United States Marine Emblem/Logo
archived 10-18-99
updated 08-29-00
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donated by James Vandale, L. Savage and a marine

This was originally posted as a U.S. Marine Corp emblem, but a marine contacted us to say it is not any known 'official' emblem of the U.S.M.C. If you know the source of this emblem please contact us and we will update this file. 8-29-00

The marine who contacted us was uneasy about the logo above and upon further investigation, he located the logo and found that it is indeed a logo of the United States Marine Corps. With apologies, he located another logo posted below.

This presentation is not to discredit the Marines in any way. The logos, emblems, patches, symbols, etc. are chosen FOR the Marine. The real question is by who and why?

These particular emblems are for a special 'fighting force' which is 'experimenting' with and in URBAN warfare with new techniques and technologies. Part of this overall plan of this Marine experiment is called 'Millennium Dragon.'

Millennium Dragon will attack Southern Mississippi
during September 2000!

The protocols (goals, techniques) of the Millenneum Dragons, named 'X-FILES' (under the Dragon symbol [two images down]); are not accessible to the general public.

Wonder what they are hiding from the public?

On the Quantico Base Marine Website, we find that the marines are involved in these 'urban attacks' upon cities in the United States. If you follow the chain of hierarchy shown below, you see the last on the list is the marine soldier, under the 'legitimate' Marine Corp symbol. All this is being conducted, evidently, by higher echelons in the Marines. On one of the pages at the Quantico Base Marine Website you find that the Department of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, U.S. Army, and "executives from Silicone Valley" are all involved in these 'urban warfare experiments.

Aren't you excited about
'Metropolis Urban Warrior Exploitation'!

The site states that the 'experiments' are not Marine/military 'doctrine' nor are they 'Standard Operating Procedures'. Included in the 'Urban Exploitation' is experimenting with UN-MANNED DRAGON aerial vehicles -- capable of 'payloads.' (of what?)

These are some of the SNOOPING devices planned on being dropped during their URBAN WAR

Three of these un-manned vehicles are named DRAGONS and the following three were located on the same Marine website.

Some are strange looking little critters...
especially the one below in his

How would you or any one of the public know this is a Marine Soldier there to protect you? -- especially dressed up in the garb used by the BATF and FBI! ("...there came out of the smoke locusts..." Revelations)

Does 'improved ability to avoid detection' sound like an open public war or is this more covert? Don't you ever wonder what the 'hidden hand' is planning? I personally know of no city planning on attacking the U.S. government or the Marines at the moment. Which urban metropolis will receive the 'benefit' of these jack booted thugs?

We have all heard the biblical expression '...peace, peace and there is no peace.." How can there be peace when the same governments and people crying for peace are preparing for war?.. Are we being led like sheep(le) to the slaughter?

Clearly someone at the Pentagon
has an affection for reptiles

At one of the 'Urban Experiments' the Australian Military watches and learns.

Clearly one question to ask, (which you can't get answered) is why the gun controls, gun bans, gun restrictions, citizen disarming for the new peaceful society, while they are preparing for war on the cities.

Like we said earlier, we are not out to discredit and accuse the U.S. Marines. This is just one fine example we stumbled upon. The Marines (in this case) need to ask the serious question -- WHY? Think, this kind of destructive force and power is in the hands of a person, who dodged the draft, lies to the public and Congress, commits adultery over and over again, rapes women, and the closest thing to military experience was his fighting to get to the front of the line to get a Big Mac. This is a dishonor and disgrace to the men and women who are forced to 'tow the line' day in and day out.

The next president, of course, has real genuine military experience! After being AWOL for a little more than a year, he returned to base, to defend Texas from the Vietnamese invasion. A real hero, never having lost one air battle over Texas, his arsenal of beer cans, coke spoons, and silver spoons grew while other men and women were sacrificed in the swamps of Vietnam, so his father could make more money. This one is a real reptoid, a graduate of Yale, who will be in charge of this Dragon and he will soon be asking his cousins about this Marine Exploitation of Urban War, "Is they learning, good?"

Dragon & Eagle

Is this particular U.S. (American paid for) technology going to fall into the hands of the United Nations or NATO and under the control of a foreign power? Do you take up weapons on the orders of a government who has no better offerings for its' Commander in Chiefs than these two derelicts? We hope the humans behinds these locust masks will recognize the real enemy, who will not be the people at large but could very well be the ones giving them the orders to fire. A military, being prepared for battle is not what we object to. We fear the covert and overt powers are turning the military into international police forces, with weapons of war, under the auspices of a NON-elected quasi-governments, i.e. UN, NATO, against virtually defenseless masses who could do little but die in the face of such weapons and power.

Is this YOUR backyard?

Which symbol does the real marine want?
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