Nyarlathotep as the Soul of Daoloth lifting the Veil. It shuts out the Above and leaves the Below to be seen as the Great Illusion. Hold fast to the Illusion lest you SEE.

4. And what now are the eternal germ and womb and where is the Darkness? Where is the Spirit of the Flame that Burns in the Lamp of the Heart? The eternal germ and womb are Nyarlathotep, the Child of the Hidden Darkness, whose Soul and Messenger is Itself and whose message is the Bright Child Shub-Niggurath.

5. Daoloth, Nyogtha, mingle and spin a Web whose upper end is fastened to Nyarlathotep yet Shub-Niggurath, and whose lower end to the Root Ubbo-Sathla: MATTER. This Web is the universe spun out of the two substances made in One.

6. SEE: It expands when the breath is upon it; it contracts when the breath is upon it. Then all disassociate and scatter to Return to the Bosom of Darkness at the End of the Great Day to Re-Become One.


1. The universe cools and becomes radiant with light and sound and then expands and contracts of its own self.

2. Then Nyarlathotep the Messenger becomes Revu-Pthya and hardens the atoms. Each atom is part of the Web reflecting the "Self-Existent Deity" like a mirror. Each becomes in turn a sun, which in turn become new suns and worlds. Hear the sounds and see the sights of the Great Illusion.

3. Listen, sons and daughters of the Earth! Hear your instructors! Learn there is neither first nor last for All is One. Number issued from no number. Learn what we who descend from the Primordial Flame in Darkness have learned from The One Who is our Soul and Messenger.

4. From the effulgency of Shub-Niggurath, that Ray of Nyarlathotep sprung in space the re-awakened energies. This was the Army of the Voice and the Five-fold Soul and Messenger of the seven. The sparks of the Seven are subject to and the servants of Nyarlathotep. These sparks are called spheres, triangles, cubes, lines, and modelers and are the forms which exist in our world.

5. The Darkness, whose Soul and Messenger is Nyarlathotep, is the Yog-Sothoth or space the-Closed Gate and the Azathoth or no-space the-Open-Gate and the Daoloth whose Gate is the Way and whose Way is One. Yet the Voice of Nyarlathotep is One and nine.

6. And Yog-Sothoth, Azathoth, Daoloth enclosed within the Gate which IS Yog-Sothoth are One with Cthugha, Ithaqua, Nyogtha, Cthulhu yet the four espy them only dimly.

7. And the ten, They Which May Not Be Defined, are the Arupa (formless). Then come the seven Rupa (forms) and The One, the eighth "left-out" - Nyarlathotep whose breath is the Light-maker, who forever howls in Chaos where It crawls beyond the Barrier of Light yet between the Five Angles.

8. Nyarlathotep lifts Its voice and calls to the innumerable sparks and joins them. It is their Guiding Spirit and Builder. When Nyarlathotep commences work It separates the sparks that float and thrill with joy in their radiant dwellings which is their flesh. They are the million favored ones against whom none will prevail to the Great Day when All Returns to the Bosom of Darkness.

9. KNOW: here are the secrets of your own creation, the mysteries of your own Being:

Above: one manifest, six concealed; two manifest, five concealed; three manifest, four concealed.

Below: four produced, three hidden; four and one fraction revealed and two and one half concealed; six to be manifested, then one laid aside.


Arupa: Daoloth manifest, the six concealed; Yog-Sothoth, Azathoth manifest, and five concealed; Yog-Sothoth, Azathoth, Daoloth manifest, the four concealed.

Rupa: Cthugha, Ithaqua, Nyogtha, Cthulhu produced as Yog-Sothoth, Azathoth, Daoloth are hidden. Cthugha, Ithaqua, Nyogtha, Cthulhu and what one may SEE of Yog-Sothoth Revealed and Azathoth, Daoloth and what one dare not see of Yog-Sothoth concealed; Yog-Sothoth, Daoloth: space-time and Cthugha, Ithaqua, Nyogtha and Cthulhu manifest, then Azathoth laid aside as Azathoth is not-space-time and IS now one with Darkness.

