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The Reptilian Secret Weapon


I am writing this article David, to reveal the truth about the disease of addiction. I believe that this disease was created by the Draconians and put into are gene pool sometime in early human history.

I have been through hell physically, mentally,and spiritually because of this "being". I've often asked myself,"How could've the unconditionally loving Creator I've come to know ever since I got clean 4 years ago create such an insidious disease that kills thousands every year and causes millions negativity and pain everyday?" I've come to realize that the Creator didn't-

The Reptilians did!

In the media today why is the disease never mentioned? "Just say no" was a tremendous flop. All these commercials about drugs being the problem are a waste of time.

It is a viscious cycle of fear and pain created by the Dracs. The CIA and DEA import all the drugs to feed all the diseased people of this country to keep them sick in an active addiction. The dracs feed off of all the fear,negativity, paranoia, and anger created by the disease. They are a real piece of work!

I can personally attest to the pain of losing my spirit. Getting clean and finding the Creator through a 12-Step Program was the solution to 23 years of spiritual possession. All my chakras were realigned by the All. The cure for this disease is spiritual in nature. ---The best defense against the misinformation and secrecy by the Dracs.

I wish people would realize that the problem is the disease. A living breathing negative entity inside of the humans who have the active gene.

Drug and alcohol addiction are only a symptom of a much greater problem - A secret agenda by the elite to keep people sick and the public unaware of the real cause by media manipulation and control.

Let the truth be heard!!

The Draconian disease lives on!!

I love you David and keep up the good work my friend.


Sources: 23 years of personal experience.
Seeing the disease through my third eye.
Putting together the pieces of the puzzle.
A heart that longs for the truth.

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