I had the misfortune of encountering my first reptilian hybrid last year while attending a college in Northern California. This individual, who I'll call Chris, was extremely manipulative with words and actions. At one point I referred to him as cold blooded and he became very angry, staring at me with a reptilian glare. He said I would pay for my disrespect.

Later that night while in my dorm room I noticed a shadowy figure beginning to form. I immediately burned some sage and raised the vibration in the room. That evening approximately 3 am I awoke from what I thought was a dream to see a large reptilian form on top of me trying to choke me. It squealed in what I can only assume to be delight.

I began struggling with it and finally threw it off me. As it crouched on the floor glaring at me I immediately knew it was the individual I had insulted earlier. He lunged at me, I dodged and grabbed a penknife lying on my desk and slashed him as he lunged at me a second time. With a squeal of rage he ran to the wall and through it. I then turned on the light to fully illuminate teh room. I noticed blood on the penknife and checked myself to make sure it wasnt my blood. I didn't go back to sleep.

In the morning as I left for class I noticed the guy coming out of his dormroom. he had a bandage on his arm in the same spot where I had sliced the reptile. He noticed me and walked up to me and glared at me with those same cold reptilian eyes. "this isn't over" he said and I left for class.

Later that day trouble really started. I had dorm staff and housing administrators wanting to talk to me. While I talked to one regarding the individual, the administrator said "don't aggravate him, he's very important". Strange thing is that the dorm staff seemed terrified of him and behaved like his lapdogs.

That night I could still feel something watching me. I have since moved off campus to avoid this antagonistic individual. However, I often see him and freinds of his watching me when I'm on campus and in town. a few weeks ago I even found a dead bird at the threshhold of my apartment. Yesterday I bought your book entitled "The Biggest Secret". I am so glad to know that I'm not the only one strange things are happening to, It comforts me too know there are others out there who are aware of the reptoids and that there are things that humanity can defend itself against them.

Name withheld.



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