The Aswang

I recently read the remarkable book The Biggest Secret", and was not at all surprised to learn of the existence of shape-shifting reptilian entities in human form, because I myself was married to a shape-shifter for five years. I sent you an e-mail (a few months ago) concerning my experiences when living with this woman, but I forgot to mention something that may be of interest to you regarding shape-shifters.

A few years after my divorce from the shape-shifter, I married a young lady from the Philippines and spent several years living with her on the island of Luzon, in a small town about 70 miles north of Manila. When I was living out there, I was repeatedly warned by people not to leave any house doors or windows open at night because of the danger from "aswang." At first I dismissed the notion of "aswang" as a silly superstition, and ignored the advice to keep the house shut up at night - I couldn't stand the heat!

When I inquired as to exactly what an "aswang" was, my wife told me that there are certain families in the Philippines, notably in the central Visayan islands, who are not human beings but entities of an evil nature, having the power to literally shape-shift into something resembling a large bat or bird. At night, my wife explained, these people shape-shift and fly off in search of blood. When they find a victim, preferably a human victim, they sink a long sort of proboscis into the flesh and drain the blood. This, I was told, often results in the death of the victim from blood loss. When I was told all this, I laughed and refused to take it seriously, but I eventually discovered that there is much evidence that "aswang" almost certainly do exist.

The ability to shape-shift into an aswang exists only within certain families in the Philippines, and appears to be carried through the bloodline. Apparently, members of these notorious families never marry anyone who is not also a shape-shifter, thus the bloodlines are never mixed (hence never diluted) with normal human bloodlines.

I learned from my wife's mother that she herself was once a victim of an aswang attack, but fortunately woke up during the assault and cut of the proboscis of the entity with a sharf knife that she habitually kept under her pillow. (I discovered that many people in the Philippines sleep with a knife under their pillow in case of an aswang attack.)

During my time in the Philippines I found out that the phenomenon of the aswang is taken very seriously by many people there, and is almost universally accepted as a fact by the inhabitants of some of the central Philippine islands where most of the aswang families reside.

Not long before I left the Philippines for the last time (in June 1994) I read an interesting report in the Manila Bulletin, one of the country's national newspapers. It stated that several people in the Tondo district of Manila had recently become victims of aswang attacks, and had died as a result. In response to this, the police had set up what was called an "aswang patrol". This was a special unit of armed police whose duty it was to patrol the streets of Tondo at night, with orders to shoot and kill on sight any aswang that appeared on the scene. When I discussed this report with local people, they told me that aswang patrols were frequently set up in areas where aswang attacks ocurred. All this confirmed to me the seriousness with which the authorities take the phenomenon. It was obvious that they don't regard it as superstitious nonsense.

I have also read a report by a Christian missionary who lived for more than 20 years in the Philippines, in which he writes of the "demonic reality" of the aswang. He claims to have seen these entities on several occasions, and says that he once actually witnessed the transformation of a certain person into the bat-like form of an aswang. He states that he also saw a number of blood-drained victims of aswang attacks, and knows how real is the existence of these terrible aswang entities. His personal belief was that the members of certain families out there become possessed by evil spirits at night, and are thus able to shape-shift.

When in the Philippines I also heard a story about a man who lived in Manila, who supposedly had the ability to shape-shift into a large snake. At first I was very doubtful about this, but I spoke to so many people who claimed to have witnessed this transformation, that I began to consider the story to be possibly true.

It appears that not only are there shape-shifting reptiles on this earth, there are also various other creatures - including the bat-like "aswang." I would imagine that all of these entities originate in the lower fourth dimension, but I have no idea how or why so many of them managed to get into human incarnation. In my contacts with various positive spirit entities some years ago, I was told repeatedly that not only are there negative and destructive non-human entities on this earth, there are also a number of positive non-human entities in human form, who have incarnated here in order to try and counter-balance the negativity of the evil ones. So, it's not all doom and gloom! (If you are interested in knowing more about the positive non-human entities in our midst, just let me know.)

Warmest Regards
Name withheld

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