LA Jazz Singer's Book Deal To
Reveal Her Sex Life With Aliens

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Los Angeles singer Pamela Stonebrooke has upped the ante on true-life, alien-abduction books.

Stonebrooke claims she had a sexual affair with a reptilian something-or-other from outer space - and that she was the one putting the moves on her alien captors.

More unusual than the singer's improbable tale of intergalactic romance is that editors from at least three publishers bid for book last week during a one-day auction.

Ballantine Books, a division of Random House, won and will publish "Experiencer: A Jazz Singer's True Account of Extraterrestrial Contact" next spring. The advance was said to be about $100,000.

Far from being a "victim" in a hideous sexual encounter, "she conquered her fear and carried the sexual action to the reptilians," says the book proposal.

"She recounts this act of interspecies intercourse in a graphic, no-holds-barred, tour de force description, unique in UFO literature, replete with precise physical and emotional detail, sensational without being sensationalistic," it says.

As far as proof of her amorous adventures, Stonebrooke shows skeptics a series of marks on her leg, little scooped out patches of skin - presumably because the aliens needed it to conduct tests.

Several editors commented that Stonebrooke's height (she's a six-footer) and Annie Lennox bleach-blonde hair cut will serve her well on the TV talk-show circuit.

"She's hilariously funny too," says agent Sandra Martin , who represents the singer Jewel . "She says: "Why would I make this stuff up? It doesn't exactly help my singing career, does it?'"

Stonebrooke claims she has to remind herself constantly to keep her legs well shaved. "People always want me to show them the marks," she says. Letter from John Velez
Hello All,

Below is a response from Pamela Stonebrooke who has authored a book about her experiences with "reptilian" aliens. I forwarded a copy of my post to UpDates a few days ago and in fairness to Pamela I want to publish her response/side of the story. If Pamela -is- an abductee as she claims then she is my sister and I will give -her- side of the story precedence over anything that comes from the media.

I haven't read the book yet so I'll withold an opinion on that until I do. I want Pamela (and all of you as well) to understand where I'm coming from. I have worked really long and hard for more than six years to get the -serious- attention of the mainstream community. It is conscience-driven work on my part. What is happening to us is monumental and historic and is not something to be treated lightly. Ourselves, our children, our families and loved ones are all directly affected by this phenomenon. Anything that adds to the already tremendous incredulity that exists is something that I try to counter with all the strength I have.

I have attempted to bring some sanity, seriousness, and in my own way 'credibility' to our side of things. The public stonings I have had to endure as a result were fierce and sometimes painful for me. I'll be damned if -anyone- is going to come along and undo all that work with anything that adds to the sensationalism or air of ridicule that already surrounds us.

I'm not trying to be "funny" and I don't think that any of us deserve to be laughed at when we tell the truth about what is happening to us. I have always told the simple truth. I make damn sure that I never embellish the details or speculate as to their meaning in any public venue. One of the things that hurts our public case the most is when people pretend to have pat answers for what is going on. When they get "preachy" and pontificate and speculate ad nausium. It is because of them that we all get lumped in with the fringe elements, cults, and assorted and sundry other whackos.

I hope Pamela's book helps the effort and will not hurt it or set it back. Like I said before, my stake in this is in blood and bone. Myself, my wife, and my children are involved and it just doesn't get any more serious than that for me. This is not a game or some kind of scam for me. It's a very deadly, blood sport that I find myself engaged in. I'm playing it with that level of commitment, concentration and intensity and I fully expect anyone else who joins the public battle on our behalf to do the same -or- get out of the foxhole!

Here's Pamela's letter to me/all of you.



I'm writing this in response to the news item that appeared in a recent issue of The New York Post about my forthcoming book, Experiencer: A Jazz Singer's True Account of Extraterrestrial Contact.

Since the article unfortunately conveyed the impression that the book would be sensationalistic, it seems appropriate that I share some thoughts with you, and set the record straight about the book I am writing. I know that The New York Post piece seriously misrepresented the true nature of the book.

The book is multi-faceted, and treats the abduction phenomenon, in all of its complexity, with the sensitivity, respect and seriousness it deserves, presenting not only my own experiences, but those of other experiencers as well. The editor of the book is Leslie Meredith, one of the most highly respected editors in New York. She was the senior editor for the Bantam New Age paperback series of books, and has worked on many books that have been instrumental in raising people's consciousness. I'm extremely grateful to be working with her, and also with Sandra Martin, who is a wonderful human being and a visionary among literary agents. I believe that Leslie wishes to publish the book because I'll be examining and exploring my contact experiences in light of their transformative aspects, recognizing that the phenomenon is, and can be, an incredible catalyst for expanded self-awareness. Interaction with extraterrestrial intelligence has many aspects, of course, but the transformational aspect is fundamental to me.