10. Understand: Nyarlathotep-in-Darkness does pull part of Yog-Sothoth, Azathoth, Daoloth into Itself. The pulling becomes pushing becomes the Revu-Pthya that hardens the Arupa into Rupa. Cthugha, Ithaqua, Nyogtha, Cthulhu the four produced; and the three, Yog-Sothoth, Azathoth, Daoloth hidden in that part which is the Soul and Messenger Nyarlathotep yet is the Darkness which is Five-fold. Yet Darkness is still One.

11. Understand: We see but the face of Yog-Sothoth as a fraction of Its whole. Daoloth, Azathoth are concealed, unseen, yet one half of Yog-Sothoth is concealed through Its Gate which is Itself.

12. Understand: Azathoth is one and identical with Darkness, whose Bright Child WAS and IS Nyarlathotep yet IS Shub-Niggurath. And it is THROUGH Azathoth that Nyarlathotep-Shub-Niggurath does enter the radiant dwelling which IS the flesh whose Root IS Ubbo-Sathla and which entering IS Shub-Niggurath and what entering IS Nyarlathotep the Soul and Messenger of: AZATHOTH!

13. KNOW: that all is made in the likeness of Arupa which became Rupa. And all that exists to be summoned forth or fashioned by craft is Rupa. Take heed lest you seek to fashion or summon forth that which is Arupa: summon not what you can not put back; make not what you can not unmake, lest the universe tremble and wobble on its journey.


1. The beings who came to be on Earth were subservient to the Old Ones who in turn revolve around their Lord, The One-Eye, Nyarlathotep, The Messenger. Its breath gave life to the seven and it gave life to the first on Earth. Its Five-fold Heart molds the seven into life. And all is in its proper place on its journey.

2. Said the Earth: "Lord of the Seven Suns, my house is empty. Send forth rupa to people this world. Send to your servant the urge of Life."

3. Said Nyarlathotep: "I will send a spark when your work is done. Raise your voice to other Lokas (spheres of existence). Have the Old Ones send forth themselves which are their sparks. They will be mortals. Cease your complaints: the skins are no sooner on yourself yet you are not satisfied. Your mortals are not ready."

4.And after great throes of fire the Earth stood in the midst of Its First Age.

5. The Earth whirled for 500 million years and then were constructed the rupas. Then soft stones that hardened, hard stones that softened: small lives. Earth lay on her back and on her side and created from her own bosom. The Earth made water-slime, terrible, created from the remains of scum, from the dross and muck of the first and second and third attempts. These were so terrible that Nyarlathotep, sensing these, became displeased.

6. Said Nyarlathotep: "I am the Soul of the Seven, I see none of these in this flesh. I am the Soul and Messenger of the Five-fold Flame, I see none of It in these, no fit rupas for my spark, no dwellings there for the lives."

7. And Cthugha came. Night fires and day fires. Cthugha dried out the turbid dark waters and, with Its heat, destroyed the rupas.

8. And the oceans of the young Earth wept. She raised part of herself and vanished into a moon. But the Earth remained bare.


1. Then Ubb came, rupa child of Rupa Ubbo-Sathla. From the body of earth Ubb separated the waters and that which was the sky.

2. Great Ubb brought forth forms of Its Nature and gave them their forms within, while Earth gave them forms without, which is the Power of Shub-Niggurath. Soft and graceful they were, yet strong, and through the Earth's sands and seas they roved.

3. And with the passing of time the the Living changed according to their lands: some big, some small, different colors, some with wings, some with tentacles. For it is with the Will-Born that change does occur. And this is the Power of Shub-Niggurath Whose Soul is Nyarlathotep.

4. Yet these beings, the parents, the boneless, could give no life to beings with bones.

5. Then came the rupa from the product of budding and expansion. Lush and green the Earth became. And this is the Power of Shub-Niggurath Whose Soul is Nyarlathotep.

6. When the rupas became old for their time, the elder waters mixed with the younger. When the drops became turbid they vanished into a new stream: into the hot stream of life. The old became the new that preserved the old and discarded the old, which in turn changed anew. And many forms did emerge. Then did the upper air change and many forms died. But Life prevailed, great beasts roamed the Earth. And this was the age of the egg-born rupa.


1. Then, in this time of great lumbering beasts roaming the Earth, did a new rupa come into being which was a reptile yet with warm blood. And yet another rupa came into being which was womb-born. And then did new rupa come from the intermixing of preservation and change.

