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Mayan Stellae Relief

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These example are basically 'clear' evidence of the pattern I've discerned consolidated within the topography and reliefs of the selected Mayan pillar ( stelae ).

There are many other Mayan examples still to be evaluated. I've sent this emerging finding on, to demonstrate that the David Icke reptilian/draco assertions about humanity are clearly evident in this respect.

These are hard to analyse ! Weathering and limits of technology don't help at all. I trust, however, that even a complete sceptic can appreciate what appears to be a pattern or theme in all of this :

Female humans are the incubators for children adopted/posessed by the reptilian principals of the saga.

The manipulators of the humans and the whole dynamic are male-looking entities; the nuturers are female-looking. There is a constant group of witnesses and auxilliary creatures in most episodes.

One of the females always appears to wear a small S American Indian-style hat poular in Peru or Bolivia. The other wears her hair in the classic victorian bun-style, and this perhaps signifies seniority of some sort. I have no way of confirming this, alas, but the image is clearly built into London Regent's park topography too. Interestingly, the usual device of obfuscating all the images thro revolving degrees and perspectives, uses simple sequential rotation thro 90 degree turns, and doubles-up with the features of concurrent symbols. For example, the nursing mother holding the baby-entity in the conventional presentation of the pillar photo. The circular head bangle is another.

All in all, a complex but accomplished use of masonry to create these symbols together with prevailing natural light.

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Is this head Osiris ?
See the baby face - only this has a beak like some sort of half human half dinosaur. A tableaux of generation/reproduction here.

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