I was living in my hometown of Memphis TN when I applied for a position as a uniformed officer with the Secret Service. This was post-9/11, but I still hadn't yet completely figured out what was going on in the world.

My first interview was with an agent who seemed a normal, somewhat personable human being. The second interview was quite different. This guy looked like the British rock star Peter Gabriel (which was very offsetting since I'm a big fan!) and had this stare that seemed to take in everything about you at just a glance. I'm sure they're trained to make you feel like you're under interrogation without themselves having to say a word, but Jeez. My feeling throughout that interview centered on the thought that this man was not human.

A couple of weeks after that second interview came the first of three incident which are at the center of my story. I was home alone with my partner out of town for whatever reason. I was fast asleep and it was sometime in the middle of the night when I awoke to find myself completely paralyzed, head to toe, unable to move a muscle but the involuntaries like breathing were fine.. I, however, was terrified. My eyes were open and I could feel a definite presence off to my right by the bedside but I could not turn to see who it was. Also, I could hear voices throughout the rest of the house, many of them, and it sounded almost festive like a party. Finally at some point I fell back asleep.

The second time this happened I was again alone in the house and had fallen asleep on the couch in front of the TV. I awoke paralyzed, this time feeling a presence behind my head, where the recliner would have been. I tried to lift my arm to reach back and grab the person, but my arm felt like lead on the backrest of the couch. Terrified again, I struggled but could not move. I didn't hear voices this time, just felt the presence of what seemed like one person (or something).

The third and last time this happened was in the morning. It was growing light outside and I was again in bed, and I wasn't completely paralyzed but felt as though I were struggling to move, as if I had awakened just as the effects of whatever it was where wearing off. No presence, no voices, just a slight terror that passed quickly to be replaced by the usual confusion.

I took a job at the jail downtown (detention facility not prison, and I didn't stay long due to co-worker incompetence and the fact that it is not my mission to keep people locked up!). There by 'strange coincidence' I met a guy whose initials are GV, who turned me onto Bill Cooper's book Behold a Pale Horse. GV was in the Navy and became an 'investigator' into the NWO and related things after seeing several UFOs off an aircraft carrier one night and then being reassured by his superior that he had not seen anything and would not communicate this information to anyone.

Anyway, in the book I just 'happened' to run across a couple of paragraphs where Cooper describes two drugs used by the government in interrogations and such, and the effects he described were exactly as I had experienced. Coincidence? Possibly, but I don't think so. I think I was interrogated, in a way, and as for the voices in the house during the first experience, I've yet to come to a conclusion about that one. Any ideas are welcome. Weriker


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