2. And it was too that Yig came into power of Its own, though it is not known whether this Yig be of the same Nature as the Nagarupa that own It as their Lord.

3. It was now a time when the huge, lumbering, small-brained giants that walked the Earth's land-masses were laying waste the green on Earth's surface.

4. Then the time came to rid the Earth of these large beasts and, by spells and devices, was called to the Earth a large heavenly stone which crashed into the Earth and caused a long time of darkness and cold. Thus did the large, lumbering creatures come to the end of their season.

5. And in that long time of darkness did a new rupa emerge and these were our ancestors and this was the Power of Shub-Niggurath Whose Soul is Nyarlathotep. They lived for a long while in the trees until a long, hot and dry time came to the surface of the Earth. Then did they come down from their tree dwellings and take to the shallow waters. It was there they did change as they were Will-Born, and this by the Power of Shub-Niggurath. No longer did they appear as did their kin in the trees. Changed were they so much, they did dive like the seal. And they were gentle of nature according to their kind.

6. And it was there they did make first contact with Yig and the Cult among Mankind was first born. According to the allowances of nature, many minglings did occur and these varied one from the other and this is the Power of Shub-Niggurath and the Urge of Ubbo-Sathla. And societies formed were peaceful, life was good, and the many rupa prospered.


1. Finally, a great cold came upon the Earth and destroyed the prosperity and life became hard for the many rupa. And there was Humankind

2. And it was during this time of bitter coldness that Humanankind did lose its home amidst the shallows and did move away from the seas and did settle further inland. And thus did Yig call out to them in their hearts where the Flame Glows bright, to Remember and to keep the Knowledge Sacred and to preserve the Cult.

3. And as times and seasons changed, other lands with civilizations of Humanankind rose and fell. And the greatest of these was Hyperborea, whose history was told by the scribes.

4. And it was the ice and cold that came to see the end of this vast and wondrous civilization, which accounts were given by the scribes.

5. And so it came to be that Mankind did make and learn skills anew and new civilizations arose. From the Keeping of the Ways, another land is named Mu and there a great sea-faring nation does dwell known as Tangata-Kanaka. Some of these did voyage to more western lands and began a civilization with the name of Ur where they do trade with us, the Anu-naki, as the Naga are called in their Uruk (clan encampments) in the western lands. And we know the Kama in our homeland of Meru as Rakshashas and Prachetases and they have always preserved the ancient Cult.

6. And civilization does thrive among the Han people who do keep the Cult of Ubb and Nyarlathotep, which they call a Great Dragon, and the cult of Daoloth, for whom they learn great fighting skills named Shao-lin. And they know the sea-faring nation as Miao and they know us as Chan.

7. And other great civilizations thrive in the land of Songhay where the knowledge is kept. And the civilization of Khem does spring from the roots of Songhay and, though small, is beginning to show greatness.

8. And even other great civilizations thrive in
, which some call Patala, which are of the Naga and who keep the Cults of Yig, Nyarlathotep and Yig.

9. And one civilization thrives that we do know by legend, and that is Zimbabwe which is of the Cult of Nyogtha. And legend does speak of drums they beat upon to talk with and summon forth councel, and of the strange clicking manner of speech they have.

10. And there are many other peaceful civilizations of Humanankind on our sphere, though not as large as these, nor as great.


1. There came upon us then, a warm night and the nights are getting warmer with each moon. Magis throughout the lands agree this is the end of this Age of Ice.

2. Once again, the seas will rise, lands will vanish and people will move on to new lands. Everything will, once again, change: foliage, the place of other animals, land-masses, and how we live our lives and govern ourselves.

3. May we continue to govern well in the manner of Will-Born rupa.

4. May Great Ubb, Parent to us all on this world, and Nyarlathotep in our hearts keep us all safe. And may Mankind continue in the most ancient tradition of Unity and with Respect for sentient and creative life, and Tolerance as was and is still known among such diverse beings as dwell on this sphere.

5.And this is The History as passed down to me, an Adept of the Naga in the Priesthood of Meru in the city of Kara-Shehr, named by my mother: Pesh-Hun Lanoo.

End of Tablets.


Archive date: 07-30-01

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