The book will tell about my reptilian encounters, a subject that very few women are prepared to go public with or speak openly about. I praise the courage of the few that already have - and endured public ridicule as a result. Reptilians are not a politically correct species in the UFO community, and to admit to having sex with one - much less enjoying it - is beyond the pale as far as the more conservative members of that community are concerned. But I know from my extensive reading and research, and from talking personally to dozens of other women (and men) that I am not unique in reporting this kind of experience. I am the first to admit that this is a vastly complex subject, a kind of hall of mirrors, where dimensional realities are constantly shifting and changing. Certainly, the reptilians use sex to control people in various ways. They have the ability to shape-shift and to control the mind of the experiencer, as well as to give tremendous pleasure through their mental powers. I have wrestled with all of these implications and the various levels of meaning and possibilities represented by my encounter experiences. I will say, however, as I have said before, that I feel a deep respect for the reptilian entity with whom I interacted, and a profound connection with this being. In a past life regression I did recently, I went to a very remote period in earth's history (perhaps hundreds of thousands of years ago), and saw myself as one of a brotherhood of reptilian warriors facing a catastrophic event in which we perished together (it was possibly nuclear in nature, since I saw a red cloud and felt tremendous heat). I believe that on one level, I may be meeting these entities again, perhaps fellow warriors from the past warning us of an impending, self-inflicted doom - or perhaps they are different aspects of myself. I don't really know; I'm just trying to unravel this puzzle like everyone else.

Following my initial Art Bell interview, I received hundreds of letters and e-mails, many from people describing similar encounters to mine. I know that there are people out there who are suffering in isolation and silence, thinking they are going crazy. I have been able to give some of these people strength and courage, so that they can move through their fear and come out the other side, empowered and still able to celebrate life as the incredible adventure that it truly is. I know that when I was processing my Grey experiences, if it had not been for people like John Mack, Budd Hopkins, Kim Carlsberg, Whitley Strieber, John Carpenter, and other researchers and experiencers who have been courageous enough to come forward, putting their lives and reputations on the line, I would have stayed in fear a lot longer, cowering in a corner, my self-esteem and identity shattered. Thanks to them and to the wonderful members of my support group, I am still standing, intact and whole.

I believe that the alien abduction experience is profoundly linked to the momentous shift in consciousness that is occurring as we enter the new millennium. We are witnesses to and participants in the most fantastic era in human history. And contrary to the mood of pessimism from some individuals regarding the way mainstream media treats the UFO phenomenon, and the trepidation that is felt regarding its ultimate impact on the human race, I am unashamedly a "Positive." Everywhere I turn, I find much greater public acceptance of the alien abduction/UFO phenomenon, and active curiosity from enormous numbers of people. I am also encouraged by the fact that many more experiencers are coming forward, no longer hiding behind the cloak of anonymity. I believe that within ten years the reality of alien abduction will be accepted as a fact by the majority of people on this planet, and ridicule of the subject by the media or anyone else will be regarded as naive and irresponsible.

I think the problem that exists between UFOlogy and the media stems from the fact that the UFO community has been so sadly wounded in the past fifty years by rejection and ridicule that it has been somewhat demoralized as a movement. It has been a long, uphill battle, with many martyrs shedding their blood along the way, but I believe that we are winning the battle for public acceptance and are closer than ever before to solving the mystery of the alien presence itself. I am looking forward to appearing on major TV talk-shows, and to bringing the message directly to the public about this phenomenon. This is a subject that must - and will - be taken seriously, even, eventually, by the likes of Leno and Letterman. I was amazed, I might add, by the number of editors in the New York publishing community who are "believers," and I predict that within the next few years, UFO and abduction books will routinely top the bestseller lists as the public hungers to learn more about what our encounters mean, and their implications for the human race.

If my book is successful, everyone in the UFO community will benefit. The floodgates are about to open, and when they do, all experiencers, UFO investigators, writers and researchers will find wider acceptance for their work. The days and years ahead are going to be full of challenges and opportunities, but we need to change ourselves in order to change the world. We need to work together harmoniously with mutual understanding and respect.

I want to thank everyone who is willing to cut me some slack with regard to the article in The New York Post. I'm sure it won't be the last test of my strength or your discernment. Please keep those stones in hand until you read my book. I am confident that if and when you do, you will be able to recommend it to experiencers and non-experiencers alike.

I would also like to thank everyone in the UFO community who has assisted me on my journey to awareness these past five years.

Pamela Stonebrooke

"This individual by far has been the most fascinating subject to illustrate. I have talked to several eye witness experiencers about the description of this being. As I draw, I refine more and more what this magnificent creature looks like. This alien is very large, standing seven to eight feet tall. They are very muscular and have clawed feet and hands. They have scales and they can be very bumpy or smooth. They have eyes that are cold as a snake's stare, and their mouth and nose can be similar to a lizard or take on a subtle human-like appearance. In every case, they have chest armor on. They have a brow line that is fleshy and curves around the head like a thick head band. They have tails, yet most of the people I have talked to say they can't remember the lower half of them. Their coloring varies from rust browns to deep evergreen shades. Truly, this is a beautiful creature."

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