I'm a film writer/director/ artist and musician, and I went over to Vancouver initially to study at Vancouver Film School. I made a variety of off the wall friends whilst studying and living in Vancouver's leafy West End. A good friend I had made was Nigel, an older, streetwise character who I started to film in my spare time with the view to making a short documentary film about his crazy life experiences.

It turned out to be the last year of his life as he died (of a variety of complaints) at home in the spring of 2002. From that point on I started having what I would describe as a spiritual awakening, but an awakening to what I did not know.

I made my first post-film school independent short "BLANK" just after Nigel died. The movie is about loneliness and how main character Blank spends his days in the wonderful, weird and frightening world his has created for himself due to lack of contact with other people. He is in a cycle of behavior, one which I had discovered from a brilliant British documentary I had seen about the "cycle of the killer". During and especially after the shoot which took place in my apartment, I noticed, as did my good friend Gary Allen, faces and shapes in the set decoration of the film which had not been put there on purpose. We examined every shot of the film and counted a tremendous amount of these strange 'spirits' that we believed may have been making an appearance on film. Silly as it may seem, I believe this was the beginning of a personal awakening to the sinister and very real darkness amidst us. My film says it all and describes the atmosphere and anxiety I was experiencing around that time as well as referring, quite chillingly, to the illuminati in the form of the born-again vampire monk Brother Neville!


I moved from the West End soon after the completion of "BLANK" (which I have enclosed for your viewing pleasure!) I began to search my childhood and my subconscious for a follow up to Blank, which I had written purely from the heart, a piece of writing I am very pleased with. I came up with endless no-go storylines and ideas, some of which I still have running round my mind, and when I returned to England for a three week excursion from Vancouver, it seemed I would never have anything that I really believed in. However, whilst scrambling through old videos in my bedroom in my parents' home I came across 'THE DEVILS', the classic Ken Russell depiction of religious treachery and Witch hunting - I was glued to this film and something was telling me that I should be thinking about religion and what it meant to me personally, after all, I had been to a very religious primary school that was attached to a Christian Church, and the general message of the Bible was pretty familiar to me. I was working on new ideas for my next script whilst in the last painful weeks of preproduction on the movie - All production matters were taking an eternity to complete and I had a constant feeling of there being very strong negative energies surrounding the crew and the film in general, something I have never felt on previous film projects.

My script was about a 27 year old loner living in a grim future world of broken down churches and fragments of technology, a direct theme continuation of the earlier film I had made - 'Blank'. I took a few hours out of the non-stop work and went out with my 58 year old psychic friend George Wilson and then girlfriend Angela - we went in the Purple Onion, and, half an hour after settling in at a dance floor-edge table I witnessed a 30 something woman shapeshift into what I can only describe as a blotchy looking reptile with a blond wig on and red lipstick smear on the 'lips' area. It was very clear and due to my self induced conditioning to all things horror show I didn't really get that scared. The feeling this thing gave me, however, was very distinct - it was like a strong wave of negative emotion, like coffins, chapel of rest imagery; Halloween gone wrong is how I would describe it. The feeling lasted a few seconds then I was really amazed and full of wonder at this, the first time I have ever actually seen anything 'weird and wonderful' in my life.


When I went over the evening and compared details with my friends George, he revealed something very interesting to me. You have to bare in mind that my friend George Wilson is very psychic and has been all his life. He's been seeing the 'serpent headed' people since he was a kid and says he never really knew, until my research on the subject revealed the details, quite what he was seeing. I asked him what he saw that night and he confirmed the same scaly reptilian head and snake-like eyes, the coloured markings on the face and the look of fear and loathing on its face as we revealed its identity. He said that it wasn't just her that had 'shapeshifted' - he told me that as I looked across the dance floor and saw the reptilian my own appearance completely changed to that of a battle-weary soldier from centuries in the past! I grilled him on the details and he described what he had seen - It was my eyes or 'soul' present, he was sure of that, but my face was much fatter with a double chin showing and I had longish dark brown hair that was quite scruffy. He described the clothing as a dirty white shield on my chest bearing a cross and two lions either side, a belt round my waist (the rest of me was under the table!) and crude silver plated armour pieces strapped on my arms and shoulders. I had leaned over and said to him "What the bloody hell was that!" and admittedly I did feel full of some strange energy and excitement, like I was eager to confront this woman - almost as if I had come across her in a previous manifestation of myself - maybe that's why I'm here today!!

I am somebody who breaths ideas on all things of that nature, but never before have I seen anything that rivals this, except, perhaps, what followed.


I started searching on the net and soon enough I found your site and saw your reptilian agenda information as well as listening to Credo Mutwa's astonishing revelations. The experience was strong enough and so unusual as to spur me on into what is still a major daily research quest.

