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TAL~Experiencer Reports

The following reports have been submitted to the internet and authorized for public posting. Although Reptoids.com believes that portions of each submission are worthy of further investigation, it does not endorse their entire content.


REPORT OF UFO Activity in NEW MEXICO and REPTOID Contact....... ( Name on File) In the Summer of 1979, I was working graveyard Security at a Radiation Detection Equipment Company on the south end of the city of SANTA FE, N.M. At about 2 A.M. , a radiation monitor near the back dock went off. There were tests going on in the building and I started looking for what might be wrong. I couldn't determine anything wrong inside so I went outside to the rear dock area. Hovering about 50 ft above the rear gate was a 30 ft. diameter SPHERE. It was mostly glowing White Yet there were what I call "Swirling PLASMA rainbow colors" happening also. It rose up about 200 ft. and slowly moved to the North, towards the downtown PLAZA area.

When I got off work at 6 A.M. , I called the Santa Fe police department and asked if any one had reported anything unusual in the sky. The woman said , "Yes", this was the third night of sightings. And as we were talking she said that Officer ______and Officer______had just come in and would I like to talk to them? I spoke with Officer_____(name on file)...He said they first spotted the large SPHERE over the PLAZA, and like the 2 nights previous followed it north out of town into the National Forest area. That the object stopped and hovered low across the road from an area I knew to be the location of a large natural deposit of MAGNETITE. ......I spoke with Officer_____(name on file)...He said they first spotted the large SPHERE over the PLAZA just after 2 A.M.

BUT this wasn't the first night they had seen it. It had appeared the 2 nights previous and as before they had followed it north out of town into the National Forest area.

That the object stopped and hovered low across the road from the rest area . I knew this was a location I had noted on my UFO research map of New Mexico (on my wall) as a large natural deposit of IRON ORE (" magnetic" Magnetite). A few nights later , at my home in Santa Fe, there was a high frequency sound and bluish/white outside. Then a 7 ft. tall "REPTOID" (Reptilian Humanoid) appeared in my home. It checked out my Research Map (on the wall) of UFO sighting locations; Caverns; Abduction locations; Animal Mutilation sites ; UFO flight paths; Earth quake faults; Ancient Ruins; Suspected "Alien" Underground Bases; etc.

There is more to what happened.....which I will not relate at this time.

NOTE : It appears that they are tracking their cross-breed hybrids. Many of whom have "Rh-negative" factor blood . Reptilians have breed into the human population. Most of these "hybrids" ( about 5% of the population of the Earth) do not know they are any different than the rest of the population.... Many of them have lower blood pressure; lower body temperature; and some are born with tails ,that the doctors remove at birth.

The government is keeping secret that they DO NOT UNDERSTAND what is really going on !

It will be you, private researchers, who will help others to discover facts about these BEINGS. They are NOT primarily from another PLANET... they are from Earth.

Humans (sapiens) and the so-called "Aliens (Reptilians) have a common ancestor.

We ALL have evolved right here on Earth ! The REPTOIDS and their slaves (the GREYS) live in CAVERNS and Sub-cities within Ter-ra (third from the SUN).

You must awaken to the truth..............
Stop looking up !..............
We are in a SPECIES war !
Stop dreaming of other worlds......
they are HERE, NOW.

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