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I have considered long and hard before writing you with this information. First of all, I have read, "The Biggest Secret" and enjoyed it a great deal. Thank you for the work that you do. Now, on to some interesting information for you and your readers.

In the information that you share with many people, you talk about Reptilians being attached to or actually living as members of the Ruling Elite or the Royals on this planet and within the blood lines. Well, although this is part of the story, it is in fact, a small part of the story. Although they do enjoy many of the benefits of being attached or living as ruling people upon the planet, their greatest worry are the Lightworkers, Starseeds and the volunteers who are incarnated upon this planet. For you see, they know that these people have the power to overcome anything and everything that they have worked for in the long period of time that they have been interferring here.

Collectively, we have the power to actually stop them in their collective tracks. I have been a healer for over 10 years now and have been awakened to many new healing techniques. Over the course of the last 2 years I have developed a new healing modality called the ES Healing Method. One of the things that I have discovered is that there are many everyday people, mainly lightworkers who have reptilians attached to them. Either through etheric devices or implants, or etheric small creatures.

When I say Etheric, I am referring to the 4th dimension. These reptillians have had a clear go for a long time and they are very egotistical as well as very cynical about things and this is there weakness. One of the tools that I use is toning. For you see, this can have a very intense reaction to not only their mental processes, but also to their physical bodies. And yes, they do have physical bodies.

Just recently, I have "dispatched" 4 different reptilian beings from people. One of them lost their body and another was heavily and seriously injured from the encounter with me. The other 2 "decided" to back off on their own accord and I ensured through different methods that "their" memories were wiped and that they would then forget about the people that they had been attached to. This is a highly intricate procedure because many of the devices and implants that they use on people are boobytrapped.

If someone attempts to remove it without dealing with the boobytraps, they can actually cause more problems for the person than assistance. The reptilians are working to prevent lightworkers, starseeds and volunteers from accomplishing what they have come here to do. This is one of their very high top priorities.

I am sending this because they don't think that I will. Further more, they also don't want this information getting out to people. Also, because of the work that I am doing, I am noticing that the reptilians that are attached to people are working on them on a telepathic level to attempt to have them discredit what I am doing. Only because they know that they cannot win against what is being accomplished and against those of us who are using what we have and our knowledge to defeat them. I have no malice towards the reptilians, they are serviing their own purpose, however when it gets to a point that someone comes to me because of this, it is because they are getting to the very end of their rope.

This is one aspect of what is occurring. Your readers need to be aware of this. They feed and attempt to create with those that they are attached to, judgments, ego, fear, condemnation of others, etc, etc. Mainly because it is these energetic emotions that they feed off of. This is why the masters have for so long told people to truly discern within their Heart Centre and to trust most in their Hearts, not their minds.

It is time for people to wake up. So many within the "Metaphysical or New Age" movements refuse to look at anything that could remotely be considered "dark or negative". This is in fact holding them back from allowing their True selves from fully coming in. Mainly because they are not aware of being controlled, or of being blocked on different levels, some very subtle levels.

I hope and trust that this information will be of assistance to people.

Emerald Star Healing Group

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