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The Woman of Reptilian Resource

Weird comment here on Hillary:
New York Post Online

He says:
"this woman of reptilian resource"

If you look reptilian up in a good dictionary, the only meanings of "reptilian" are:

    1. Of, or pertaining to reptiles
    2. Resembling or characteristic of a reptile
    3. Repulsive, contemptible, or devious

No. 3 doesn't really fit.
Perhaps he really meant No. 2?



Thursday,November 9,2000

IN THE madness of monstrous political mayhem, we find ourselves more confused than a matador facing a cow.

But there is one given, more certain than anything in this season of idiocy, and it is simply this:

The precise moment Hillary Rodham Clinton won the Senate race, she launched her campaign to run for the White House.

From the summer of 1999, when this woman of reptilian resource announced her candidacy, she was asked constantly one question:

Is this a preliminary fight for the main event to become the first female president of this great country, right now under strain?

Pledge after pledge, written by reporters, recorded on the tube, the response was:

"I have no ambition for higher office. I will serve the full six years, to serve New York."

This from a woman who wouldn't serve coffee if she owned Colombia.

"As far back as 1993, there were printed signs all over her office, proclaiming 'In The White House, Hillary 1996.' "

These are the solemn words of Tom Fitton, chairman of Judicial Watch, who has tracked Hillary's careless disregard for the truth over the years, like a bloodhound.

Tom, together with general counsel Larry Klayman, represent Sheryl Hall, a computer whiz on Hillary's staff, who refused to commit what she claims was a criminal act.

Sheryl and Judicial Watch are suing Hillary Clinton for emotionally torturing her after she refused to stack a database of illegally obtained files for Hillary's campaign funding. "It was a mistake," said Hillary's spokesman Howard Wolfson.

Yeah, and I regularly shave with a butcher knife. Hillary, like her husband, committed a freakin' crime.

source and full story at:
New York Post Online

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