It Crawled Out of a Sewer

Reading the Reptilian articles while having one of the slimmy, smelling things in my body triggered a horrible reaction in me which apparently triggered my subconscious memories. I wanted to kill after reading some of the articles. I wanted to kill the invisible thing that burns my eyes and stinks like it crawled out of a sewer.

While reading the different articles especially the one by James Bartley I became really angry because I started recalling memories of what these horrible beings have done to me. While reading the evil thing in my body was slimming me with some kind of guilt trip by way of maniuplation for its evil deeds. In other words the evil thing that was possessing me was judging me.

I have had all kinds of contacts by these evil beings since l996 and there have been all kinds of sexual encounters to the point the next day I have examined myself and found myself sore and have found torn lesions in my vaginal area. I hate these beings with all my heart.

A lot of times after the contacts I remember glimpses of what happened and I get sick to my stomach to the point I throw up. I scream at God for allowing this to happen and I wish I had never been born. I am sick to my stomach right now from reading your site because of all the reactions this site has triggered in me.

David I know you take a lot of hits and I can relate to you because every time I try to tell my story I get called a drug addict, mentally ill and an idiot. Thanks for being brave enough to stand up to these demonic beings. I support you.

The last glimpse I had of these beings was last week. I was in a disgusting horrible looking room with several men who were naked and one was unually tall, damn the smell in my body just got turned up 3 notches and my eyes are burning like they are on fire. I don't remember the sex but the next morning I was very sore in my vagina area and I was torn again.

One of the beings was black, and the tall one looked yellowish. I don't remember the description of the other ones. Another one had me on a table with my legs spread apart and although I realize he was about to have sex with me he was feeding me a phony story about why my legs were spread apart.

In another glimpse I believe I must have been in Hell I was in this horrible, dirty looking creepy place and the glimpse was a tube was running from me into this horrible looking creature as if the being was siphioning my blood and when I was let go I saw these other creatures who looked like the living dead siphioning blood out of children. This place was so horrible I saw one person who was so frightened who got lose from these beings he crashed through a window of a door. When the evil being went after the one who crashed through the door he was like a huge ( damn the evil thing inside me is having a heat flash, my eyes are buring like fire again and the stink is so horrible I feel like taking a gun and sticking it down my throat and pulling the trigger. The only thing stopping me is this evil, slimmy creepy thing would win. Even though I sometimes deny God exists there is still a thread of hope. My hope is one day I will have the power to confront these beasts with energy more powerful than theirs and with the energy I would like to chop every one of them that has violated me into tiny little chopped up pieces.) tornado or whirlwind of frightening twirling angry energy that went after the one that tried to escape.

I hate these evil, demonic things so much I refuse to fear them and every chance I get I let the public know about how evil they are.

Since I am female and I live alone I would appreciate it if you did not use my name I don't want the rest of the evil spirits in the universe to track me down. I don't know how much more my vagina can stand.

Archive date: 12-31-00
File: e123100a

Supplied by Shirley Goodwin

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