Hi David.

I am looking forward to hearing you speak on the 1st December in London.

I thought I would just write to tell you of an experience a friend of mine recently had in Bath. He was in a Night Club in Bath when a tall guy started staring at him. My friend asked him what was wrong and he said forcefully 'let me see your hands'.


'Just let me see your hands'.

So my friend showed him his hands, ordinary and empty. Then the man's stare changed and his eyes blinked vertically rather than in the usual horizontal fashion!

He said no more and just walked away, leaving my friend absolutely horrified. My friend confided this to me the other day when we were talking about UFOs and stuff. He knew nothing about your work or anything reptillian.

He doesn't drink or take drugs or anything and is a Muslim. So I told him that it is much more common for people to have encounters like that than is generally known.

I told him about your work and lent him the video of your Vancouver talks. I am encouraging him to submit his story to your website along with all the other lizard-encounters reported there.

I just thought that you would be interested to hear it right away. It raises two questions, to my mind.

First, could Bath be a centre of lizard activity or something? (Bath has historic occult connections).

Second, what is it about the hands? I thought that maybe hand-inspection could be a means used by the lizards to identify their own kind when in a human form? (A bit like Masons using a specific hand-shake).

Thirdly, it shows that these experiences can happen to anyone regardless of background. All the best, and congratulations on the new book.


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