I told two prominent member of my film crew about what I had seen and in hindsight I was too quick to trust those around me I had not really known that long. Two days before the commencement of production (10 day experience of an archetype hell) my camera operator shapeshifted right in front of me only in a very different kind of way visually - The woman in the bar had faded up and then down from human to reptilian with a feathered edge rather like a wipe effect from Star wars - very similar but much faster, two bursts and two totally solid and real appearances with no merge of the two. This second experience, however, was a fluent merging of her human face (stood right in front of me in my apartment) and that of the clichéd gray alien being I have seen in Close Encounters and many other media creations. Beyond the bubble goggle eyes I saw two very piercing yellow eyes that I could only describe after as an ancient cat sat by the fire looking at you with a spiteful, knowing, sort of Royal demeanor - The room around me seemed lightly fogged and when I turned right to look at my girlfriend Angela it seemed like there was no perspective at all between her and the wall behind her and she was fluttering at the edges like she was fusing with the background.

My initial reaction was to say "are you mother nature?" - she had a huge bright glow all around her like an angel and a neutral if not slightly Queen-like superiority which she emanated enough for me to ask that rather silly question! She said no and Angela (who felt the experience but saw no change) grabbed a Taro card from her bag and gave it to her saying "I know you…." To which the being responded with a very unenthusiastic kind of sneer before placing the card on the table and going over to the wall of storyboards I had painted depicting all of the shots in the occult-themed HALY SAINT.


She had lost the alien-like appearance now but her eyes were yellowish and like liquid amber, returning to normal eyes as she spoke and moved around. She told me that the story was "touching on something" and that "we are going to make something out of this - I am going for funding on your next project, I'm going to work with you in the future" - I was really pleased and she suddenly got up and said she had to leave, so I asked her if I could have a word with her, just the two of us (Angela was very excited and talking ten to the dozen) and we walked together to the door. I told her that I needed to know what was going on and that I didn't understand what was happening. She stopped, turned round, and again she faded that alien face in, same as before, the eyes really staring at me with a crazy, chaos driven authority I didn't really fear but was very wary of. "Look into my eyes….You see yourself, don't you" is her exact wording. I looked into her eyes and I think she was expecting me to be a negative force or bad person, because I didn't see myself, I just saw the ancient cat eyes and then something I still can't fully fathom no matter how hard I try. Her chest and stomach area were not there, I saw right through her body, through the world and out the other side, like a void or black hole - I could see space, lots of stars and what I assumed was Earth on the left, partially visible. There were tiny white lights (I thought they might be souls) going up from Earth in a tightly regimented line like they were following each other - the lights then spiraled downwards the line of lights got close to this massive white light that was dominating the space where her body should have been. The white lights were flowing smoothly down into the huge white light, and it seemed like I watched that celestial happening for a long time when really it was only a few fleeting seconds, a really short bit of time elongated, possibly Manipulated by her for some reason.

I replied with a "yes" when really I should have said "No, I just see a cat thing again" but in hindsight I made the right move, and I know I actually said yes because to be completely honest I was willing to do anything for this strange angelic being.

She wasn't an angel, that much is certain, as the following week of production on Haly Saint was the most grueling and draining experience I have ever had to tackle in my life.

She had set me up in many ways, but I am a very strong willed person who would not, when it came to the crunch, let 6 months graft on a project get pissed down the drain right at the finishing line. I believe that she and her powerfully negative boyfriend and associates had planned to ruin my movie by placing themselves right in the heart of its organization, almost running the film themselves with the idea of warping it and me into a state of unfinished ruin. Her appearance stayed human throughout the shoot apart from the last day (my victory!) when she looked cat-like in her eyes but only slightly and not so as anybody mentioned anything. My leading actor |Joe, however, was totally experiencing negative forces from her and her 'colleagues' and still maintains that I was having a psychic kind of battle with them that he could feel very strongly, enough for him to want to quit on the last day. I talked to him and explained some of what I perceived was happening, and the two of us agreed to join forces and regain control of the movie which was running completely out of control. When it came down to it, regaining the reins on my own project was easy - |We just had to ignore their attempts at unsettling the atmosphere by being strong and positive, with big smiles on our faces, counteracting hate with love!!

The shoot was completed amazingly enough, and I edited it in the 2 months that followed. I broke communications with the shapeshifting girl (whose name I will not mention, though, if you'd like to give her a call I can give you're the number and address!) and her boyfriend who have both admitted to seeing rituals taking place in the Cayman Islands where they holiday (her parents own the rights to a well known American sitcom of the 70s) and told me that if I really wanted to research the occult I should visit the next island on from Victoria - "Devil worship is really going on there" were his very words when I revealed to him that I has seen a reptilian shapeshifter in downtown Vancouver.

More weird things happened after, but that's the crux of it. The film got finished and I'm just putting the finishing touches in post production now.

Feel free to put this account out there with all the other reptilian sightings.


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