I can see the reptiles
Thanks for seeing them too!

I have been keeping a diary on my encounters with reptilians since 1995. I tried to explain to a few trusted friends who do not think I am a crazy person what I have been aware of since early childhood. I am a psychic but I do not practice this skill in any formal or professional way. I live in Denver, Colorado, and have worked in various corporations in the past, including 'a major credit card company'.

For five years, people came to my desk for comfort and support because ************* was a very toxic, negative environment. Work was hard to find and I had serious health problems so I stayed there and fought the negative management until I was able to find a way out. I had a lot of information given to me by my "guides" while there and many beautiful and amazing mystical experiences. Other employees came to talk to me about their feelings and problems.

The upper management was, for the most part, blond and blue-eyed and fiercely elitist. (Arians-one of the managers had the last name of A*****, for crying out loud.) A new manager joined our department.

One day I caught him with his "shields down" and realized he was a reptile. He caught me looking at him. Later that day, I felt him scanning my mind. I willfully blocked him. He didn't like it at all. A couple of weeks later, a 6'4" blond, Nordic type named B********* was hired, supposedly as part of the fraud divison. He was "ex-FBI" and "ex-CIA". They seated him two cubicals over from me. The fraud division was in another part of the building. He proceeded to hang around me wherever I went. If I went outside to sit under a tree, he appeared and began to jog round and a round and wave at me. He was psychic also and I felt him intruding on my thoughts and he sometimes appeared in my dreams-- jogging around me, listening to my conversations.

One day, a few weeks before I left ************ for another job, a woman called from personnel and asked me if I required mental health care. I said "What are you talking about? She said', "We understand you believe in reincarnation and you think that your supervisor (the reptile) is scanning brains.(Another employee had told me she felt him in her mind and it frightened her. I talked with her about it and this conversation had obviously been reported to personnel.) "We also know that you believe some of your managers were responsible for torturing you in a Nazi concentration camp in another life" She proceeded to read from her notes private conversations I had had over the five years I had been there! It appeared that the company thought I might be a threat to THEM! She said, "You shouldn't be discussing these things at work."

I told her, " My evaluations say that I do the work of two people everyday. I have a right to discuss anything I want during my breaks and lunch. I have a right to my beliefs 24 hours a day. Most of the world believes in reincarnation and that does not make them crazy and you mentally healthy just because you are a traditional Christian. If you ever bring this up again, you will have to talk to my attorney!" She hung up. I left the company two weeks later. I understand from a friend that B************* left within the month and returned to the FBI... So much for his "retirement".

I am finding the courage to write a book which I hope to publish on what I know. I have lived too much in a fearful, self preservation mode. I feel like no matter what happens, writing and talking about the truth is the only thing that will give me peace. Thanks, David, for leading the way. I have felt very alone with this knowledge for a long, long time. I feel stronger now.

Sincerely, J~

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