Dear David & Friends,

I am in a quandary about beings of a different nature I have been seeing in my house for the past two years and I have finally decided to speak out about it because they shape shift into human physical beings and disappear through the walls as energy beings.

These beings, two or three in particular stole my manuscripts -- I watched as they walked through a closed door in human size apx 6 feet tall, suddenly dematerialize in a circle of light the size of a quarter, vanished right in front of my face with all of my manuscripts. Stole my Copyright certificates, which I had secured under storage tubs weighing over 80 pounds each, and I watched one night as one of them used one arm to move 3 of these tubs stacked one on top of the other without any effort whatsoever -- changing the weight to something that seem like a showbox weight instantaneously. They appear to be something between physical and etherial beings. They fly at high speeds through the air appearing as circles of light, step through walls and materilize and have been threatening me constantly for the past 3 years. Here is Why.

I watched a recent documentary which mentioned beings in Mississippi showing them levitated and enveloped in circles of energy. I have been seeing these in my house but they have been rather hateful. In addition and in particular, I have been seeing MINIATURE SUNS, WHITE OBLONG CIRCLES -- LIFEFORMS WITH THE ABILITY TO SHAPESHIFT FROM PINHEAD SIZE BLAZING LIGHTS, TO GIANTS THAT STAND AS TALL AS A 5 FIVE STORY BUILDING and just like the Mississippi TV news story exposing some of them in summer this year, these beings have been extremely violent toward me. What I do know is that they walk on the planet as human beings or appear as humans, drive their cars, work and live here etc., and seek people with psychic, telepathic, remote viewing abilities and those with potential to earn them free ticket$. They have the ability to step into and out of our bodies to control our consciousness because of knowledge of the vibrational frequencies of human beings. So evidently they are from a Higher dimensional level than we are and come and go in most cases imperceptibly.

The violence escalates around me everytime I attempt promote my book "Door To Atlantis - The Mars Atlantis Alliance". It is a book I have been writing since the 1980's and deals with my time travel events, predictions about our future in particular a warning of a cataclysm slated for our planet in 2010 and 2012 -- Something I have seen that I call the "Mother of All Tidal Waves" and an asteroid/comet passing through our planet's atmosphere sometime during those years which we must prepare for now in 2003 - 2005; and an ancient history of Atlantis and Mars. It is my lifestory.

I have written 8 books over the past 3 years and one over a 10 year period in which I mention a Stargate called the Atlantis Stargate. Such movies as Epoch, The Dead Zone and one upcoming one in 2004 "Stargate Atlantis" appear to contain 3/4 of the material from my books, my life story. I have struggled silently with this secret -- being, poisoned with minute amounts of toxic chemicals, fields of allergens are set up in my home for me to walk through each and every day. However, these fields are the same beings who expand into circles approximately 5 feet in diameter filled with noxious and poisonous things, just wide and high enough for me to walk through .

I am writing this tonight because I have just endured an onslaught of suffocation where I am forced to inhale some kind of toxin, and if I fight to remove it from my face, my hands pass right through the hands/arms of the being that is holding this stuff around my neck from behind me -- up to my nose; so it is like fighting with an etherial and part physical being. I hear conversations about "husbands and wives" so they do live and function on our level. Among threats to give up my Door To Atlantis Book, and my Atlantis Trade Mark or die, I have decided to finally share this with others now. I have spoken to just one other friend in Connecticut who has these same beings in his home. He describes that they move against the walls and move THROUGH the walls of his house and he calls them "shadow beings" because of their semi physical appearance.

I am looking for people with knowledge of the suns, or perhaps beings who walk the fence on both sides of life that attack and threaten humans and me over books they have filmed. In particular in my instance, these people/beings call themselves "gods" and say I "can't do one thing to them" in talking to me telepathically so those of you out there with knowledge of the "shining ones" or giants like the 15 meter giants of Ireland who hate humans like myself please contact me. I could use some opinions, help, knowledge etc. Seeking a solution.

My 8 manuscripts and trademark patents which have been stolen, filmed, published by some of them is more than enough reason for them to get me out of the way and this is what they have told me tonight 9:59 PM December 14, 2003. "I will kill you if you don't give up your books, and your Atlantis Trademark." "I will dissipate/change your frequency and make you invisible" etc. And this was following 8 hours of continuous attacks. They walk among us as humans they use their powers to take whatever they want from humans like myself, they can step right through and into our bodies and right through the walls, metals etc.

My best guess is that I would like to hear from a psychic detective; an employee of the relevant defense Department who can scan for frequencies of various lifeforms, or some one with detection technologies who can scan for various frequencies of electromagnetic energy and beings of a different vibrational frequency. I won't suffer in silence any more and I won't give up my life's work to some being who is making it impossible to get my book published because I speak out about a warning of a cataclysm coming in our future and about the Atlantis Stargate which came from my books.

Look forward to hearing from you if you have been exposed to these beings also. The impression they want to convey is that it is the harrassment of "men in Black", majestic affiliates etc. It is not. Prophecy has it that these beings will walk among us; it so happens that some level of them are less than sacred.

Dianne Goodman Larson


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